20 March 2019

Wingnuts, rage, and guns

The Trumpanzees are angry people.  Depending on the individual, they're angry about blacks and women who no longer "know their place"; at education and expertise, which they themselves do not have; at social changes like secularism and the growing acceptance of gay equality; at any manifestation of foreign culture or language or ideas, which remind them that the world out there is much bigger and more complicated than they can mentally process; at technological change which renders old ways of making a living irrelevant while the internet turns younger people away from old prejudices and certainties.  Despite the power held by Trump and other Republicans in their name, they feel put-upon and disrespected.  And because so many of them have guns, their anger often stirs fear.

Indeed, fantasies of some future explosion of violence in which they will emerge triumphant are very common on wingnut blogs and discussion sites.  From decades-old dreams of a "day of the rope" when enemies (such as Jews, government officials, and "race-mixers") would be hanged en masse, to present-day rumblings of a second civil war which their overwhelming superiority in guns would turn into an easy slaughter of "libtards" and other broad categories of people they loathe, they picture themselves as the massively stronger side of America's national divide, awaiting only one more provocation to burst their restraints and annihilate us in a hailstorm of cleansing ammo.  Such fantasies are actively encouraged by the worst of the Republican leadership, including you-know-who.

Don't be fooled.  And don't be scared.

First off, what is this second civil war supposed to look like exactly?  Are they going to send gangs of armed Deliverance mutants into major cities all over the country to attack all the vegan restaurants, gay bars, libraries, colleges, and the like?  Do they have any idea how big some cities are or how many such gangs it would take to make a real dent in the number of liberals in the country?  The actual Civil War involved entire states seceding, whose governments formed a ready-made organizational structure.  The last time these doofuses tried an "insurrection", they managed to seize a bird sanctuary visitor kiosk in the boondocks of Oregon for a few weeks, forgot to pack their socks, and ended up going on the internet to ask people to send them Cheetos.  And they're going to organize a paramilitary uprising involving millions of guerillas across a continent-spanning nation?  Without getting caught long before it was actually launched?  In fact, there's no sign of any such organizational feat even being contemplated.  All they have is quasi-masturbatory fantasies about the bloody aftermath.

And whenever somebody actually does something that looks like even a microcosm (very micro) of the nationwide paroxysm of violence they claim to want -- as the Christchurch terrorist did last week -- and the vast majority of people everywhere respond with revulsion, even most Trumpanzees find themselves chivvied along.  Whatever they may be feeling deep down, they viscerally recognize that they can't afford to be associated with such acts.  Right now the same parts of the right-wing internet that normally seethe with second-civil-war fantasies are alive with claims that the mass murder in New Zealand must have been some sort of "false flag" operation designed to make the alt-right look bad; no less of a wingnut luminary than Rush Limbaugh has endorsed the idea.  People who claim to be ready and eager to slaughter millions recoil from the slaughter of dozens.  When it's real instead of fantasy, the wave of disgust they know would greet anyone who expressed enthusiasm for such acts is more than they can face.

Yes, mass shootings are terrible for the victims and their families.  But they do nothing to advance the alt-right cause in society at large.  Just the opposite.

In the real world, so far from being "powerful", wingnuts who stick their necks out too far (as at Charlottesville), and even people who happen to get videotaped indulging in a racist rant in public, are being fired, ostracized, deplatformed, becoming unemployable pariahs, and sometimes sued and arrested.  Even some state governments which had passed or were considering anti-gay laws have been forced to back down by commercial pressure.  All those hundreds of millions of guns are utterly impotent to stop any of this.  Cultural change, which I argued here is what's really upsetting the knuckle-draggers the most, simply continues inexorably along its path in utter disregard even of their electoral victories, never mind their guns.  And there's not a damn thing they can do about any of it.  They're losing the war because they've chosen weapons which are irrelevant to the kind of war this is.  They are incapable of understanding how real power works, or who controls it, or how it is being used to change the world.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Oh, I could kiss you for this post. Really.
In these times of absolute disgust for the normalization of racism and bigotry by Cheeto, it is very easy to lose sight of the real problem that trumpanzees have: fear. They fear their privilege is going to be taken away from them (and have feared that since, well, since the white man gave Native Americans those blankets sprinkled with death) they fear a way of life that favors them is going to end. They don't like progress. They relish in their ignorance (redneck and proud of it!).
Their fantasy of taking 'what's theirs' by violent means is just that: a fantasy. A fantasy stoked by the NRA and the white supremacists, but as you say, the ones that are actually open to show their unadulterated racism are shunned and singled out for the trash they are.
Cheeto made the racists come out of hiding. It's our job to keep them in the light and make sure everybody knows who they are.


20 March, 2019 04:24  
Anonymous Scottie said...

Hello Infidel. Great post. One thing I would mention is they are hanging on politically because not of the republicans are without a clue. THey understand they are losing, and they are planning for it. They have gerrymandered districts so they can not be voted out, they have stacked the courts to rule on ideology rather than law, they have a state TV and state media in print and internet. These things have let a minority rule over the majority. I am not sure how we change that at this point.

