19 May 2019

Link round-up for 19 May 2019

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Gah -- I really think fashion designers are just trolling us at this point.

Check out these Trump nicknames people have come up with.

I don't know what this is, but it jumps.

Amazingly, it is possible to make a giraffe look ominous.

Improve the message.

Why do people buy junk like this?

Read the sad saga of the space jellyfish.

Different stories resonate with different people.

See some great architecture photos from Barcelona.

How can he discover a solution to homelessness?

Restaurants must provide more than just good food.

I can't believe people give their kids names like this.

Here's what probably happened to the Mary Celeste.

Massachusetts road design is terrible, apparently.

The coasts vote blue, even the coasts of 100 million years ago.

The Reductress creates memes based on the new anti-abortion laws.  "Liberal Redneck" Trae Crowder weighs in too.  And yes, this is a religion problem, not a "patriarchy" or race problem.

He who demands that you "prove yourself" is a toxic personality.

The profit motive is not needed for creativity.

The Common Atheist suggests some improvements for religion.

It's not your light bulbs or plastic straws, it's these guys.

Support for cruel laws is partly explained by the Shirley exception.

Anti-abortion nutters should change tactics (found via Shaw Kenawe).

%$#@^# Republicans are hurtling back toward the Dark Ages and are turning us into a Third World country.

A clinic escort describes the religious harassment patients face.

Police in Dallas are cracking down on organized crime.

What would a Bible-based culture look like?

Must-read political post of the week:  a look at right-wing cruelty and the history of abortion in the US.

Religion thrives on fear.

Beware of Republicans playing good-cop-bad-cop.

Christian home-schooling is a breeding ground for religious violence (found via Love Joy Feminism).

The capitalist class is increasingly alarmed about Trump's trade wars.  Turns out they're not so easy to win.  And they continue to put the bite on red America.

Christianity and Republicans fight for the right to refuse to help people.

Evangelicalism may appear powerful now, but it's dying.

The pro-censorship mentality is always rooted in fear of other people's mental autonomy.

Bolton is trying to bullshit us into a war with the help of the usual Republican idiocy.  Even Trump is unenthused.

The US leads the developed world in childhood mortality.

Driverless cars just don't live up to the hype.

Try this quick test of basic science knowledge (found via SEB).  I got all 11 questions right with no difficulty, but apparently only 16% of the US population does so.

Brain uploading has been achieved, albeit with a brain far simpler than a human one.

This rail tale is a fascinating example of how evolution works -- and how the media distort it.

The most distant things show us the most unimaginably ancient times.

The Netherlands gets abortion and birth control right.

For one group, the fall of the Nazis didn't mean the end of persecution.

Taiwan has legalized gay marriage, the first non-Western country to do so (assuming South Africa is considered Western).

Impeachment can't remove Trump, but it may serve another worthy purpose.

Bernie and AOC unite to show what our party will do if we regain power.

Warren is winning me over with her detailed plan to squelch the state-level crusade against abortion.  And Bernie is unequivocal.  You can tell who's on the electoral winning side of an issue by who wants to talk about it and who runs away from it.  And "we need to kick their theocratic asses out of office."

Evidently "consensual rape" is the newest successor to "legitimate rape".  Here's more Republican rape commentary to cringe at.

Biden crushes Trump by 11 points in Pennsylvania, with Bernie and Warren also beating him handily there.

We can do better than Valerie Plame.

Here's more on the fake Ukraine scandal Trump and Giuliani tried to use against Biden.

".....with the tariffs swinging a giant cartoon wrecking ball right into the very nutsack of our agricultural economy....."  More madness here.

Next year, focus on winning, and winning big.

More political links here.

[850 days down, 612 to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The Netherlands definitely has their shit together when it comes to birth control and abortions. If birth control were available and easier to get (because women hate having to go to the gyn) more women would have it. Plus it's expensive. I know some women who are getting it from Mexico and have it mailed to them because it's half the price and they don't have health insurance.

That jumping animal kinda looks like a Lemur.

19 May, 2019 07:20  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I absolutely loved Akimbo comics!
Hopefully more of Cheetolini’s financial records will come to light and they prosecute his orange ass.
LoL @Project Runway. I know, right? Love Bob’s reviews.


19 May, 2019 10:13  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I would LOVE to see quieter restaurants make a comeback. The current craze for noisy restaurants is driving me nuts. I got 10/11 science questions right -- that goddamn car one tripped me up. Math has never been my strong suit. Yes, I knew that about the continued persecution of gay men liberated from Nazi death camps. More people should be aware of this.

And finally, Goddess bless Trae Crowder the Redneck Liberal.

19 May, 2019 10:16  
Blogger Ami said...

It's going to take me a few days to read all this stuff.
Fascinating as usual.

The whole fashion scene has always amused me.

Planned obsolescence is an interesting animal.

I had not read anything at Moline Skeptics before. Very interesting. I'm currently working my way backwards to read there.

30 million to figure out cause of homelessness?
I don't even know what to say.
I feel like the world would be a better place if the penalty for stupidity was a hearty slap across the face. One could then steer clear of people with handprints on their cheeks.

