28 July 2019

Link round-up for 28 July 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Does this mean they're engaged?

Two signs together tell a story.

Cute, but a tad sinister.

Holy crap!

Who the hell thinks up the names of birds?

Not sure I'd take a job in this office.

Sexual lubricants can present certain hazards (NSFW).

Bluebird of Bitterness has some bug cartoons.

No matter how hot it gets, don't do this (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

"I remember that sound -- that's a bad sound!"

Worst sign design ever.

Two cats, one robot.

Today we could fit all of this inside an object smaller than your finger.  Maybe much smaller.

That's a lot of jellyfish.

Somebody built a bridge just so that crabs can have sex.

Star Trek was on the sartorial cutting edge.

There is officially a bishop of the Moon.

What do all those dashboard lights mean?  (Seriously, I can't figure out half those stupid symbols myself.  Why don't they just put words on them?)

Spend one minute on the aesthetics of fluid dynamics.  Then check out this, uh, whatever-it-is.

Stupid stupidity is stupid.

The kids are all right.

You'll hardly believe the power of this rocket engine.

You may be able to claim $125.

The Bible-thumpers are in a snit about Disney.

Here's how you can prove to ICE that you're a US resident.

Some people take comic-book movies way too seriously.

No wanking allowed!  (Christ, these people are weird.)

If you refuse to vote, you're not rebelling -- you're being played.

Here's some legislation I think all sides can support.

This is one gutsy lizard.

A Congressman is sending the Pentagon on a wild goose tick chase.

Those GoFundMe doofuses who are building their own wall on the Mexican border have accidentally encroached into Mexico.

Bruce Gerencser is tired of "debating" people who won't listen and can't think.  He had a lot more patience than I did.

22% of Americans now accept the truth about human origins, up from 9% twenty years ago.

What if the authors of the New Testament had used a focus group?

Priorities, priorities.

Here's how to beat the heat.

Racist symbols are not good for business.

In the Know with RO posts a lot of fun stuff, including this site for finding work-at-home jobs.

Stores pushed self-checkout to reduce expenses by having fewer cashiers, but it's costing them by making shoplifting easy.

Evangelicals' fanatical support for Trump is destroying Christianity's credibility, though their hypocrisy predates him.  Baptist writer Jeff Christopherson goes into more detail.  His first paragraph is worth reading in a broader context -- it does reflect what I see on Tumblr, though I suspect stupid and tribal-minded people have always existed and the internet has mainly just increased their visibility.

I have a feeling Hertz is going to regret this.

Here's why the USSR never put a man on the Moon.  But what if they had?  (Thanks to Marc McKenzie for the second link)

Trump's ICE raids were an abject failure, thanks to community defense.

A church in Tennessee is refusing to host a man's funeral because his son is gay.

Foreigners react to the US healthcare system.

Must-read post of the week:  Evangelism has a purpose, and that purpose isn't converting people.

Oberlin College is trying to avoid paying the damages imposed in the Gibson's Bakery case.  This craphole institution need to be driven completely out of business.

Everyone remembers the Titanic; we should remember the Carpathia too.

Facebook's phone-number-based security is crap and is designed to target you with ads.

A plaque commemorates a former glacier.

Michigan confronts a crime wave.

"Uniquely American"?  WTF?

South Dakota wingnuts think the First Amendment doesn't apply there.

This school district threatened to have people's children taken away over lunch debt -- and refused an outside offer to pay the debt.  The Daily Irritant examines the case.

Read the actual news before coming to conclusions.

If you use FaceApp, your phone security is compromised.

Republicans have never had fiscal responsibility.

She made a bit of a mess while taking a bath, but the owner of the bathroom was in no position to complain.

"The rest of the world is not like this."

Green Eagle posts another Wingnut Wrapup and finds as much insanity as ever.

Al Franken's resignation was the right thing to do.  Quit bashing Gillibrand about it, and quit swallowing the myth.

Ruth Coker Burks brought empathy where it was in short supply.

Accusations of pedophilia have long been a staple of reactionary conspiracy-think.

A study on race and police shootings reaches some surprising conclusions.

The story of the Rat Park should update our understanding of addiction.

