28 January 2018

Link round-up for 28 January 2018

Buy a souvenir shirt for the Trumpanzee in your life.

Cats, how do they work?

Crows vs. cigarettes is a win-win situation.

Do it!  Do it!

How much experience does a writer need?

Neil deGrasse Tyson has a question about bears.

Professional wrestling is all scripted.

Snake-handling Christians have met their match (found via Hackwhackers).

Barney the Purple Dinosaur has a new career.

Improve the currency.

Animals don't have to worry about taboos or bluenoses.

Harry Hamid is skeptical about gadgetry.

A stupid person discusses the Tide-pod-eating fad.

Take a look at the special effects of The Shape of Water.  Still gotta see that -- and it's making a splash at the Oscars.

They moved into their new house, but the previous owner had never left.

Learn about net neutrality at Burger King.

The "Trump is working" photo attracts widespread ridiculeLike this.  Now he's in the doghouse (found via Hackwhackers).  But don't call him a cunt.

Anyone can now make their own celebrity porn.

Jefferson had some interesting ideas for new states.

See where the blond people are.

Dumbest analogy ever (found via Bark Bark Woof Woof).

Western pop culture is fixated on simplistic good-vs-evil dichotomies.

The model for "Rosie the riveter" has died, but remains an icon.


While they yell at phantoms, the country rots (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Here's how to avoid sexually harassing someone, British style.

Biblical "complementarianism" suffocates girls' development (and boys' too, in a way).

Do people really not know these things?

Movies from other countries shouldn't have to follow US rules.

George Soros has some tough words for tech monopolies (and he's right about China even if his timing was off).

Republican morality turns inside-out to accommodate Trump.

Fragmented and discouraged, the Alt-Right could become more violent.

Meet David Barton, the fake historian behind the "Christian nation" view of the US.

A former prosecutor is trying to educate the country about wrongful convictions.

Several states targeted by Republican tax "reform" are fighting back.

Being sloppy with classified information can have ghastly consequences.

"Feminists need rape" and Nazis are cool.  Oh, and this guy is on a school board.

Trump can't win his war against the Sun.

Dispel a myth about pens and pencils in space.

Trying to enforce these idiotic taboos will just transfer technological progress to countries where Christianity isn't an issue.

Creationists need to resort to lying to score a point.

Don't follow the wingnuts into the trap of rejecting science.

Fr. Pat Collins battles "demonic possession and other diabolical activity" and demands "safeguarding from the evil spirits" -- and he denounces those who disagree as "out of touch with reality".

Macron admits that the French would probably vote to leave the European Union if they were given a referendum.

Greenland has Iceland surrounded, sort of.

Teach basic skills early (seriously, I'm curious what country this is).

I can't tell where this is either, but I'd bet on Japan.

Check out these Japanese consumer products.

South Korean pop singer Holland's new coming-out video is making waves.

This is a fitting portrait of Putin.

As Turkey presses its attack on our Kurdish allies, the US is ineffectual.

Scandal rocks a beauty pageant in Saudi Arabia.

In India, under the rule of a thuggish religion-centered party, creationism is gaining traction (sounds familiar).

Globally, 82% of wealth created last year went to the richest 1%.  This kind of shit is an example of why.

In Austin TX, the Women's March amassed the biggest crowd in the city's history; other cities here.  Tengrain reports from SeattleLGBTQ Nation and Buzzfeed have the best signs.  The resistance will shape politics for years to come.  But these guys shouldn't have bothered to show up.

Trump is the culmination of decades of the Republican politics of destruction.  Shitholegate unmasked him and his supporters.  Now his attacks on NAFTA have trapped him -- and, potentially, the continent.

Yeah, yeah, release the memo, whatevs.

Courtland Sykes is a manly RepublicanMore here.

The "blue wave" isn't just about Congress.  We must not let polls make us overconfident.  But no, Democrats don't have anything to gain by running anti-abortion candidates.  Here's another special election where, surprisingly, we have a chance.

Bloomberg agrees that Republicans didn't win the shutdown fight (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

A simple question could sink Trump.

Susan Collins treats fellow Republican Senators like kids, and they act the part.

Don't wait -- protect your right to vote.

Want more links?  Fair and Unbalanced has these and these (mostly political).


Anonymous Burr Deming said...

Thank you for your kind words for our efforts at FairAndUNbalanced.com. The links do help.

I am also thankful for your references to David Barton, the self-described Christian historian. Those of us who are Christian, or who come into contact with Christian conservatives, are likely to have come brushed against output from Mr. Barton. He does to the historical record what the late Andrew Breitbart once did to video tapes of innocent people. The fellow, not to put too fine a point on it, falls short of the truth.

I am always impressed with the ability of those of us who live in faith to lie in service of the Lord. It seems we are exempt from biblical injunctions when defending our own beliefs.

When God's own truth falls short, we stand ready to help Him out with a bit of embellishment.

28 January, 2018 19:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Burr: Fair and Unbalanced has long been one of my regular reads. You always have a range of interesting material.

It has been said that a religious fanatic is someone who does what he knows God would be doing if God knew the facts of the situation. Something similar may be at work with people like Barton. If one believes one is doing the true will of a supreme being which lesser people are too benighted to understand, one can justify doing practically anything.

Thanks for visiting.....

29 January, 2018 02:51  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I saw "The Shape of Water" while visiting the west coast and look forward to seeing again, I enjoyed it that much. I liked it better than del Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth." Also, I saw "I, Tonya," which is a painful insight into Harding's life -- if the movie is accuraate about it. The film is supposed to be a comedy, but I didn't look at it that way at all.

29 January, 2018 06:05  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hoping I'll get to see it this week.....

29 January, 2018 10:06  

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