16 May 2019

Video of the day -- capitalism as pusher

I don't have a "smartphone" and never will; I don't know what an "app" is, and with any luck, so it will remain.  I've always been repulsed by this weird subculture of people constantly fussing over some hand-held gadget instead of focusing on their surroundings.  Now to do something about that processed food.....


Blogger Nan said...

I have a smartphone and I find it abundantly helpful in more ways than one. BUT ... it doesn't control me. I control it. I only "open" it when I get a call, text, or message. I occasionally use it for directional purposes. ONCE a day I check Facebook posts because it helps me to know what's happening in the life of family and friends who live far away. It is also helpful when I need to make an on-the-spot medical appt. via the handy calendar.

I do see your point, however. When you look around you and people barely know you're within their circle of existence, it's a bit disconcerting. However ... YOU don't have to be one of them. :-)

17 May, 2019 09:32  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I thought I was the only one who's never had a smart phone. I just don't need one. I have a laptop that I can use when I want to go online.

17 May, 2019 10:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Glad to hear others are resisting zombification.

18 May, 2019 15:26  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just seen this late while going through your links, even though I subscribe to Bill, I missed it ... I must have not kept up with my subs (ooops), but it's hilarious, great points ... I think alot of folks realize it, but don't like to think about it, kind of "like" smoking, not thinking about it. I don't have an iPhone, but a basic flip- phone (and of course home landline), but even with the flip phone, I have to watch it too, since I do quite a bit of texting. If I'm driving, I will actually pull over/ or off the freeway before I answer or view texts, I went and made a habit of that, because I started doing it driving, but it distracted me, so I cut it out (besides, I drive kind of fast) ... but man oh man, do I see alot in traffic, so many on their phones in front of me waiting on light change, always having to toot my horn lightly, because they didn't even see the bloody light turn green, I even had people come close to walking into me. I had this flip phone for 7 years now, same battery even, and it still works fine ... try to get that kind of longevity out of a iPhone ... but, of course, it is limited on what it can do, and it don't warn me of a damn thing ... I'm on my own {:-)

19 May, 2019 13:51  

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