OT. Do you watch TYT by any chance? Hugs

20 March, 2019 04:29  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Let's hope you're right.

20 March, 2019 04:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: It's been said that they fear what they don't understand, and what they don't understand is almost everything. Don't get me wrong -- there will continue to be incidents when one or two dingbats run amuck with guns. But there's not going to be a second civil war. Not even close.

Scottie: In other words, they're trying to institutionalize minority rule. They should ask the South Africans how that works out in the long run.

Debra: Well, I gave reasons for my position. I think time will tell.

20 March, 2019 04:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Scottie: Do you watch TYT by any chance?

I don't have a TV. I've seen a couple of TYT clips on YouTube, but not recently.

20 March, 2019 05:32  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Interesting posting to me, because I been reading up on some of this myself, being there seems to be a rise in this culture I've noticed, or maybe they just been in the closet for long, there is also a rise in left "Antifa" people now arming themselves and preparing for conflict with the right. It has to do with what area I guess too, of the country. I know some libertarians for instance here in rural Texas, which I guess are sort of considered as the "right" ... but they are very pro- gun, but not at all against techs, nor do they hate gayz, blacks, in fact a couple are black, and have mixed marriages at the gatherings I attended, which were cookouts, even Steve (I known Steve and his brothers and sisters since they were toddlers, because I know their parents) has a custom gun range on his ranch, and yes, I love using it when I'm out there just for target fun, I myself am very much pro- 2nd Amendment. His sister is married to a black man, and his other sister is married to a woman, and they attend the gatherings too, he certainly is very up and up on utilizing technologies and computers, more than me actually, however, he is a fan of Alex Jones, and also gets Ron Paul's Liberty report and is a member, etc, also NRA member, very supportive of gun rights, and very much for reduction of government, he is also a heavy metal guitarist, and good (just doing studio tracks these dayz, when/ if he has time), with a custom home sound studio, and now for the last year, owns a plumbing company, that does commercial business in DFW, which is over 100 miles from his home/ ranch, he drives over 100 miles a day into Dallas (he bought out a mechanical contractors plumbing division he managed in Dallas, at 39 years old), already doing a quarter of a million a month in business (not sure what his profits are though after paying his crew and supplies). But none of these folks like Steve are looking for some battle of Armageddon or whatever, or out to kill blacks, mexicans, jews or related ... but yes, have bookoo guns.But, I'm sure if I brought you out there as a friend, you being from the Bay Area and PDX, you're first reaction would be "WTF is this!", seeing a wild hog strung up an cooking the meat that Steve or Matt just hunted, folks wearing cowboy boots, shooting guns (both men and women) on his range, drinking beer and smoking pot ... you would question what kind of folks they were? ...although, they would be very welcoming to you and friendly, because you are my guest too ... and they know I was a satanist since they were kids. My point here, is it would be a little confusing to you. This breed I see in towns on news clips, with swatsikas, white power signs, confederate flags and stuff, hating mexicans and gayz, blacks, or whatever ... may look the same, but are very different. Yet, they also congregate alot in rural settings. Just thought on sharing the differences, regardless of how they may look similar.

20 March, 2019 05:38  
Blogger jono said...

Many of the wingnuts have a hard on for violence, but I suspect they are not insane when it comes to their own hides. They are fearful of losing their "rightful place" on top of society and can't face the inevitable fact that they are becoming a smaller and more impotent segment of said society. There are certainly dangerous individuals, but only enough to hold out in their compounds for a short standoff.

20 March, 2019 08:20  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

An excellent essay, Infidel. And for the record--to paraphrase a quote from The Expanse--I'm not afraid--I'm angry.

I'm angry about the lives lost thanks to these bastards. I'm angry at the walking pustule called Donald Trump who's egged on a lot of this. I'm angry at the GOP for going along with this. I'm angry at those in the media who continue to try to pull a "both sides!" meme out of this while having ignored the signs that were blinking red for years. And I'm angry at those purist on the far Left who, when given the chance to prevent Trump from getting into office (or the GOP, for that matter) chose to sit out critical elections or encouraged voters to waste their votes on candidates that had no chance of winning--all to "punish Democrats".

Fortunately, 2017 and 2018 have shown that things are moving in a positive direction where we can actually do something about this. Of course, it will take more than a major electoral win in 2020; it has to be perpetual vigilance and our willingness to push these dark forces back into the closet and make sure that they never re-emerge again.

Rant off.

20 March, 2019 08:46  
Blogger Nan said...

Excellent post, Infidel. You wrote what many of us needed to "hear." With all the rhetoric, it's sometimes difficult to separate the propaganda from the truth. BRAVO!

20 March, 2019 13:14  
Anonymous PsiCop said...

Groperphiles and other forms of Rightists are like most people — i.e. cowards. They talk a lot about violence, but when it comes to getting off their asses and getting into confrontations ... well, let's just say they find ways to evade that, whenever possible.

The term "chicken hawk" leaps to mind, as a description.

