06 December 2018

Video of the day -- "let's get back to normal"

We don't need a "Trump of the left" for 2020.  We need another Obama.


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I despair for the United States sometimes, I really do.

06 December, 2018 20:06  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

As long as we have guys like Bill Maher, there's hope.....

06 December, 2018 20:10  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I know the Dem's have quite a few choices right now. I figure the Dem's are really going to have to play this right this time, if not, we will have another 4 years of Trump. I would like to see Senator Warren run against Trump personally, but, I'm sure many Democrats would disagree with me. And Yes, I believe she has the so called "stamina" to challenge him debate- wise. I remember Trump highsiding in the Republican debates last time, telling folks like Rubio and Bush they don't have the stamina ... and I actually agreed 100% with Trump on that ... you can't have some f'n lightweights like them challenge an asshole like Trump ... give me Warren against him, any day. Some Democrats may say that Warren is a socialist or whatever, this is nothing but pre- paid Wall Street propaganda, she is very balanced when it comes to business, and has a pretty good background. I hear that Bernie may run, but he would not be my first choice at all ... don't get me wrong, I love Bernie, but wouldnt ask or expect him to go through this again, and his age is pushing too, plus you got that self proclaimed socialist deal with Bernie, that gets Republicans, blind and in wheelchairs to get out and vote against him, thinking we would become like a Soviet Union. I know Warren is in her late 60's, but I really like her, and to have a fairly moderate running mate, that maybe has a record of being business friendly. I can rattle about this strategy stuff all day, but you get my point. Alwayz good to hear Bill's point of view ... my Dad loved Bill Maher too!

07 December, 2018 08:11  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Below is a sample of why Democrats worry about Warren, and I know and agree that it is very touchy running someone like her, and either way you go, Trump is still going to have that hardcore base or alt- right types, that will turn out and support Trump, even if her was indicted for child molestation. That's why I would want some pro- business Democrat, with a record for being business friendly to run with her ... but have her voice to lead, as far as selling her case to the majority of people. I think she is as powerful in driving a voter crowd as even Bernie Sanders, plus she knows law and business well. And the talk out of progressives that she lives in some type of mansion is nonsense, I know where she lives, how much they paid for the property, the size, and current value ... she does no live extravagant.


07 December, 2018 08:39  
Blogger bluzdude said...

I can't always watch Bill Maher, but I at least try to catch the opening monologue and New Rules. He hits the nail on the head far more often than he misses.

07 December, 2018 08:51  
Blogger Ed Smith said...

Before #45 was inaugurated there were theories all around that the Congress would come together to legislate hard legal limits on the decades of expansion of Executive Branch power - mainly presidential powers.

Of course that didn't happen because the Republicans WANTED their demagogue to rule with unlimited power.
While our nation doesn't need a "trump of the Left" I think that we can expect a severe contraction of Executive powers. NOT because of anything that Congress might do but because trump understands that the next president will be a Democrat and he will BURN DOWN THE HOUSE before he leaves any powers behind for the 46th president.
We've seen Republicans do this in other states and bankruptcy liquidations/looting are trump's speciality.

17 December, 2018 14:17  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I'm more concerned with him burning down the house more literally. He still controls the nukes, right up to the last minute.

17 December, 2018 19:12  

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