12 November 2017

Link round-up for 12 November 2017

Missing:  pet lizard, quite large, reward for safe return (found via Mendip).

"All holidays matter."

Here are some stupid people objecting to things.

See if you can adapt (found via TYWKIWDBI).

This is how Trump handles a crisis.

Worst amusement park ever.

Checking out library books does benefit authors.

It isn't obedience.

This movie looks.....different.

Watch humans behaving like deranged baboons.

If you discourage people, they will be discouraged.

A kiss in 1927 could have had a different meaning.

Always trust the police.

Fundies have their own dialect.

Fox News finds an upside to the Texas church mass shooting (found via Mendip).

Raul Ryan is either an idiot or pandering to idiots.

An all-powerful, all-knowing being is so insecure as to need constant praise.

Here's what the wingnuts have been up to this week.  Don't laugh, they have a mighty army.  Then there's this guy.

The accusations against Weinstein and his ilk show that Hollywood may by almost as corrupt as Evangelical Christianity (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird).

This is another example of why the football players kneel.

Don't believe everything you read.

Sometimes God answers prayers.

Liberals who support gun rights aren't all that rare -- and we're getting organized.

"Christianity is, and always has been, a nasty, bullying religion....."  Yes, this nasty.

Miners reject retraining because they still think Trump will bring the coal jobs back (found via Mendip).

For the world's most important asteroid impact, location was crucial.

Science doesn't support the possibility of life after death (found via Mendip).

Scotland does right.

Wednesday will see the results of Australia's gay-marriage referendum, and it looks like it will be a landslide.

The Saudi blockade of Yemen threatens famine and disease.

Trump has transformed the Republican party -- and trashed our country's global reputation, leaving us increasingly isolated in the world (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Cynicism poisons democracy.

On Tuesday, women struck back against Trump -- and jerks like this guy.  It was a defeat for hate politics (found via Progressive Eruptions).  Pundits of various stripes assess the Virginia results.  Fox reacted to the big Dem win by changing the subject.  I noticed on Wednesday that a lot of right-wing sites were focusing on the anniversary of Trump's election rather than on current events.  We're in a strong position for 2018 but will still need to fight -- so don't get complacent.  Here's the difference just a few votes can make.  Electoral-Vote.com has more, and more here.

The enemy is not at all happy with Danica Roem's win -- or with Tuesday's results in general.  But this one's for us.  Oh, and ouch.

Here's Bannon's latest terrible idea (don't miss the Trump-Hayes exchange).

Mueller's path to Trump is through Flynn.

Crazy Eddie reviews Tuesday's elections in Michigan.

Ultra-wealthy Republicans push hard for tax cuts.

What do you mean, "we"?

Breitbart is solidly in Roy Moore's corner.  A religio-wingnut uses the Bible to show that the charges are no biggie, and many Alabama Republicans seem to agree.  Here's what could happen, and why many Republicans are waffling.  Three pundits discuss the case.

This is Trump's base.  Some Trumpanzees are really committed.

Republicans are going to have some problems with voter turnout.

[297 days down, 1,165 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

If prayer works, I guess Eddie Munst...I mean, Paul Ryan will save us taxpayers a few bucks and disband his security detail, right?

So, the people who died in that Texas church had their prayers answered? Does that mean the one who were just wounded weren't praying hard enough?

Poor dinosaurs. I guess all those real estate people have been right all along--location, location, location!

The sister of the homophobe who was trounced by Danica Roem looked familiar. She's an actress who was on a lot of TV shows. Ironically, she was on a Seinfeld episode titled "The Outing."

13 November, 2017 01:10  
Anonymous PsiCop said...

Re: "Breitbart is solidly in Roy Moore's corner. A religio-wingnut uses the Bible to show that the charges are no biggie, and many Alabama Republicans seem to agree."
Maybe I'm alone in this, but I'm glad to see the rather explicit support for Moore among the Religious Right. Its pretense of moral uprightness is being stripped away, and we can now see them as what they are: Mercenary thinkers who're more interested in the Christocracy they want to establish ... and thus willing to support anyone like Moore whom they think will implement it, no matter what they've done ... rather than true champions of "family values."
Yeah, I know some GOPers have denounced him, but they aren't as deep within the R.R. movement as those who've either been silent or who've supported Moore. Those GOPers are trying to paper over a stinking, rotten, theocratic edifice, which ironically they, themselves, helped to build over the last few decades, by appealing to such folk and trying to get their votes.
Watching the GOP as a whole squirm over the possibility they may elect a child molester to the Senate would be gratifying and entertaining to watch, if not for the things that happened to some Alabama teens that caused all of it in the first place.

14 November, 2017 05:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nonnie: I doubt Ryan will carry his faith to its logical conclusion. These guys almost never do.

Does that mean the one who were just wounded weren't praying hard enough?

That makes sense. I never pray at all and I've never been shot. Sniff. I guess I'm just not good enough for God.

Yes, poor dinosaurs. It's beginning to look like they might be managing the planet better if they were still around.

PsiCop: Oh, I agree with you there. Not that we've ever faced any shortage of proofs of the Christian Right's hypocrisy, but it all helps, especially with the rising generation which (even in the South) is more open to secularism. Evangelical support for Moore will just confirm that their enthusiasm for Trump isn't a one-time fluke.

14 November, 2017 05:51  

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