18 August 2019

Link round-up for 18 August 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Have some messaging humor.

At least if you work here, you're close to the freeway.

We could use a few good Nazi-eating catfish today.

Hackers threaten to seize control of your buttplug.

Very cool-looking cabin -- don't throw stones, though.

For the sinner on the go, it's insta-communion!

Here are 22 things worth knowing about Sweden.

If you meet someone who supports Texas secession (or a separatist white-nationalist ethnostate), show them this.

He wasn't satisfied with merely wearing a tinfoil hat.

Well, it's better than "In God we trust".

See what really happened to Epstein (found via Juanita Jean's).

STEM people and arts people are not natural opponents.  Think what a hellhole the world would be without science/engineering or without the arts.  Here's the real problem.

Whales can jump.

Explore the world of dog photography.

Sometimes you just want to be alone.

I like this guy's spirit.

Everything in the past was too big.  Thank goodness for mass extinctions.

"Revel in some darkfic.  Annoy a puritan."

No one else can see the world within you.

It's the moment before an immortal photo.

I like these surreal comic-format "Dope Rider" vignettes by Paul Kirchner.

Interesting discussion here on what women find attractive in fictional characters.

The Wizard of Oz was a subversive film for its time -- and don't forget the obvious meaning of the ending.

RO reviews TV cooking, cheesecake, and one other thing too gross to describe.  More wholesome items here, plus a couple of giveaways.

Attention all Trump supporters!  Destroy the evil liberal spy cameras!

No, there were not live stegosauruses in Cambodia one thousand years ago.  Here's the carving they're talking about.

Never forget how incredibly stupid some people are.

Evangelicals' complaints about Trump's profanity highlight the depravity of their value system.

Incels contemplate unorthodox dating strategies.

It's not the video games.  It really isn't.  Compare different countries.

The proliferation of streaming services is screwing up internet TV.

This anti-union businessman may have made a big mistake.

The media keep on pushing both-siderist bullshit, but they can't obscure the reality.

Trump listens to the big bankers -- he just doesn't understand them.

Twisted sisters?

Sometimes you can't just stay neutral.

One bigot's rantings failed to ruin this prom.

As Trump's crowds shrink, he sinks deeper into denial.  The remaining Trumpanzees are the hard-core cultists.

Some people don't understand car safety.

Gil Christner, the blogger behind Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, has died.

A new book has four disturbing questions about Christianity.

The Trump regime is trying to remove legal protections for gay and transgender people against discrimination in healthcare.  No matter what you think of those groups, such discrimination is unacceptable.  The post includes a link to send a message opposing the change.

Big Bad Bald Bastard warns my city not to be complacent in the wake of yesterday's failed attempt to start an alt-right riot.

A pastor contemplates the misery of Christmas.

Facebook is spying on you.

Cheer for Trump or get your pay docked.

This family's wealth grows by $100 million every day.

Understand the horror of Calvinism.

The authoritarian mentality is rooted in fear.

Fitness company Equinox struggles to deal with the fallout after news of its owner's fundraiser for Trump.

Darwinfish 2 looks at the Epstein suicide, regulation of social media, and spamments.

Gosh, who would have thought that supporting a bullying bigot makes you unpopular?

Ayn Rand was worse than you think.  A lot worse.

This is perhaps the iconic photo of Trump's toxic reign.

This 1945 "Guide to Command of Negro Naval Personnel" tells us a lot about that time (found via Notes to Ponder).

After the El Paso massacre, more and more Hispanics prepare to fight back.

Heather Heyer's mother has to keep her burial place secret to prevent desecration by alt-rightists.

22 states and 7 cities are suing to block Trump's fake energy plan.

I get comments like this too, and I also permaban the commenters.

There's probably not much we can do to reduce mass shootings.  Nan's Notebook and commenters consider some options.  Here's one thing that definitely won't help.

Boston police are destroying homeless people's wheelchairs.

Trump's Agriculture Secretary insults farmers whose business has been ruined by his trade wars.

72% of Americans support giving legal status to at least some illegal aliens.  57% support letting in Central American refugees, up substantially from last year.

Too many people did sleep through history class.

A lot of things are blowing up in Russia these days.

Japanese police do things differently.

South Korea approves the importation of realistic sex dolls, sending local bluenoses into a predictable scowling snit.

Far-right Catholic news website Church Militant bizarrely posted this flagrant pro-regime propaganda piece about the Hong Kong protests.  On my own post on the topic I got a spamment (rejected in moderation, of course) linking to an even more pathetic screed along the same lines.  Be aware -- clearly the Beijing regime's internet trolls are out in force trying to spin this.

