25 February 2018

Link round-up for 25 February 2018

This person is dangerously close to inventing the Dalek.

Cat plays with kitten.

A time traveler reveals the dildo metropolis of the future.  Perhaps this insurance company will be thriving at that time.

Is there some sort of contest going on to design the most ridiculous clothes?

He whipped it out and busted a nut right in front of the customer.

Arming teachers could have interesting results.

This blogger is a dragon, apparently.

Ancient images preserve memories of the primordial internet.

Hmm, what character is she playing?

These people are just cool.

Outdated artifacts can be adapted for new uses.

Here are some things you shouldn't do with e-books.

This teacher is quite the artist.

Some politicians shouldn't attempt pop-culture references.

Otters float affectionately.

This is a serpent of color.

Satan is hot as Hell, apparently.

Just how smart were the monsters from the Alien films?

If this bird were a human, he'd be a Trumpanzee.

Here's a cool two-minute dinosaur film.

Trump has his own stages of grief (found via Hackwhackers).

Who would win?

Yet another Lost in Space reboot is coming.

Snob gets pwned.

If you're a writer or artist who is considering using "Underlined", read this (found via 両刀使い).

Respect is a two-way street.

Capitalism comes in the mail.

Fiction serves as a place for things that shouldn't be real.

How rich are the rich?  Here's a look at some of them.

The more we learn about the Sweet Cakes by Melissa story, the worse it gets.

I'm glad my car is old enough to not have this stuff.

If you're running a social media service, don't annoy Kylie Jenner.

There's now a dating site for Trumpanzees, and it already has a PR problem.

Think of clothing as prosthetic fur.  It matters.

Here's an editorial that truly is fake news.

This church will bless your guns (straight couples only).  Other fundies use the Parkland massacre to push their tired old arguments about morality being rooted in religion.

As Mueller closes in, wingnuttery escalates.

This person started the wrong argument, and lost.

Atheists have good reasons to be angry.

Be honest -- which path would he take?

Here's the latest potential American workplace nightmare (found via Lady, That's My Skull).

Condemned to a grisly death to satisfy the depraved appetites of others, she fought back hard, and won.

Our country's devaluation of teachers is a national disgrace.

Two misogynist organizations have been officially designated as hate groups.

I posted a hypothetical question on the far-right forum F169 -- if the Second Amendment were repealed and guns banned, how would gun owners react?  Some of the replies are of interest, especially the one by "Duckford" on page 2.

Rational Nation has a good blogger discussion on gun control.

Will the Parkland students make a differenceTwitter reactions here.  The enemy is attacking them for their activism, though this guy went too far even for a Republican.  YouTube also has its limits, though apparently this guy is OK.  RedState tries to go classy on Dinesh D'Souza, but its commenters don't cooperate.  The Florida legislature has taken decisive action.

Even Scalia didn't support the NRA's maximalist position.  The left, too, must avoid being stampeded to extremes on guns (found via a Rational Nation comment at Progressive Eruptions). Banks have some power to impose controls on unregulated gun sales.  Here are some options for applying pressure, which has worked in one case.  But many companies have ties with the NRA.

Are guns being used to resist tyranny?

The FBI's history illuminates why it didn't act on tips about the Parkland murderer.

It's already possible to make a working AR-15 at home.

My state is trying to restore net neutrality (found via Alle Tanzten mit dem Tod).  This Tuesday is an internet day of action to push Congress to restore net neutrality nationwide -- sign up hereThese are allies.

Expect more of this kind of propaganda as the parasite class tries to phase out retirement as a concept and persuade ordinary people to literally work until they die.

Trumpanzees ooze slime at an Olympic skier (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

We must never accept this kind of brutal and cowardly shooting as normal.

There's less to these reports of violence at Black Panther showings than meets the eye (when you see "hater of sodomy", you kinda know).

Anthony Borges became a hero at 15 -- and he needs help.

Ex-Muslims of North America saves a life.

Here's what our five most vulnerable states are doing about election hacking (not much).  But what did Obama do about the problem?

No matter what, vote against the racist.

I never knew they grew this big.

Universal basic income is a fair way to distribute the benefits of technology.

Some girls can do math.

Jupiter is the slow-moving shepherd of the asteroids.

A treasure trove of ancient fossils has been found in an area Trump just opened up to mining.

The US far surpasses the rest of the developed world.

Ireland has the best curses.

A new form of discrimination rears its head in Australia (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird).

Scandinavians master the power of gayness to deter war.

The Dutch parliament defies Turkish government thuggery.

France starts confronting the problem of religious extremists.  When will we?

Trump is trying to bully Mexico again.

We could take as many as 18 Governorships from the Republicans this year.  The country's slimiest Governor is already going down.

Baby-sitting Trump is an exhausting job (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

A few feathers just got ruffled at CPAC.

Romney's Senate run has an endorsement problem.

What would a real President do?

Ideological purists aren't just destructively stupid, they're hypocrites.

Trump supports chain migration in certain cases.

A set of long-shot lawsuits aims for Electoral College reform.

Want more links?  See here and here.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lots of good links here ...

Lost in Space ... I watched that like in the 1960's, I was a kid, and liked it. Maybe it'll do well? I have Netflix, but hardly even watch it, also got a few hundred cable stations I hardly ever watch, but I did find a few good things on Netflix I liked. I dont buy it, I'm like on some kind of familia deal, my daughters and grandkids have it in their homes, so we have it on our tele too ... I have a Roku on the tele, to get stuff like YouTube and other stuff.