So much depth in the comic.

19 May, 2019 11:15  
Blogger Martha said...

Seems the Netherlands has its shit together on a lot of things. I agree wholeheartedly that educating the public, especially teenagers, is important - and effective.

Quieter restaurants...that would be great! A meal is so much more enjoyable in a relaxed setting.

All these crazy abortion laws are very frightening. If it can happen there, it can happen here. I tell friends that we must remain vigilant. Women have fought long and hard for certain rights and freedoms, and we won't go down without a fight.

19 May, 2019 18:49  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Don't surprise me about the Netherlands, as Martha pointed out above, they have their shit together on much, not just abortion ... this sad sack shit of a country (US) as far as our mentality / thinking on these type issues, cannot get cleared up without something drastic happening from the people of this country. Yes, this abortion ban business is a mess and a half, and you seen how fast other states are jumping on board, all to try to bum- rush the SCOTUS, and even the laws on this are just getting too complex. All this GOP crap is basically to kiss the asses of that evangelical element for votes. I don't even think a good majority of republicans want to overturn Roe/ Wade, everyone with half a brain knows what kind of mess that would create, but they play along to kiss fundamoralists asses for support, while they are giving handjobs to corporations simultaneously to appease them too. I really doubt, even with fairly right wingers on the Supreme Court, that they will overturn it ... but I don't put it past them to increase restrictions. The people always suffer as a result of this religious, corporate or political scum ... if these wealthy isolated folks had to see what I or most other working class folks see in our communities, and the miserable existences so many children have to live, because they don't have parents to care for them, many who have issues of their own (parents addicted, homeless, or whatever), none of these bastards would have the same POV. I'll shut up on this, because I have nothing further decent to say.

Alex and Bernie on post office banking? ... absolutely! I been wanting this for years, the PO actually had much more as far as related services decades ago, then the big banks took it all over ... I myself wrote about this somewhere in my blog some years back. But rest assured, these big banks and their lobbies will do everything shy of murder to make sure that don't happen, or to restrict any expansion of the PO ... these bastards would amend the Constitution if needed, because millions would use and trust it more. I would trust a government institution over any of the profit/ stock driven institution in a heart beat in these times ... they have gotten worse and worse on their control, monopolies and anti- free market and choice over the last couple decades.

I been watching the talk about Iran for awhile now ... why? ... because I feel there are many who are trying to figure out some way to justify war. No, I do not believe that Iran is a threat to our security, and never believed that Iraq was either. But many would make alot of money from it, and most of these bastards in Washington don't want to talk too much about it now, because of elections. They'll have their legal think tanks and affiliates come up with some indirect twisted plan to try to sell it to the people if they decide to, or try to instigate Iran to make some threatening move to.

Interesting piece about kids in America more likely to die before adulthood than some other countries of comparable wealth ... sounds like more American Exceptionalism to me. ... Laterz ....

20 May, 2019 09:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: I wish more people knew that about Mexico. I certainly hadn't heard of it. People have no idea how they're being ripped off in this country.

Sixpence: Storytelling by its nature is a very individual thing. Darker tales have their place -- including some of the great literature.

The ruling today on Trump's financial secrecy is encouraging. One way or another things will come out.

Debra: When I go to restaurants I usually go right at the beginning of the lunch period, so I guess I miss out on the worst of the noise. Too much noise would really ruin it, though, especially if you were trying to talk with somebody.

Popular attitudes about gays in 1945 weren't much better than the Nazis' attitudes, really. Even Alan Turing was persecuted and hounded to suicide, and he was a hero of the war effort.

Ami: Planned obsolescence is a classic example of how capitalism evolves to manipulate the market rather than serve it.

Moline Skeptics has had a lot of good stuff. It's in my "Reality check" links section too.

It's mind-boggling that it wouldn't occur to someone how much good $30 million could do about homelessness if you just, you know, gave it to homeless people, or at least to organizations that help them.

Martha: I hope that kind of anti-abortion madness wouldn't happen in Canada. It really is driven by fundamentalist religion, and I know that does exist in some parts of Canada, but I don't think it's as bad as here.

Ranch: It's so tiresome that there are more and more things that every other advanced country on Earth can do but we can't. Are we really so inept?

The Postal Service is one of the best-functioning systems we have. Of course the Republicans are doing their damnedest to wreck it. The postal banking idea is a great one (Britain has that, or used to), but it's one of many things that could only become reality if Democrats win the Presidency and both Houses.

Iran has no reason at all to threaten us. They wanted the nuclear agreement to stay in place so they could trade more with the rest of the world and get their economy out of its slump. This whole issue is being manufactured out of nothing by Bolton and people like him.

20 May, 2019 19:49  
Blogger TheCommonAtheist said...

I felt I would be an ungrateful sort if I didn't make a login here and thank you for putting my link in the round up. Anyway, I got over 300 visits from it and I just wanted to say thanks. Great blog. Nice work! TheCommonAtheist—jim

25 May, 2019 22:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jim: Thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it.

26 May, 2019 06:20  

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