29 July 2018

Link round-up for 29 July 2018

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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You will believe a man can fly.  But not very well.

Meet a big fan.

Medieval art is fun.

Don't spoil their mealsOn the other hand.....

Adopt a highway.

Explore the world of internet melons.

I'd cancel this appointment.

Here's what Trump really wanted to say.

Test your awareness.

This is faith.

Your sexual orientation is fine the way it is.

If the universe is evidence for God.....


No, Ghost in the Shell was not racist (I wrote about this issue here).

Trump might take an interest in this airplane passenger.

If they summon a dark god, they may not like the results.

Jill Dennison collects some odd little news items, and celebrates a victory over sexual harassment.

What if Lord of the Rings had been made today?

That's one hell of an underbite, but the chicks dig it.

Shoddy engineering and heavy rains are a bad combination.

Some interesting observations about George of the Jungle.

Check out these birds.

20% of Americans now say they have no religion, and among people under 29, it's 33%.  And to most Americans, personal relationships are far more important than religion.

Experience the stark horror of an Ocasio-Cortez rally.  More here.

Keep the libraries.

Do Americans overseas really do this?

Hysterical Raisins has a Presidential portrait and theme tune for the new banana-republic USA, and a look at the "witch hunt".

Bloggers beware, Russian trolls are attacking blogs (found via Jill Dennison).

I think this describes me pretty well.

Don't jump to conclusions -- it can have consequences.

Here are some warning signs that a church is Dominionist.

An upcoming movie will address gay "conversion therapy".

Some Trumpanzees are just unreachable (found via Scottie).

How could anyone ever have believed people could work under such crap conditions?

Fundamentalism correlates with susceptibility to fake news.

Hey kids, socialism is bad.

A Montana Catholic diocese is asking its lay members to contribute $1,000 per family to help pay off a sexual-abuse settlement.

"Dear Mr. Zuckerberg....."

At least some women have had enough of this church's bullshit.

People's lives are not a thought experiment, and oppression is not a competition.

Here's some interesting discussion on the family of Jesus.  In fact, the claimed historical evidence for his existence doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

Create a taboo.

Religion is the last refuge of global-warming denialism.

How fair is it to compare Jeff Bezos and Al Capone?

Being an American worker isn't such a good deal.  In fact, it's getting worse.

This vicious thug needs to face some consequences.

"You people are so gullible it's insane."

Support for Roe v. Wade is at its highest level since the eighties.  Even 52% of Republicans don't want it reversed.

Facebook is in trouble.

This is how real men shoot animals.

Religion suffocates creative thinkers.

People who bitch about "cultural appropriation" aren't even consistent.

People who smoke around other people are assholes.

Who is brainwashed?

You're just buying overpriced sugar, idiots (found via Mike).

Useful, yes, but surely it's better to avoid self-disfigurement in the first place.

Stupidity undermines the achievements of science.

This is how capitalism becomes looting.

Jerry Coyne fisks some reactionary idiocy.

"We" are not killing the planet, they are.

Do you ever feel sorry for religionists?

You just knew this kind of shit would happen in those border child-detention facilities.

These people exist.

Congressional Republicans demand that tech companies promote the fringe right (found via Scottie).

Visualize planetary engineering.

Beware of biases that can distort thinking (click to enlarge).

Variations in crop patterns reveal traces of ancient structures.

A small lake has been discovered in a surprising place.

The US now has the worst maternal-mortality rate in the developed world.

These atheists stirred things up at London's gay pride parade last year.

In France, anti-Semitism is a growing threat.

Extreme heat and drought fuel forest fires in Latvia and Sweden.  Greece is even more devastated.  Even heat alone can kill when people aren't adapted to it.  Japan's heat wave has hospitalized 22,000 people.

In the case of Ceuta, maybe there should be a wall.

Israel persecutes a rabbi (no, really).

A US war with Iran would be a years-long grind and would reduce our ability to stop the nuclear program.

Stop holding events like chess championships in countries that discriminate.

This blogger posted a rant against giving even minimal rights to migrant workers, then seemed surprised by criticism.

Japan has finally executed the last members of Aum Shinrikyo.


Gay rights in India lag decades behind the West.

This is what happens when abortion is banned.

Trump wants to spend $12 billion to save farmers from the effects of his policiesOthers are suffering too (found via Hackwhackers).  The new EU-US deal is limited and vague.

Charlotte NC was the only city to bid on the 2020 Republican convention, and even that was a near thing.

A Supreme Court that ruled strictly on the basis of the Founders' "original intent" would threaten democracy.

Young people are registering in great numbers, but will they vote?

The Republicans pushing to impeach Rosenstein are a motley crew indeed.

White Americans are politically divided by educational level.

Conservative Democrats rally to defend the ACA -- we must not let them be replaced by Republicans.  "Anti-Trump" Republicans are mostly just talk.