The gun thing ... great to see it is getting so much MSM coverage too ... I mean ... credit to these kids for starting this, I like when kids get involved. Of course, I'm pro- gun, had them since I was a kid, and even with stricter gun laws, I still will ... I'm sure I would, even if they were outlawed ... that's just me. I dont ever fantasize about running into buildings and wasting innocent people though, committing suicide, or whatever ... that's the discipline, some folks just dont have that. These who do these things, f*ck everything up for us that are responsible. Some seem like spoiled brats, that their panties get in a bind, over the least little thing, like a breakup with a girlfriend or whatever ... just drop her and find another girl, eh? ... geeeez

Snake colours were cool, although I never seen any that colourful in person, and I had quite a few.

Ray Kurzweil on universal income was a good piece. I think that many at the top realize this will have to come at some point, but they're all just in a rush right now, to make all the money they can (which I covered alot on my blog too), and of course, get as many of the lowest classes to die off, who are not contributing to their wealth/ profits (less people to feed, less to shell out). I mean like, they all know this, even these f'n politicians, they're just not saying anything about it ... they all have the future already mapped out.

How rich are the rich? ... pretty damn rich. It is also a culture of sort, they spend not to just live good, or try to make money because they need it, but they are alwayz trying to impress other wealthy folks, f*ck each other over and such, and they all in their circles have to keep an image and status. Pretty much another useless cult/ tribal mentality is all, that has become very popular today.

Hackable software in cars ... that not even half the concern. The shit they are putting in some of these cars today, record every movement you have, even your eyes, your speed, and a whole list ... like everything else, to sell info and to monitor, etc ... long story though. Whatever they make though, can also be unmade, eh?

Trump supporter dating service ... wow, how exciting! {:-)

Blessing your guns in church ... wow, how cool ... but no Thanx, I bless my own, I'm fiscally conservative {:-) This is nothing but another church imposed racket, to get more sheep, to make a buck off them. The real question would be "What Would Jesus Do?" ... take it from me ... Jesus would go into these christian wealth temples and shove his AR-15 up their bloody asses.

Dalek? I had to look that up ... I had no idea what it was ... I call that a torch basically.

26 February, 2018 09:11  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Amazon job tracking devices ... yes, I have followed that in detail myself, and talked about this with several folks. People been sharing with me, some of the things that are going on in workplaces as well around town here. They'll pitch it as maximizing efficiency or whatever ... like, whatever. I was talking to this lady on the phone (a business who calls you, I'm sure you heard it too, as most people). She said something like "This call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes, etc" ... I told her, "Great, since my call is recording for quality assurance purposes too" ... she laughed, when I told her that {:-) All this shit is to cover their ass only, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

Nate Green on CEO pay ... IT'S THE TRUTH. Funny thing, is when these CEO's get busted, or get drilled on Capitalism Hill (Capitol Hill) or whatever ... say like Tony Hayward, they all of the sudden say, they didnt see nothing, didnt know nothing, dont have communications with their staff, they dont recall, etc, etc. Makes you wonder ... why do they pay a MF, who dont do shit, a hundred or $200 million a year. Great example on just how full of shit our society is. Give me 10 minutes with one of these clowns face to face in a drilling session, let me question them, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

Capitalism in the mail ... yeah man ... damn, my box is like stuffed with shit too. Good thing they have a trash can by our mailboxes, when they didnt, and just set up the mail box area ... people just threw most of the shit on the ground {:-)

Utah fossil read as far as giving up land ... that's it guy ... they dont give a shit about nothing ... neoliberal capitalism is on steroids right now, they will drill, mine, frack or whatever, to get everything they can make a buck off of.

I was voting saturday morning, it was deserted at the poll in my neighbourhood, like zilch! Hopefully it was due to the weather ... it was heavy thunderstorms, windy and cold, but it been raining here for like 9 dayz in a row until sunday. They also have mail in, but I like going in person instead. I may have been soaked and lonely in there, but at least I got out my vote! This was the primaries (not sure how y'all do it there) ... so you walk in, they stamp your card, either democrat or republican, as to which primary you want to vote (I vote democrat). Then there is a whole list of positions and races, for all kinds of offices, from the governor on down, and several amendment proposals, etc. ... I'm outta here ....

26 February, 2018 09:11  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: The students' energy is admirable and inspiring. I hope they'll keep it up. Students led a social upheaval in the 1960s. Maybe they'll do so again.

I'd be very reluctant to buy a new car nowadays, unless I could be very sure what kind of software was in it. I don't want to be tracked. Luckily my existing car, though almost 20 years old, is in good condition.

I dunno what that church is doing. "Blessed be this semi-automatic, and blessed be the ammo with which it blasteth thine enemies to smithereens in the name of Jesus's infinite mercy, amen." Oh, well, nothing about religion makes much sense to me.

I guess you were never into Dr. Who.....

I've worked at companies where the CEO or CFO position was vacant for months while they looked for the perfect candidate, with no visible effect on the operation of the company. If the receptionist quits, they get a temp in right away because that job actually does things.

26 February, 2018 15:42  
Blogger Rational Nation USA said...

Thanks for linking to RN USA Infidel. Much appreciated.

26 February, 2018 19:21  
Blogger Rational Nation USA said...

The original Lost in Space series was one of my favorites!! It would be really cool if Netflix can bring it back and make a success of it.

26 February, 2018 19:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Rational: Thanks for holding the discussion.

I have only vague memories of Lost in Space. The 1998 movie had possibilities, but blew it with what seemed to me a timid, unimaginative storyline and overblown special effects. Let's hope the new version does better.

27 February, 2018 17:07  

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