24 December 2017

Link round-up for 24 December 2017

The machines' war against humanity begins (found via TYWKIWDBI).  And there are aliens among us; this shape-shifting abomination evokes The Thing.

Most difficult group photo ever.

Putin needs to change the battery in his remote control (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Go to Hell.

"Family video" indeed.

Will the kids want to sit on his lap?

Nice landing.

This cookbook should be loads of fun.

Keep your priorities straight (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Gotta dance!

Redneck nativity scene?

Here's a compendium of all the insults used by Pope Francis.

Witness an epic battle for supremacy.

This ad should sell a lot of cars.....to chickens.

Discover what unites people.

Anybody ship Rocket Raccoon and Nick Wilde?

Here's the reindeer game Rudolph couldn't join in.

The Sims universe is changing.

Happy Winter Solstice!

Medieval artists must have had some pretty good drugs.

Actually I think these Christmas decorations were made by Catholic priests.

The Shape of Water is really an old ship that created its own canon.

This girl knows how to use make-up.

Some people shouldn't have pets.

God is love.

See lightning in slow motion.

This robbery took some nerve.

Worst Chick tract ever.

Not content with expropriating Pepe the Frog, the alt-right is now going after Wendy (but note how many of these are obviously influenced by anime/manga style -- which comes from a non-white civilization).  Bad move, maybe -- Wendy doesn't pull punches.

Daniel Wilcox posts some nature photos (click for full-size).

Green Eagle looks at a rising star in the world of godawful right-wing art.

Cicero would have made a pretty good insult comic.

Everything we don't like is the work of Satan!

No one knows how a backward society managed to build this huge structure (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Crazy Eddie and Hackwhackers look at Disney's new robot Trump.

Somebody really didn't want to lose his dog.

I just bet this person votes Republican.

Who started the war on Christmas?

We assert nothing.

Mock Paper Scissors looks at conservative dating tips.

The radical-socialist critique of the NFL protests is delusional.

There's a storm comingTime to fight again.  And vote next time (all found via Yellowdog Granny).

This is totalitarian madness.  And this is heading that way.

Don't be the person who ruins Christmas.

Beware of the media twisting people's words.

Tennessee's legislature banned removal of slaver statues -- but Memphis found a loophole.  And the enemy is not happy.

Pope Francis will preside at this man's funeral.

The damage caused by net neutrality repeal will come slowly -- which gives us time to implement a solution.

Let's hope we see this magazine cover soon.

Test the rape kits, catch the criminals.

This is Navajo life.

These people exist.  And these people exist.

We can be truly moral.

"What if machines turned on us because we mistreated them?"

Bacteria are propaganda from outer space -- well, I don't think so, but there are a lot of interesting ideas here.  (But FFS the development of eyes and bird wings is not "hard to explain in terms of incremental natural selection" -- it's well understood.)

Life expectancy in the US has decreased for the second year in a row.

Only one actually gets the job done.

Alpine glaciers are melting.  But the clean-energy revolution is now unstoppable no matter what Trump does.

Great tits gain massive peckers.

NASA prepares to defend Earth against a very real menace from the skies.

"How do I....."

A European looks at American concepts of race.

Nikki Haley talks like a schoolyard bully.  Other governments are not impressed.  One finds a little humor in the situation.  A former CIA director has some tough words of his own.

Right-wing austerity ideology fundamentally misunderstands how economies work.

The UK has declared high-speed internet to be a right of all citizens.

Australia has finished investigating a global child-molestation ring.

Norway will decriminalize all drug use.

Wolfgang Lauinger was persecuted by both the Nazis and democratic Germany.

Catalonian separatists win a majority of seats in the regional parliament, though with only 48% of the popular vote.

VPNs are the natural enemies of control freaks.

Life in Uighurstan (Xinjiang) is a racist totalitarian nightmare (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar find further abuses in Bangladesh.

Sure -- because this worked so well in Zimbabwe.

Republicans are upset that everybody hates their brazen tax "reform" heist.  It even contains an incentive to move jobs overseas.  Potential victims already have a face.  John Judis cautions that the heist may not be as damaging to Republicans as we hope; Josh Marshall responds.  Jonah Goldberg at NRO is pessimistic.  Be warned, the Kochroaches are planning a propaganda blitz on this.  Oh, and those AT+T employee bonuses to "celebrate" reform?  There's more to the story.