It took a lot more than a "small step" to land humans on the Moon.

Ten billion years ago, our galaxy absorbed another, but it probably didn't seem like a big deal at the time.

Next thing for the Catholic Church in Ireland to freak out over:  a new festival celebrating the pagan roots of Halloween (found via Mendip).

Berlin commemorates gays murdered by the Nazis.

Europe is in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave.

Violent religious thugs attacked a Pride parade in Poland last week, and now a magazine there is distributing "LGBT-free zone" stickers for businesses to display.

55% of Mexicans support deporting Central American migrants passing through Mexico (see page 8).

Young women farm workers in India are being scammed into having hysterectomies to boost productivity.

As the trade war bites, China struggles to find new markets.

Botswana has decriminalized homosexuality; Kenya has declined to do so.

The Texas State House is important, and winnable.

Florida cities are fighting back against the latest Republican vote-suppression scheme.

Some good discussion in the comments here about Mueller and what to do about Trump.

Only 21% of voters support impeachment, and the number is dropping rapidly.

Wisconsin is "a progressive state in right-wing handcuffs".

Frida Ghitis argues that Trump will lose despite the good economy, because he makes people feel awful.

Martin Longman declares that Mitch McConnell is a traitor.

The Mueller testimony drew 13 million TV viewers, with a surprisingly high share at Fox.

Marianne Williamson has long propounded dangerous bullshit.

Don't overestimate Trump's base (found via Hackwhackers).  But Democrats need to be careful.

Shower Cap keeps us up to speed on all the political madness.

More links here.

[920 days down, 542 to go until the inauguration of a real President.]


Blogger Paul said...

While the planned ICE raids last weekend failed to round up every target, those raids DID have the secondary effect of making people afraid. There are still a lot of Latino families terrified of what could happen at any moment when there's a knock at their doors. This is what the racists want: people to be afraid of *them*.

And while the raids may have failed, ICE's ability to seize children and throw them into baby jails continues unabated. They are grabbing nine-year-olds off the street for God's sake. The head of the damned Border Patrol couldn't give a Senate committee a straight answer to the question "Do you think a 3-year-old is a national security risk". trump and Miller and every goddamned child-snatcher should be rotting in jail *yesterday* for their sins.

28 July, 2019 05:01  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I don't think those people are getting their chihuahua back. I've never heard a Kestrel called that before. lol Wow, don't eat vaseline.

28 July, 2019 08:06  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

That video about fluid dynamics is pretty cool. The article on how to steal from self-checkout stores is very eye-opening. I hate self-checkout and refuse to use it but some day that's all that will be available.

28 July, 2019 08:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: The ICE was able to round up fewer than 2% of their intended targets. That's a huge defeat for Trump.Certainly this, like many other things Trump is doing, contributes to an atmosphere of fear, but it's also a spectacular example of how an aroused populace can resist effectively.

Mary: Manufacturers who know very well that their products are often used for certain purposes need to be more careful about their ingredients.

Debra: If self-checkout is eventually the only option, they should expect shoplifting to explode. Think of all the former cashiers who won't be able to afford to pay for everything because they don't have jobs. It's really short-sighted.

28 July, 2019 09:17  
Blogger Adam said...

I will conquer the moon and take it away from the Catholics. Or exile them there. Will wait for plan to arise.

29 July, 2019 03:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Exile the molesting priests, anyway.

29 July, 2019 13:08  
Blogger RO said...

OMG - didn't think it needed to be said, when it comes to foreign items in the secret area, but my goodness - a shocker to know that this stuff is going on. YIKES! (lol) p.s. - As always, thanks for the shout out too! Hugs, RO

30 July, 2019 02:43  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I usually go down the rabbit hole with these links, but one: whoa about Vaseline being basically poisonous. Two, religion is fucked up and three, it’s been awhile since I’ve hot so many links leading to tumblr!


30 July, 2019 03:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RO: In that area, people tend to be given to experimentation. Sometimes unwise.

Sixpence: Yes, religion is a plague on the world. Tumblr has faded a lot since its lurch into censorship, but there's still some interesting stuff posted there.

30 July, 2019 13:23  

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