Reminder:  the US is not the only country with frequent mass killings in public places.  Over there they use bombs instead of guns, but that's a trivial distinction.

The Saudi regime is trying to force a political prisoner to deny she was tortured in exchange for release.

India's Hindu-nationalist government is playing with fire in Kashmir, for political gain.

Western and East-Asian-owned denim factories in Africa are awash in sexual abuse.

Trump continues to insult fellow democracies while cozying up to dictators.

We need to fight not just to keep our House majority, but to expand it.

Yes, yes, every election people talk about Texas going blue and it hasn't happened -- yet.  But the state has been getting steadily more purple, and Republicans are starting to realize they have a problem.  Its political future hinges on one county.

Trump is following the trajectory of an earlier President (who also served only one term).

Warren can broaden her appeal by following the example of past winners.

A list of companies that support Trump is circulating (scroll down) -- I haven't checked this for accuracy.

Democrats can win big next year if we stay unified.

Here's an easy-to-search compedium of the candidates' positions on a wide range of issues (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Donation maps show where each candidate has the strongest support.

A former Republican explains why he'll vote for almost any Democrat next year.

Our chances in the Senate are looking better and better.  Harry Reid supports abolishing the filibuster (I explained here why this will be essential if we win there).

In spite of everything, there's one factor that could get Trump re-elected.

Business owners are open to Sanders's message when it's reported accurately.

Shower Cap reviews the Epstein suicide, Trump's Greenland fantasy, and the rest of the week's madness.

[941 days down, 521 to go until the inauguration of a real President.]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Hacking smart buttplugs. Wow, I think I've heard of everything now.

I've seen the toilet paper math is the hardest math meme's on fb. That is funny though.

Those dog photography pictures are hilarious.

18 August, 2019 10:33  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

The "Remembrance Cup" has the virtue of communion without the priest's grubby germs all over the bread and wine BUT talk about wasteful packaging!

And THANK YOU for the article about the tinfoil-covered house, LOL!

18 August, 2019 10:52  
Blogger Adam said...

That should be the new national motto

18 August, 2019 17:54  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Haha oh now we have to worry about the buttplugs? Darn.
And xtianists complaint about language underscores their selective outrage. They’re power hungry hypocrites
.ugh. Third party idiots. I can’t with them.


19 August, 2019 01:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: I don't even want to know why a buttplug needs to be internet-connected in the first place.

It must take an expert photographer to screw up pictures that badly. I wouldn't know how if I tried.

Debra: I think they'd still need a priest to consecrate the Host. Unless they're all pre-consecrated at the factory or something.

Adam: If the Democrats win, we should change the motto to "Hentai" just to annoy the Republicans.

Sixpence: I hope Trump's awfulness will minimize the number of people who waste their votes on third-party nonsense. But we'll need that much more of a GOTV effort to offset those who do.

19 August, 2019 08:38  
Blogger Alan Winter said...

I spent a couple of hours looking through your list. Interesting.
Swing by my blogs sometime.

20 August, 2019 14:37  
Blogger RO said...

Once I got past the glory of seeing my name in print, which I love and hug you for,(lol) I have to be honest and tell you that I zeroed in on the buttplug post and what women like in fictional characters.(lol) One having nothing to do with the other of course. The irony is that most people don't know about me that way back in the day lots of the adult book stores were actually covered by women, and they were my friends, so I hung out in them all the time just to people watch and giggle. My boyfriend was quite embarrassed every time I went into one. (lol) This happened in South Carolina, Kansas and Washington DC I giggle because there were always more men in them, and it never failed that when I would stand beside them to look at a magazine or video, they'd walk away, or try to hide what they had already picked up. So I saw lots and lots and lots of butt plugs, but sure never thought they were synonymous with the Internet.(lol) Fast forward to when I reviewed romance novels, and I had a few types of my own that I liked to read about.(lol) Now I read spy novels or political thrillers with very little romance, and heavy on the action. Thanks for another fun post! Hugs, RO

22 August, 2019 05:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RO: I appreciate your smorgasbord-style posts -- always something to intrigue. It's curious that for so long many men thought of women as not much interested in sexuality, and such interest wasn't considered "respectable", though I think that's now changing. It's funny about the guys being embarrassed to be sen looking at "adult" books. Why else would they be in that kind of store?

23 August, 2019 02:23  

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