01 April 2018

Link round-up for 1 April 2018

Design your vanity license plate carefully.

Here's an example of innovative transport.

This is how creative people see the world.

We have the Easter egg, Scandinavia has the Easter chick.

Look into this if you're very keen on movies.

It's nice having a pal to hang out with.

"Yes, we know it's a stupid law."

Here's a round-up of Easter oddities.

A would-be clam molester gets pwned (found via Mendip).

He found some backbone.

Here's the DC weather forecast in one cartoon (found via Hackwhackers).

It's what Jesus would have done.

Looks to me like a cotton tree.

Professor Chaos fisks Santorum.

The latest Nibiru nutcase believes vampire stars are eating the Sun (found via Mendip).

Keep up the good work.

Explore the dark world of rabbits in the movies.

Rocky Horror was a lifeline to many in its time.

The Shape of Water has some surprising fans today.

I don't open unless I know who it is -- how about you?

The internet was cool before the shitheads glommed onto it (found via Fair and Unbalanced) -- I think most of it's still pretty cool.

Murrmurrs has a few questions for a wingnut.

The times have been changing since 1964 and it's not going to stop.

Two marches, two reactions.

It's the latest innovation in Christian education.

Here's how badly Facebook and Google invade your privacy -- though not mine, since I don't use Facebook or most of the stuff mentioned -- and here's Facebook's feeble attempt at damage control (both links found via Mendip).

Bruce Gerencser looks back at the beginning of a Christian marriage.

Please read this with an open mind.

In the war on science, Democrats and Republicans choose opposite sides.

A fast-growing new minority is making its influence felt in the South and Texas.

The "Mike Pence rule" is for weak men with shallow lives.

Best sign from the Boston March for Our Lives (found via Progressive Eruptions).  National march photos here.  In general the right-wing response has been to wallow in pitiful personal attacks.  RedState is so desperate that they want the activists' parents to shut them up.

Green Eagle looks at early Christian Right fanatic Father Charles Coughlin.  The video in the post has been taken down, but here's another version of it -- it will definitely remind you of someone.

It's not ideology, just ugliness.  Absolute ugliness.

If there is ever a real holocaust in the US, people like these will be the willing executioners.

"Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

This is how you become a "shithole country".

Laura Ingraham fought the Hoggs, and the Hoggs wonTwitter reacts.  More on Ingraham hereOther haters such as Ted Nugent are sounding like frothing morons.

Americans are almost evenly divided on guns, but that means gun rights have much more support than at any time in the first decade of this century.

Shitty "comedian" puts on Hitler face, trashes Israel -- here's the photo if it doesn't appear in the post for you.  What is wrong with people that they can find this funny?

Even NRO sees that the war on gays in government is over.

Teenage behavior is improving, for a stunningly simple reason (found via Mike the Mad Biologist).

It's big and red and full of metal, which means it's very, very old.

They've tainted Germany's beer -- this will surely mean war!

The Pope won't apologize for generations of child abuse in Canada.

Iran has intelligent plans for responding to a US attack, based on asymmetric warfare intended to maximize casualties.  A 2002 military exercise suggests that such tactics could be devastatingly effective.

Sorry, it's fine with me if the Arab countries hang all these shitheads.

Theocratic oppression is driving millions away from Islam, especially in Iran.  Interest in atheist ideas and writings is growing in many nations dominated by Islam.  (Recall that almost a decade ago I wrote that "Islam's grip on its adherents may be far more fragile than it appears".)

Don't put ideology over people.

The omnibus bill fully funds a border wall, but not the one the Trumpanzees want.

As I've long observed, Pence isn't as popular with the Christian Right as many believe -- they consider him a weakling for backing down in Indiana.

Electoral-Vote.com analyzes the Stormy Daniels interview.  Crooks and Liars has a round-up of reactions.

This is how to hire the best people.

Without Dowd, Trump's interview with Mueller is gonna be epic.

Many US voting machines are sitting ducks for hackers.

Here's how Bolton may trick Americans into a war we don't want.

The enemy is bitterly divided.  Let our side not follow their example.

This year's blue tsunami will meet a red wall of gerrymandering -- here's a look at the numbers.  We need to mobilize popular enthusiasm and not deaden it with outdated leadership.

Trump doesn't want to talk about police shootings of blacks, for some reason.

Shower Cap's blog reviews the insanity of the last few days.

Wnat more links?  See Perfect Number, Mike the Mad Biologist, and Fair and Unbalanced.  The Debate Link has links on Jewish news.

[Image at top from NASA, Ingraham gif found via Mock Paper Scissors]


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Another great collection of sites. Thanks for the link!

02 April, 2018 07:07  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Lot's of great links again, Infidel. Loved/ laughed at the innovative transport; cringed at the many transgressions and hypocrisies of the "Christian" nutters and bullies; the awfulness of all things Trump, etc., etc. So much to absorb.

Thanks for the links, as always.

02 April, 2018 11:14  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Thanks for the post!

Hackwhacker: Ferrying friends around is as easy as falling off a log!

03 April, 2018 19:23  
Blogger Scott McGreal said...

I'm filing this as quote of the day: “Allergies to seafood are fairly common and usually occur after ingestion of fish or shellfish, not after sexual intercourse with shellfish.” That's gotta be the most hilarious serious medical statement I've ever heard! Thanks for the great links!

04 April, 2018 18:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Scott: Thanks! Even after years of compiling these, I continue to be amazed at the things some people attempt to have sex with.

04 April, 2018 19:11  

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