For what it's worth, McConnell says the attack on entitlements is being postponed.

Republicans have plenty to worry about for next year's election.   Ranch Chimp looks at a Democratic candidate for Texas Governor.

Don't use these photos of Trump.

Bannon is still a major player in politics, or thinks he is.  He just might soon give us a Roy-Moore-style opportunity in Mississippi.  And he wants to be the modern.....Leni Riefenstahl???  But trouble may be looming.

A co-conspirator in the (alleged) Trump-Russia plot comes under investigation.  The Trumplings are getting seriously worried about Mueller, but he has his defenders, and firing him could blow up in Trump's face.  Though Trump suffers from delusions of exoneration, there are already eight legitimate grounds for impeachment (found via Politics Plus).

Some Democrats lack fire in the belly.  But there's still no excuse for claiming both parties are the same.  2018 is a year for playing hardball, not bipartisanship.

These cartoons are perfect.

The civil service is finding ways to resist some of Trump's absurdities (found via Hackwhackers).  Even Senate Republicans are blocking some of his nominees.

Hysterical Raisins visualizes Republicans' sickening sycophancy. There may be a sinister reason for their subservience to Trump.

Sometimes satire reflects an underlying reality.

[Santa gif found via Politics Plus]


Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Thank you for taking the time and the care to assemble these every week. Thank you for the links and for your ongoing support and fellowship. Illegitimi non carborundum! Peace and love.

25 December, 2017 05:16  
Blogger Daniel Wilcox said...

Hey Infidel753, Thanks much for posting a URL
of my photos! Just saw this.:-)

25 December, 2017 06:42  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good variety of links here ... the cats playing king of the mountain and cats lineup for photoshoot was cool. Hey ... redneck nativity scene? .... yep, that'll work! {:-) ... and the desperate sweets robbery of the honeycomb.

But, credit to Norway on the drug decriminalization move, and any other country that LEARNS the issue. It is easier in my view as well, for a country like them to make that move. What I mean is ... look at the U.S. for example ... there is BIG incentive to keep it illegal, I mean like ... U.S. is not basic capitalism, but capitalism on steroids ... which means any miseries "make a buck", prison privatization, and a whole list of other things that generate money here (I have wrote too much about this myself). I probably have a little more empathy when it comes to this issue, than the average Joe/ Jane, because I seen much of it, friends that were addicted, or that OD'd (one right in my car, and died on night), I myself had a problem with cocaine in the past, etc. I know folks to this day with problems, and see so much of it in the communities here ... too deep to get into. But, it's problematic also to me, and a sort of mainstream culture ... when I hear so many people, who just say ... they need to stay away from drugs, clean up, get a job, get off the street, etc, etc ... many of these folks, dont understand much about this, why it exists, what feeds it, etc. I have no doubt that rehab, is even much more cost efficient too ... enough on that though.

Was at my daughters house on Xmas Eve for a party ... alot of folks come over, all familia and friends from Texas and California ... and saturated with Democrats (I wouldnt call them progressives, but just basic, not follow much politics type Dems). But some politics came up with some folks, who were talking about Trump. But I couldnt help to notice, despite the booze/ drinx and happy atmosphere ... the somber type, or despair, hopelessness talk(?) between them. Some actually seemed worried that Trump would get a second term, once folks feel benefits, jobs, or whatever from this tax deal that been saturated in media. I had to jump in ... and get some fire in their asses, and make some points. Which was basically ... first of all ... I dont see none of this as any treat, and not even the short term treat as it's being painted as by some experts ... I mean, this is about as dumb to me, as President W, thinking he can reverse a hard recession by sending everyone checks for a few hundreds bucks to jump start the economy, at a time when people are being squeezed and in debt, big time as it was. I have no doubt that it will benefit some folks big time, as far as business ... but I dont see the multinational corporate/ banking patriotism, love for workers, and all the rest of the horseshit ... that some are painting this ... THERE IS NO INCENTIVE ... and if these Republicans CARED so goddamn much about working and middle classes ... they WOULD HAVE put incentive and demands in the bill (since they put so much other non related shit in it ... including drilling more in Alaska, at that), I brought up alot more, but that's the basics.

