03 December 2017

Link round-up for 3 December 2017

See low-budget versions of The Lion King (found via Mendip) and Thor: Ragnarok.

Here's an all-out battle of kitten vs. red ball.

Amuse your guests with demon-possessed glop.

Hmmm, this appears to be a double standard.


Critter-proof your Christmas tree.

I see signs of a theological dispute.

Try this insult generator (every one is better than the ones Trump comes up with).

Beware the brain-eating Satanic lesbians.

Mendip has some advice for anti-science dingbats.

Here's the last word on those stupid "Blah-blah-blahs HATE this man" ads.

Foreigners imagine American cooking.

This Amazon delivery delivered something extra.

An artist honors banned books, Greek style.

Christianity turns the concept of forgiveness into utter horseshit.

Here's why Tumblr is no longer supporting net neutrality (we seriously need an antitrust crackdown).

Church Militant brings us a tale of rebel nuns "consumed by a tsunami of sexual indulgence and revolt against authority". Oh, and Katy Perry is Satanic (notice how fast the comment thread there turns into theological bickering).

Tengrain pwns a prude.

An Alabama church chooses sides.

It's not just Christianity.

With some people, debate is pointless.

The Trumplings live in an alternate universe.

The Washington Post practices proper journalism, unfortunately for the wingnuts.

A nurse rightly gets fired after tweeting a racist message.  But some racists are getting away with violence (found via Lady, That's My Skull).

Education, who needs it?

Theology poisons everything.

CalicoJack has some advice for Franken.

Don't overuse words like "pedophile".

.....and thus the concept of Islamophobia was invented.

One popular gift item sold very well on Black Friday.

This is what a close relative looks like.

Ireland is continuing to become a normal country.

Australia's Senate has passed the gay marriage law, causing the enemy to erupt with hatred (see comments thread).

A speech on gay marriage in New Zealand goes viral in Japan.

Other countries are well aware of our flaws, such as diabetics struggling to afford insulin and dying if they fall short.

North Korean ships of the dead are being found adrift off Japan's coast.

Religion in government doesn't promote morality.

The US-backed Iraqi government resumes Saddam's policy of Arabization in Kirkuk.

Pakistan ignominiously kowtows to Islamists.

Danica Roem pwns the Republicans good and hard.  They're going to have problems next year.

Once again Trump draws a disappointingly small crowd.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain a Senator and lose his own soul?  David French takes down a Moore defender.

TYWKIWDBI has a huge link round-up on Trump.

Crazy Eddie looks at the fight against gerrymandering in Michigan.

The Republican tax plan is economic insanity (found via Electoral-Vote.com, which looks at the winners and losers) and could lead to a recession.  It's "horse and sparrow" economics, and it also empowers bigotry.  Corporate leaders say cutting their taxes won't mean more hiring.  Jeff Flake says he was offered DACA amnesty to win his vote, but keeping that promise would enrage the Trumpanzee base (see comments there).  Here are some more obstacles.  Update:  Don't miss this assessment at MPS.

Even in Oklahoma, Democrats have opportunities.

Trump's threats to freedom of the press are just empty words.

Former prosecutors assess the Flynn plea deal.  So do some other legal experts.  Here's some more analysis and links.

Trumpanzees' ignorance doesn't mean they're innocent.

A cruel and petty attack on DACA is exposed and defeated.

This should be the official Presidential portrait.

Knock, knock, who's there?


Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Thanks for that link to The Lion King. I needed that laugh. Make that guffaw!

I saw a different video of the demon-possessed goop on Facebook a few days ago, and I couldn't stop watching it. I love goop!

The double standard cartoons makes me wonder what dogs think when you take them outside to poop and then pick up the poop and bring it inside the house.

Karmadillo should be the word of the year.

Here's an alternate way to save your Xmas tree:

How nice that Catholics and Presbyterians can talk to each other.

How much do you want to bet the pastor of that church endorsing the child molester has gotten his dinky stinky quite kinkily with a lot of people other than the missus?

Rethuglicans want to keep the voters stupid. Stupid is their base.

Sorry, but I think the ass-grabbing accusations against Al Franken are bullshit. If the Dems give in to the Rethugs (and the hanky-wringing purity Dems) calling for his ouster, then we tell everyone that, if you do not like someone who holds public office, get a picture of you and him together, and then swear up and down that he groped you. Don't worry, there will be others who will read your complaint and then, if they are of the same political persuasion, will say the same thing (with or without pictures). There will be others, some of whom might have a history of being sexually harassed, who will look back at an innocent encounter and convince themselves that an accidental touching was a sexual assault. There are a lot of women who have been sexually harassed and assaulted for reals, and smearing Al Franken with this bullshit belittles the real terror and discrimination that they have been through.

I wonder how much drug companies will get from the new tax bill as they continue to astronomially raise their prices as people die.

Danica Roem rocks!

If ignorance equaled innocence, Twitler would be the most innocent person in history.

Love the new official portrait, but the twitter birds should be pooping.

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

03 December, 2017 17:14  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Great job again, Infidel. Always different and thoughtful and amusing. The best round- up on the 'toobz!

04 December, 2017 07:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: I would not want to be around those cats when they finally get out of that stuff.

Back in the old days those two churches would probably have started burning each other as heretics over the "dog soul" controversy.

Did you see Dervish Sanders's post about Franken? I'm not prepared to dismiss the accusations against him out of hand, though. That photo doesn't look good, and there have been other accusers. Best to just wait until more facts are in.

Hackwhacker: Thanks!

05 December, 2017 03:16  

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