28 December 2019

Quote for the day -- earning votes

"Miller's unrepentant, racist, evil is the argument to throw in the faces of your smug, third-party-backing friends, by the way.  When they start to strut and preen over how the eventual Democratic nominee hasn't "earned" their vote, ask them what the victims of Stephen Miller and his white nationalist cabal have to do to "earn" your help, because filling in the bubble next to Jill Stein or Tulsi or whoever they march out this time to shave juuuuuuust enough leftists off to win the Rust Belt might make you the toast of your social media bubble, but it won't remove one single child from a cage."

Blogger "Shower Cap"


Blogger Ami said...

Okay, so you know by now I'm not a troll (hairy, peanut-shaped toes notwithstanding) but I have to ask.

If Candidate D's sole redeeming quality is that s/he is, indeed a D, you're saying, "you must vote for that person"?

If Candidate D raped his grandma and owned fighting dogs (or vice-versa) and got rich by stealing/influence peddling/selling shares of worthless stocks, it doesn't matter as long as s/he's the D candidate?

I'm not a fan of either party, personally.
Although I'm registered with the D, I'm socially liberal but find myself more and more fiscally conservative.

I can find at least three things to dislike in every single candidate, regardless of party.

I do understand why Candidate R may not be the best choice, but if Candidate D is also a morally bankrupt piece of shit does it not make things worse in the long run to vote that person in?

I supposed one could argue that voting for either one of them is going to make things worse in the long run, which is why I'm asking the question.

Why shouldn't they have to earn our vote?
Why do we have to vote AGAINST instead of finding someone we can support?

28 December, 2019 14:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Did you even read the quote? It answers your question. Failing to vote for the Democrat increases the risk of Trump (or another Republican, if talking about a different race) winning, which would perpetuate and increase the suffering and death of innocent people. If you don't vote for the Democrat, you own part of the responsibility for that.

That's the whole point of the quote, which your comment utterly fails to address. If you can't see that, you're beyond hope.

28 December, 2019 17:50  
Blogger Mary said...

Handing the vote to trump is handing it to the devil

28 December, 2019 19:58  
Blogger Mike said...

tRUMP is narcissistic, lying, conman. Miller is an evil sociopath.

28 December, 2019 19:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

We've got to get those people out of power. It's the only consideration that matters in this election.

29 December, 2019 04:15  

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