26 December, 2017 06:45  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing I tried to point out to these folks, is dont let some smooth talker like Trump and his horseshit amaze you, or especially depress you, get you scared or whatever ... you know ... F*CK TRUMP and his buddies. And as far as thinking lefts need to move more right or other passive talk out of Dems ... F*CK that too ... start making these SOB's on the right move to the left ... so sick of this one way street passive f'n neoliberal scare talk. I would bet money right now, that this tax plan will not nearly give to the majority of America, what it's being presented as to. Besides, even all this cut to fed income taxes ... more taxation will have to come on the state/ local levels to counter it ... were losing too much revenue with this crap (too many corporate freebies, with no guarantees/ contract, but to hope they do this and that) ... and you will have to make social cuts, despite all the talk they wont, or what these up there call "reform" these dayz. When people start to feel the real pinch effects a few years down the road, they will see more clearly.

Enough from me though ... Have a good New Year, Infidel

26 December, 2017 06:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Hackwhacker: Just sharing my hobby.....

Daniel: Thanks for the post.

Ranch: The private prison industry is now big enough to be a serious lobbying force against marijuana legalization -- they know it's bad for their business. Such is the travesty to which justice sinks when it's privatized.

Mark Twain once said censorship is like telling a man he can't have a steak because a baby can't chew one. The "logic" of criminalizing most drugs is similar -- some people can't handle it, therefore it must be forbidden to everybody. Even with the really dangerous ones, the medical approach is much preferable.

Based on detailed polling data about how people feel about taxes, it's not very likely that the Republican tax "reform" will become more popular over time. Even if most people don't realize their own tax cuts are temporary, they'll be too small to be noticeable.

We've seen again and again that extra money in the hands of corporations gets spent on things like stock buybacks and shareholder dividends, not more hiring. Companies don't hire more workers unless they need them -- that is, hiring is demand-driven, not cash-flow-driven.

27 December, 2017 03:09  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the link of the GOP polling thing ... I have heard a little about it from various sources, but I actually think the Trump/ GOP public approval will really drop much more ... in time. I could be wrong, but I cant see even many in middle America or rural areas continuing to support this guy and GOP over the next couple years ... maybe some religious far right freaks or whatever, is about it ... common sense I would hope sets in, and realize that this guy may not be the best thing for the country and them.

BTW ... Yes ... as far as the lobbying you talked about on legalization of pot. I did some posting awhile back, cant remember when, or what post or series it was in, but I put links in it ... to where, I believe it was Arizona ... but they tried for pot legalization, and not only private prisons, but local law enforcement, beer and pharma corporations ALL lobbied the state to not make pot legal. I just bought some pot a few months ago from a friend, and I havent smoked pot in years. But I bought some, because looking at the pot these dayz, I couldnt believe the excellent quality of it (I know about cultivation and grades of pot) ... the pot these dayz is excellent ... I paid $70 for 7 grams (which is a quarter ounce). But here is the thing, I just rolled a joint, took 2 hits (puffs) and put it out, I got a good buzz from just 2 hits (I just got it for relaxation is all, like someone drinx a beer). My doctor told me he uses some device (since he dont like actual smoke, because of the harshness) where he like vapes it (like heating it through a vape pipe). My doctor dont like drinking, or ever did, he likes to smoke pot only ... he's about 40 years old I think. My friend, Steve, buys it by the quarter pound, so he just sells me from his. And NO, pot is not physically addicting like opiate/ heroin or cocaine.

27 December, 2017 07:27  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: I think what's keeping Trump's popularity up is that the hard-core Trumpanzees just can't endure admitting to themselves that they were conned. I don't know what it will take to break through that resistance.

There's actually candy sold now with marijuana in it, to avoid having to smoke or vape it -- an option which doesn't generate a smell that could give you away (I assume marijuana is still illegal in Texas). And of course there's the old homemade-brownies option, though that's a bit of extra work.

28 December, 2017 15:50  

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