08 August 2018

Video of the day -- no bad stuff here, nope

Rap Maroc posted this godawful video to refute the idea that Islam is bizarre, menacing, and anti-Semitic.  Glad that's been cleared up.  Found via a comment by Professor Taboo on Arkenaten's blog.


Blogger Green Eagle said...

Well, thanks so very much for bringing us this delightful example of world music. This person is so great at proving the exact opposite of his supposed point that I expect he is already writing speeches for Rudy Giuliani.

And by the way, I've heard a lot of criticism of three chord songs in my day, but this may be the first three note song I have ever heard. Talk about stomping something to death.

Oh well, enjoy yourself in the time left before they start operating that new asbestos plant in your neighborhood.

09 August, 2018 15:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Green: The guy would be an embarrassment to anti-Semitism, except that anti-Semitism is too evil for such a concept to apply.

10 August, 2018 18:59  
Anonymous NickM said...

Oh, give me strngth Infidel!

Try this about the United Kingdom's Leader of the Opposition...


20 years ago I dated a (non-practicisng) US Jew for a couple of years. I got some stick over that. It was a wake-up I can tell you.

11 August, 2018 09:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: %$#@!^#. That's outrageous. If the party doesn't force Corbyn to resign the party leadership over this, there's no hope for them.

The resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe is weird and disturbing. I suspect there's some element of people wanting to believe Jews are "bad" so as to lessen their guilt over anti-Semitic atrocities committed by their ancestors, but I don't really know.

11 August, 2018 09:38  

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