Helsinki revealed Trump as a weakling (found via Scottie).  Some in Washington are thinking the unthinkableHis approval rating stinks among everyone but Republicans, and NRO has its doubts even about them.  It's especially bad in these key states.  Daily Kos argues that he's lost control of the narrative.  But Zandar insists that Evangelicals will never desert Trump.  Could an abortion he paid for do the trick?  And what if Putin turns against him?

Americans' views on climate change may have an impact in November.

Even this RedState writer has noticed that Republicans are trashing the Constitution (I found the Jefferson quote ironic, though).

Democratic primary voters are mainly choosing centrist candidates, but progressives are getting heard on the issues.

Shower Cap reviews the week in Trumpian madness (trigger warning: Jason Spencer's ass).  It's "like watching the Three Stooges' understudies trying to commit treason."

There's a new wrinkle in the saga of Russian election meddling.

Stopping this will be one more reason for me to vote in November.

For more link round-ups, see Love Joy Feminism, Perfect Number, Mike the Mad Biologist, and Fair and Unbalanced.

[Image at top:  Stockholm Public Library, Sweden]


Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Some of those birds are crazy beautiful. The long-tailed widowbird might be my favorite.
The Think Before You Follow, monkey experiment is a really good explanation of a lot of situations we're in right now.

The whole culture appropriation arguments are getting out of hand in my opinion.

29 July, 2018 09:15  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Hi Infidel!

Thanks for the link to the flying guy. I didn't know the Space Force was that far along already.

I watched the guy with the giant fan, and I was suprised by two thing: 1. He didn't break his neck. 2. That round ball he was in withstood the wind very well for quite a while until it broke. As someone who lives in hurricane territory, I'm reminded of videos I've seen of houses that are much more rounded and can withstand hurricanes much better than traditional boxy houses.

I'm all in for the Peppermeloni. Does Domino's sell it yet?

Is that what Twitler wanted to say to Iran or to Michael Cohen?

That awareness test was amazing.

Now that I have new insight into George of the Jungle, I have to rewatch every movie I have even seen to check out the body language. Damn, if only I was an expert like Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS.

Those birds were really amazing, but I confess that I would still curse them if they shit on my car.

OMG! I thought the guy saying that Amazon should replace public libraries was just some shmuck on Twitter. He's actually a professor and Chair of the Economic Department at LIU! He tweeted what he thought would be clarifying:
"Local libraries aren't free. Home owners must pay a local library tax. My bill is $495/year."
I don't know where he lives, but the books in his local library must me coated in 18 karat gold.

I just checked my Wordpress spam folder (which I always forget to do), and other than the usual idiots who are making $4,234,875 a day on the internet, almost every message in there is from rambler.ru or mail.ru, and the messages are lists of links, all in Cyrillic.

I no longer try to reason with any Trumpanzees. In order to be one, you have to have left reason far behind.

Zuckerberg is a self-centered asshole, and I hope he loses the rest of his billions.

Okay, at that point where I'm hungry, so I will continue reading as I stuff my face after finding something in the fridge that's still within the expiration date and that the dog doesn't have dibs on. Thanks for linking over to The Raisin and for all the other linky goodness.

29 July, 2018 14:42  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

I'm glad you like doing this, because it really enriches my day! Thank you (and thanks for the links, as always!)!

30 July, 2018 10:53  
Blogger jono said...

It sometimes takes me DAYS to go through all this stuff! It's worth it.

30 July, 2018 15:06  
Blogger Adam said...

I knew Japan didn't care that she was white in Ghost in the Shell. I thought the movie didn't quite capture the coolness and awesomeness of the anime film. It had nothing to do with Scarlett.

31 July, 2018 08:09  
Blogger Martha said...

Thanks for all the interesting links. I take a few days going through them but it's well worth the time!

01 August, 2018 08:06  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary: The cultural appropriation thing is ridiculous. Should English-speakers stop using the Roman alphabet because it came from, well, the Romans? Should Japanese business people stop wearing suits? Cultures have always borrowed ideas from each other.

Nonnie: I doubt Trump's space force will be that competent.

I think he's just rage-tweeting on general principles. The target could be anything.

I think those birds are pretty rare. Just be glad we don't still have billions of passenger pigeons darkening the skies for days. You'd need to wash your car hourly.

Some of those Cyrillic links may be porn. I used to get a lot of Russian porn spam. Oh, well, the solution is the same as for the political stuff -- mass-delete.

Hack, Jono, Martha: Glad you find it of interest! I'm always finding things and thinking"I bet other people would like this."

Adam: I think American audiences thought the film had too much philosophy in it, and Japanese audiences thought it didn't have enough. Different expectations from movies, I guess.

01 August, 2018 16:30  

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