15 November 2017

Congratulations Australia!

Australia has released the results of its vote-by-mail referendum on gay marriage.  Over 61% voted yes.  The vote was positive in each of the country's seven states and its Capital Territory.

The referendum is not legally binding, but Australia's Parliament is expected to pass legislation by Christmas.  Support is over 70% in both houses of Parliament.  The government has rejected proposals to allow businesses to discriminate against gay couples on "religious freedom" grounds, an issue which is still contentious in the US.

Gay marriage is now legal in most of the Western world, including the US, Germany, the UK, France, Brazil, Canada, several Mexican states, Argentina, Spain, Scandinavia, and even Ireland (by referendum!) and South Africa.


Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

As an Australian, thanks for this post! Yes, this was very exciting news; there's been a lot of it in the newspapers and on television, as you might imagine. Unfortunately, this campaign saw a lot of ugliness manifested here (eg homophobic graffiti, often featuring swastikas; people not getting their voting forms in the mail (possibly because those meant to deliver them had had a "moral" objection to doing so); all manner of ridiculous conservative fearmongering), but thankfully, the "Yes" side of the campaign prevailed in spite of all that. Here's hoping something's enshrined in law before the year is out.

16 November, 2017 04:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: I'd heard about some of the nastiness. I think the bad guys know they're losing on this one all over the Western world, and they're going down ugly. But they are going down.

16 November, 2017 15:41  

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