04 July 2019

Pushing back against Trump's travesty

For those interested in knowing how to most effectively boycott Trump's desecration of Independence Day, Mock Paper Scissors has some suggestions.

Vagabond Scholar, Hackwhackers, Strangely Blogged, and the Mahablog have some observations on the holiday and the strutting, absurd little man who has so debased it.

896 days down, 566 to go until the inauguration of a real President.

[Image at top found via Hackwhackers.]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have a happy July 4th despite everything!

04 July, 2019 09:33  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Lmaoooo that cartoon is ON POINT.
And I’ll try to follow the instructions on how to cut Cheeto’s lifeline of adulation. He thrives on people watching him? Not watching him it is. BTW Hair Furer is my Cheeto name of the day.


04 July, 2019 09:37  
Blogger Harry Hamid said...

566 days. I can make it.

04 July, 2019 16:17  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I think MPS is right on that though, as far as ignoring much. I never really paid too much atencion to Trump, but mostly when he makes some moves where I see, we are clearly getting the bite/ scam. And frankly, it's hard to avoid Trump ... I mean like, I pick up a newspaper, and it's Trump usually on the front page, browse Newsweek zine ... again ... I turn on the tele news, and, you got it ... trumpster, browse news online, boom!, again ... the Donald, etc, etc. After 3 years of his stuff, some is unbelievably entertaining too, the fact that he makes these claims and promises, which are clearly a hustle to sway opinion on something he is trying to squeeze for a few bucks ... and people will actually believe that he's giving them a deal, because he loves them and America, etc. Even when he was running, I pointed out on my blog, that he was getting all this free campaign ads and such using/ playing MSM, then telling his followers that he was actually paying for his own campaign, and using tax loopholes on top of it, double- dipping like a big dawg MF. He's the kind of guy, that if I were on the street and he came up to me, I'd be able to make him so quick, I would hold onto my wallet as first reaction, and then try to cross the street, to get away from asap. The religious following of him is insane! {:-) When folks in media were saying that Trump won't show his tax returns, because he's trying to cover something illicit ... my first reaction was "No", he will fight showing his taxes more than anyone on Capitalism Hill, at that, and not because of illicit shit, because IRS would have made that years ago, and even nabbed him in one of their previous audits. I mean, his accountants have that covered with loopholes and laws. I figured that he don't want to make his tax records public, as I told several folks here in Dallas, because of what it would/ may reveal. I think Hillary Clinton summed it up perfectly in the debates, when she told the people (don't know how many caught it though), eh don't want his taxes revealed, because, it may show that he isn't worth what he claims. You see, Trump plays his cards/ hand, in an arena with big player hustlers and investors, in them circles of play, you alwayz got to play like you have a shitload of capital,and inflate what you have as far as asset/ capital, or else, those you are hustling will lose confidence in you, which means $$$$ to you, eh? I was listening to a preacher explain, when the preacher was questioned why would God use someone as "sinful" as Trump for a tool. The preacher said something like, because God uses those who are the worst of the worst sinners, and somehow, Trump will make a transformation in his Presidency to convert over to a type of saint status or whatever. Buy anywayz ... thanx for the read.

05 July, 2019 08:20  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

IN other words, to bring what I say to a street level, or regular guy on the street, as far as Trump not showing what his earnings are. Take the classic "pimp roll" (money roll that players/ pimps, drug dealers, wiseguys, and street hustlers pull out of their pocket and flash when talking to them, none of them MF's use a wallet, when you see someone on the street flashing and highsiding a roll, and don't keep their money in a wallet ... RED FLAG, straight up!). In a pimp roll, many usually put a couple hundreds on top of the roll visible, and the stack under it, is ones and fives. Same with a big player, they don't use the roll like on the street, they use assets, and lavish surroundings, resorts, flashy women, suits, and cars, to do the same thing ... to impress those who they are looking at as prey.

05 July, 2019 08:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks everyone -- sounds like Trump's event was a wet firecracker, so to speak.

Ranch, that sounds like Trump exactly. It could very well be he's afraid his tax returns will show he's a lot less rich than he claims.

05 July, 2019 08:51  
Blogger Adam said...

That's too many days left.

05 July, 2019 09:39  

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