Even so, they like the idea of violence and sometimes fetishize it. Hence, things like the Groper-in-Chief mentioning what might happen if Bikers for the Apricot Wonder decide they've had enough and take matters into their own hands. The seething masses of the GiC's raging fanbois love to imagine that happening.

That it wouldn't help them at all, is almost beside the point.

The thing to remember about Groperphiles is that, above all else, they're infantile. As infantile as their Dear Leader. Which may be why they love him so much. He acts every bit as childish as they are; thus, they see in him a "kindred spirit," and love him for it. The more immature and asinine he acts, the more they love the guy.

He literally cannot go too far.

Which explains why the GiC's most recent antic was to have a series of meltdowns over a dead man who never did to him what he claims he did. It's toddleresque, hence, the Groperphiles are all having wet dreams over it.

20 March, 2019 19:02  
Blogger Martha said...

Wonderful post! Change is inevitable (and necessary) and it'll happen with or without the support of these people. We evolve, we move forward. That's life.

20 March, 2019 19:06  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: That's another problem they have -- they aren't at all unified in their perception of who the enemy is. As I said at the start of the post, depending on the individual, the anger is directed at different targets or combinations of targets. To some, for example, white women who marry or sleep with black men are "race traitors" and near the top of the list to be killed when the time comes. Others have apparently moved past that.

Jono: Guys holed up in compounds we can handle. Just cut off the Cheeto deliveries.

Marc: I certainly share the anger. How much longer are these people's idiocy and paranoia going to block the country from getting what every other advanced country has? I'm getting on in years. How much longer do we have to wait for a proper national health system and worker rights and social safety net?

Nan: Thanks! Their rhetoric is meant to be scary, but in the end it's just talk.

PsiCop: Toddleresque meltdowns is the best way to think of it. They're venting rage at impotence.

Martha: Yes, all they can do is slow things down. In some areas they really are a drag on progress, unfortunately.

21 March, 2019 04:28  
Anonymous ming said...

Well said Infidel.

21 March, 2019 07:34  
Blogger Victor said...


21 March, 2019 19:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...


22 March, 2019 06:17  
Blogger Now Am Found! said...

all true. except they , the few still employed, would have to get time off work, buy their own guns nd ammo and jimmy bakker food buckets. then travel in the own car, pay for thei rown gas to get to the front line where ever that is, then be back at work by mondya. the rest of the are old retired white men with arthritic knees and gout and cardio vascular disease.

22 March, 2019 07:39  
Blogger Bruce.desertrat said...

Wonderful post, illuminating just how delusional these folks are.
Scottie: Yes, the Republicans have rigged the game. Latest analysis is that they got 16 House seats and kept 7 state houses they should have lost based on the popular vote. https://www.snopes.com/ap/2019/03/21/gop-won-more-seats-in-2018-than-suggested-by-vote-share/

22 March, 2019 10:09  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Now Am Found: I once had occasion to visualize the terrifying spectacle of them on the march.

Bruce: All the more reason why taking state governments is so important. Once they lose the ability to rig things, they lose forever.

22 March, 2019 17:06  
Blogger Ed Smith said...

What they also don't take into account is that some of us "libtards" were raised in their culture of guns, weaponry and military tactics.
Some of us are potentially MUCH more deadly than any of their blood red wet dreams of ultra-violence.

And we oppose them.

The things I know how to make I will hopefully take to my grave; if they make it necessary that I eliminate them to protect the innocent ... I can't promise to save any of them for trial.

22 March, 2019 21:45  
Anonymous J Maha said...

Excellent post. This is the death throes of a dying breed. The genie cannot be put back into the bottle of progress. Especially on the social front. That's just not going to happen. And even the redneck fools will realize they've lost their war if they go and try to fill an "abortion causing" prescription for birth control pills and can't. They'll panic, one and all. Yes, it's Pence's dream, but for 99% of this nation, that's a nightmare. Problem is that the majority of 60 million fools don't even know what they're voting for and allowing to build. As for the militant haters, well, I think they'll continue to grow until they take down another Murrah Building and accidentally kill more white kids. I'm at that level of pessimism on their wingnuttery. Coming for us, en masse, though? Christ, they can't even brush their own teeth. They honestly don't even compute how many Dems are in the country and how many of those also are aware of the 2nd Amendment. On a final note, I understand they own a lot of weapons, but I also understand they only have 2 hands. They don't seem to understand that.

23 March, 2019 09:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ed: Good point. Liberals in less-urban areas often have guns. For that matter, a lot of black or Hispanic people own guns -- they're statistically more likely to live in dangerous areas.

J Maha: Thanks! Certainly a lot of them don't understand what they're voting for. I remember during the votes on repealing Obamacare, seeing wingnuts on the net gloating that they'd be fine because they got their healthcare through the ACA, not Obamacare -- they didn't realize it's the same thing. They don't connect the now-constant weather disasters in the South with global warming. Unfortunately that's what dumbing down a country leads to.

23 March, 2019 16:32  

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