19 November 2017

Link round-up for 19 November 2017

What if real life was like our modern explosion-filled movies?

Nice ride.

Good point.  And good choice.

It's called teamwork.

Vegetables are good for you.

Fire monster, ice monster.

Dara O'Briain has a few laughs about creationism.

The system is unfair.

Don't try to invade Finland.  And Japan is well-defended too.

That's one heck of a lobster.

We are godlike, immortal beings.

Finally!  Amazon is developing a dramatization of Ringworld (found via this post at Crazy Eddie).

Trust the Japanese to re-gender the whole Solar System.

Antis are the fundies of shipperdom.

Some friends are not real friends.

Behold, a moron even among morons.

Danica Roem neatly pwns Bob Marshall.

Starbucks is again being accused of waging war on Christmas.  They should put Bible verses on their cups instead.

Check your internet connection speed here.

World Kindness Day is apparently a thing.

Trump is such a Russian toy.

Long live the free market!

Maybe English isn't so bad (but Arabic has a dual number, not "tense").

Murrmurrs takes a look at Louis CK.

Gender segregation is dehumanizing.  Forced marriage is poisonous.

Fair and Unbalanced has a discussion on the NFL anthem protests.

Bruce Gerencser explains why he writes his "black-collar crime" posts.

Opposition to homosexuality is all about family values.

This is what deregulation looks like.

Roy Moore's alleged behavior is perfectly Biblical.  A man of God gives his viewsDoes Christianity help in such cases?  Alabama's fundies are showing their true colors.  Hysterical Raisins looks at Moore's supporters; Mock Paper Scissors looks at the Republicans' options.  Some of them find him sickening (found via Hackwhackers).  First Draft offers Ten Commandments.  It's all the gays' fault anyway -- why, Moore is just like Jesus.

Here's another man of God.

Remember LaVoy Finicum -- accurately.

The new Bible museum in Washington has some issues.

I wonder if they also hire convicted sexual harassers.

Rick Wiles is at it again.

You've probably never known this kind of fear.

A new book discusses the dangers of letting religion into politics.

Green Eagle looks behind the latest Republican lies.

One church attracts 56 sexual-abuse lawsuits.

Steve Bannon is the man with the plan (found via Electoral-Vote.com).

God is with you, but don't count on us.

Public outrage saved the elephants, for now.  But conservatives may want to shoot these lions.

We told them this goddamn thing was going to leak.

Overcrowding leads to violence, or maybe not.

There are now glasses that can correct color-blindness (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Wise words.

Sorry, Nibiru is bullshit.

Strange life thrives right here on Earth.

Almost every country is named after one of these four things (found via TYWKIWDBI).

The US is no longer the country with the best global image.

Give children a good Christian education (found via Ahab).

The fight for gay marriage in Australia isn't quite won yet.  Will this couple keep their promise?

Maybe you'll believe this when it's said by a man like Mohammad Tawhidi.

The Iraqi government is coming under pressure to negotiate with the Kurds.

This policeman was a true hero (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Health conditions in North Korea are terrible.

India takes a step forward (found via Snowstorm Thirteen).  China still embraces ignorance.

Solar panels are catching on, even among Mongolian nomads (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Feminism involves different issues in India and the West.

Trump is about to be hit with a legal tidal wave.

Franken should not resign. Not all abusers are alike.

Even after Trump's absurdist caudillo regime is over, the Republicans will remain the party of nationalist demagoguery -- and may be doomed thereby.

If Republicans pass tax "reform", they will regret it.

One video assembles 16 women who have accused Trump of abuse.  Trying to change the subject isn't working.

A new Puerto Rican migration will change Florida politically.

Finally, one of the more reassuring stories I've seen since Trump got in.

[304 days down, 1,158 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

As always, many thanks for the Sunday "brunch".

In regards to a RINGWORLD adaptation via Amzaon, I have but one word: Yeeeee-hah!

It's about time they adapted this SF classic, and the technology is certainly there to pull off the visuals. But then there is the question of casting, who is writing the screenplay, and who will direct. However, my biggest worry is that someone will look at the RINGWORLD adaptation and ask, "Why are they ripping of the HALO series of video games?" And after seeing that I'm probably going to hang my head in shame and disgust.

Roy Moore's like Jesus according to his supporters? Yikes...I know that many religious fundamentalists in the GOP are bigots and idiots, but it sure seems like they are trying out for comedy and failing badly.

In regards to the Moore-Jones race, it is good to see Doug Jones ahead in some polls, but I recently read a tweet that made my blood boil. The person that wrote the tweet claimed that Doug Jones had done nothing for African-Americans. So....prosecuting and getting convictions on the surviving Klan members who blew up a church killing four young Black girls in 1963 in Birmingham is "nothing". Wonderful.

20 November, 2017 17:26  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Marc: In the adaptation of any classic, there's always the concern that it might get screwed up. There was Dune. But we'll have to hope for the best. A good scriptwriter will be critical.

It'll be difficult to fill in all the necessary background knowledge about Niven's universe, for those who haven't read his books.

If I believed Jesus actually existed, I'd have to think he'd be pretty unhappy at what his followers have come to. They're hypocritically debasing their own religion for political advantage. Their own younger generation is becoming disgusted at their support for slimy characters like Trump and Moore. I can't help but think now is a kind of death throes before total collapse.

21 November, 2017 09:12  

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