14 October 2018

Link round-up for 14 October 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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A non-conformist gets some exercise.

Hey, chacun à son goût.

Cats, cats, cats!

It is coming.

Fascists tend to be mystical loonies, thank goodness.

Irony happens.

People's views evolve with time.

Do you drive this car or eat it?

Calvin has a round-up of Trump-related images.

What part of 成龍頭 don't you understand?

Apparently some writers fixate on their characters' clothes, and are still bad at it.  (Who does this?  I've read mountains of novels and never one that obsessed in such detail over how a character was dressed.)

There's a reason why Bambi looks different from other Disney movies.

It's not a witch hunt (found via She Who Seeks).

This is Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

We did it all -- we should get the credit (found via Scottie).

The Kanye West episode was just sad.

If they don't respect the privacy of others, let it be open season on them.

Dramatizing history is fine, but keep it realistic.

Without one myth, the whole concept collapses (found via Scottie).

A pharmacy worker gives some practical tips.

Windows 10 is even shittier than you thought.

Paganism is on the rise in the US.

Even non-Abrahamic religions promote a slave mentality -- only one deity truly stands for freedom.

It is not the capitalist who takes the risk.

Here's where the tax-cut money went (found via Progressive Eruptions).

This book doesn't live up to all the hype about the author.

Trump hires only the best.

They can sell it, we can call them out for it (found via Jerry Coyne).

Sometimes people do change, if you give them a chance.

Evangelicals sacrifice sexual assault victims for politics.  It's no wonder victims don't want to talk.

Stan Brock's work deserves to be remembered.

Professor Taboo has been posting a series on Saul of Tarsus and Hellenistic influences on early Christianity.  Here's the latest installment.

Here's an amusing round-up on the Pieter Hanson Twitter episode.

An ex-pastor says Christians need to stop pestering people and get their own act together.

It's not ancient history.

Planned Parenthood prepares for a post-Roe America.

Amazon engages in astroturfing.

We must be free to challenge this ideology of hate (found via Scottie).

Electoral-Vote has analysis and links on Trump's Medicare-for-all op-ed.

In the face of a wingnutized Supreme Court, state courts may provide some protection.

We're demons, apparently.

Trump wants to start breaking up migrant families again.

Was Hitler bisexual?  The "evidence" seems awfully thin.

Having incompetents in charge is a real problem.

Texas pastors sue for the right to discriminate (it seems awfully important to these people).

There's a psychological basis for the weird wingnut belief that liberals slavishly follow "leaders" many of whom we've actually hardly even heard of.

The new IPCC report shows that there's still time to prevent the worst effects of global warming, but it won't be easy.  It would help to stop eating meat.

Giant ugly unicorns once roamed Siberia.

If Trump doesn't want skilled immigrants to come to the US, Canada will gladly take them.

No leftist party should align itself with bigotry.

Yes, these people worked hard, so show respect.

Despite church support, the Romanian referendum against gay marriage has failed.

Trump is harsher on a woman than on enslavers of women.

This is Republican nostalgia.

The race for Governor of Georgia continues a long-running battle over voting rights.

Bredesen may have just thrown away the Tennessee Senate race -- but beware of manipulation.

Heitkamp's opponent is a truly clueless clod.

O'Rourke has raised a massive amount of money, but it may not matter.

Manchin is still worth voting for.

Yes, most Republican women still support Trump -- but fewer and fewer women are Republicans.  The party's efforts to solve this problem are cringeworthy.  November is coming.

This ballot measure could turn Florida a lot bluer.

Shower Cap looks at Kavanaugh, Khashoggi, and a bunch of other stuff.

Max's Dad attends a Trump rally.

North Dakota reservation residents can regain their right to vote despite the recent court ruling.

Trump is losing the Midwest, and the reasons for it are worth reading.

[Image at top found via Chris Kratzer]


Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

I like the rebel hamster! And the irony memes too.

Interesting article about witches. I know a gazillion witches, almost none of whom are Wiccan.

Thanks for posting the Bert and Ernie tweets where Frank Oz learns something. And all those hilarious #himtoo memes -- that post made my day!

14 October, 2018 07:29  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I think people's views change over time for the most part. Seeing things as I get older I know my views have sure changed.

14 October, 2018 11:12  
Blogger Bruce.desertrat said...

Stan Brock started RAM to bring health care to remote folks in the Amazon, and other remote thread-world areas. That the bulk of their work now happens in America should be a source of deep nationwide shame.

14 October, 2018 11:47  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Browsing the links, Thanx. I would hope that the Democrats win the House back, I dont even care if they're progressive this time, although, the more progressive the more I like. I would hope dems on this one, just turn out big time. I seen Alex Cortez get some criticism from progressives, because she supported Cuomo (governor) ... but it's best that she does support him, even if he's not progressive. The Republicans are so hard to reason with these days too, they're like on this extreme right "high", you know, even big time on the religious trip, even spending out the ass, on pointless shit like wanting walls, billions to corporations, so they can do stock by backs or whatever (I feel the much is over- valued, and this "high/ fantasy" cant last forever, shit is so volatile too). But yeah, I expect Republicans to push the economy card and jobs card big time too. Many folks are unaware, that even a person working a few hours a week is considered as "employed", so there is much more to them figures than what they promote, and it's not as rosey as it seems. I know early voting starts here on monday october 22nd, I alwayz vote early. Yep, plenty of Cruz Beto ads on tele back to back, Cruz just sayz Beto wanted to raise gas tax and is anti oil and gas and un- Texan values, etc. Later ....

14 October, 2018 15:34  
Blogger Ami said...

I've been following the Cruz/O'Rourke race in TX.
I knew who Cruz was, of course, but had never seen him in a debate. What a complete slimeball.

I want to see him lose based just on that one appearance, although I have a lot of TX friends who've filled me in on other reasons he's a piece of crap.

Love all the links as usual, the male author thing cracked me up. As one of those women who have to hold everything up top when I move fast, I get it.

And has society always been filled with lunacy?
Guess it really has.

14 October, 2018 21:46  
Blogger Rational Nation USA said...

That Bert Farias article made me chuckle. Typical conservative religionists view of liberal thought. In the minds of the conservative religionists on demonic satanic possession can account for people embracing liberal or progressive thought.

We are living in interesting times indeed.

15 October, 2018 07:41  
Blogger Martha said...

That photo! Wow... Scary, too.

HAHA! The non-conformist getting exercise is hilarious :)

I've been told throughout my life that I'll become more and more conservative as I got older. Well that never happened. I just keep getting more and more progressive and liberal as I age.

And some people I know here in Canada keep tossing the name George Soros around to explain how 'libtards' like myself are being led along like sheep and I honestly have no clue who the hell George Soros is.

15 October, 2018 08:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Debra: I'm out of touch with witchcraft these days. Thought they were mostly Wiccan, but I guess not.

Funny that that woman posted a false claim about her son to protest people posting false claims about men.

Mary: My views have evolved too, but I wouldn't want to actually eat the rich. They're probably all fatty and stringy.

Bruce: It should be, indeed.

Ranch: Ocasio-Cortez gets it. Democrats need to stick together. Her own primary opponent, a very establishment guy, fully endorsed her, after all.

Ami: It's not looking so great for O'Rourke at the moment, but there's still three weeks to go.

Rational: As long as they attribute everything to Satan, sin, etc., they don't have to address the real reasons people become liberal or turn against religion. of course, that means they can't argue very effectively.

Martha: Contrary to popular belief, most people become more liberal with age. I certainly have.

16 October, 2018 06:17  

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