22 October 2018

Video of the day -- the Saudis, Trump, and us

John Oliver is known as a humorist, but he gives quite a good overview here of the nature of the Saudi regime and its relationship with the US, especially with the easily-manipulated Trump.

Always remember that the Saudi monarchy even less represents the people of Arabia (who have never had a chance to vote for or against them) than Trump and his gang represent us.


Anonymous Scottie said...

I wonder a lot at why a large group of people can somehow be held hostage to the wants and whims of a select minority. What is it in humans that makes some so ruthless about gaining power and why do some cling to them in a weird cult way. I hope the USA can wake up from this nightmare in time. Hugs

22 October, 2018 17:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Religion helps such people subordinate others. Being able to flog, torture, and kill opponents helps too. Be glad there are still laws to stop Trump from doing that.

24 October, 2018 05:01  

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