01 October 2017

Link round-up for 1 October 2017

This plate of crab is certainly fresh (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Tree wars!

Follow a kitten's Halloween adventure.

Savor these cream-filled waffles from Thailand.  Wear these earrings too.

This driver meant it.

Letter spacing is important.

Perhaps Cassini avenged the dinosaurs.

Ancient Greek and Roman soldiers added insult to injury.

Ancient Egyptian religion was different from what exists now.

Looks like this dog is in no hurry.  Or maybe there's no dog at all.

A desperate prisoner cleverly escapes.

Somebody give this horse a record contract.

Worst ad ever, or maybe the best.

Here's an interesting re-interpretation of the Greek tale of Medusa.

Change a light bulb?  These guys have a bigger job.

Barnes and Noble takes another step toward obsolescence.

Got your Halloween costumes for right-wingers right here.

Huh?  It's a Nazi gay wedding.

Animals are pervs.

There's a good reason for planting trees like this.

New York man pwns red-light cameras.

Help catch these jackasses.

Some teachers need to be in a different line of work.

It may be that men and women have a different idea of what "friend" means.

God makes no mistakes.

If you need to call 911 but there's a threatening person with you, use the pizza trick.

Remember, this was only sixty years ago.

A man who once fought for freedom defends it again.

Fox admits that equality, diversity, and inclusion are leftist values.

Remember Hugh Hefner.

Here's how a real leader handles a racist incident.

Amber Ruffin pwns Trump over his NFL comments.  Former CIA Director John Brennan gets it too.  The players aren't the first to receive such criticism.

Christian teachers in Colorado allegedly sabotaged a student because of her outspoken atheism. Some Christians can't even tolerate other Christians.  But don't treat them all the same (found via Tell Me Why the World Is Weird).

Wingnut boycotters are going to have a lot more boycotting to do.

The inner reality of the Alt-Right is scarier than its public face.  But they still stink at getting things organized.

As the country declines, looters take the money and run.

Cruise lines are helping Puerto Rico.  Trump still hasn't done all he could.  And why the hell will it take four months to get the electricity back on?  When the going gets tough, the "tough" go golfing.  Even RedState realizes this looks terrible.

This is what a hurricane can do.

Even exotic life a mile and a half under the sea is threatened by Trump.

Listen to the stars.

Project Blue will search for Earthlike worlds in the system of our nearest stellar neighbor (sorry, it's still about 7,000 times further away than Pluto).

It was only a fish.

Here's how it might look if the Earth were destroyed by a black hole.

Australia prepares to venture into space.

Foreigners use US locales metaphorically. But silly redefinitions of words don't travel well.

How long does a queen last?

Donna at Tell Me a Story is visiting Iceland.

Catalonia votes on independence today despite brutal efforts by the Spanish government to stop the referendum.

Brazilian wingnuts attack gay culture -- others push back on social media.

Venezuelan professionals resort to sex work to survive.  But read this too.

The technology North Korea struggles to copy is hopelessly antiquated -- we can do better.

Traditional beliefs and practices continue in east Africa.

Last year, Russia actively supported Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders as part of their effort to elect Trump.

Here's a look at the winners and losers in Alabama.  Roy Moore is a lawless theocratic lunatic (found via Mendip).

Trump has a history with the NFL (found via Progressive Eruptions).  His DoJ is going after info on his opponents.

Who gets to complain?

Enough with the "empathy" for Trumpanzees -- they need to learn to empathize.

NRO takes a gloomy view of Republicans' chances next year and the Bannonization of the party.  A couple of local election results drive home the point.  And their tax "reform" plan won't pass easily.

[255 days down, 1,207 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Anonymous PsiCop said...

Re: "Empathy" for the Groperphiles:

I've said for months now that, not only do we not need to "understand" the poor, precious snowflakes, they need to be condemned, derided, mocked, ridiculed, and otherwise marginalized in every possible way. There's no talking to them, no correcting them, and no possibility of convincing them to be less reprehensible than they are. (That's not just because of their own twisted, delusional psychopathology; the backfire effect plays into that as well.)

Treating them as though they have concerns that deserve to be heard, in their minds only serves to reinforce their sense of the righteousness of their cause (such as it is). Treating them as though they have something to say worth hearing, only encourages them to get louder so they can be heard even more. Too many media outlets are too concerned with their appearance, as denizens (for the most part) of the coasts, particularly the northeastern coast, whom the Groperphiles (especially in "flyover country" despise), to understand that there is no amount of reporting on their "concerns" which will satisfy them.

They don't want to be "heard." They want, instead, to run the show. Which is why they elected the Groper-in-Chief, and it's why they're going to elect the Decalogue Thug in Alabama. Trying to "give them their due" in the form of "empathetic" coverage, is a fool's errand ... because "empathy" is not what they want.

Instead, these nasty folk need to be treated like the worthless trailer trash most of them are. I say that as a native and resident of a northeastern coastal state for which many of these folk reek contempt (not realizing, of course, that the Apricot Wonder whom they idolize also hails from the same part of the country, which goes to show how rational they are). They hate me ... resident of a very "blue" state ... and that's something I actually consider a compliment.

01 October, 2017 06:21  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Thanks again, Infidel. A lot of good links, as usual. They get me out of my normal information exercise wheel!

PsiCop - we're with you, brother!

01 October, 2017 15:43  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

All that's missing from that crashed car is a Twitler/Pence 2016 bumpersticker.

Cassini is my hero. RIP

There must be an octopus in my house. After the hurricane, my sister stayed here. That means, 3 dogs were here. somehow, one of them (I'm lookin' at you, Honeybear!!!) lifted a jar sort of like that one with the screw-on top (which was definitely screwed on) in the kitchen, carried it to the living room couch, unscrewed the top and had a little feast (3/4 of the dogfood that was in the jar). That is, unless they called upon an octopus to unscrew it for them. I have to check my washing machine and bathtub.

I vote best ad evah!

Hmmm, first gay neo-nazi wedding, and the only problem that some wedding cake makers might have with that is that they're gay.

Cassini was my hero until I read about the Red Light Robin Hood.

Oops, new hero. The kid who stood up to her so-called Christian teachers.

How much do I love that the Human Rights Campaign's initials are HRC!?

How many new heros can I get in one day (not counting the ones at Subway)? I would love to see that blind astrophysicist kick Twitler's ass for ignoring Puerto Rico. He's deathly afraid of strong women of color.


I am thrilled that Annette Taddeo won. I've been waiting for the tide to turn in Miami-Dade County. I hope a Dem can fill Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's seat. There are 7 Dems vying for it so far and 3 Rethugs.

Right on, PsiCop! Pandering to the Twitlerites is bullshit. It's like telling kids in school that they have to be nice to the little shithead who refuses to share with anyone and wants everything his way, or he'll throw a tantrum. No! Teach the kids to avoid that little asshole, and tell them not to be like him.

01 October, 2017 20:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

PsiCop: I'm sick of being asked to show empathy for people who never show any empathy for people like me, and in fact relish Trump upsetting liberals in general.

Hackwhacker: Glad my weekly random internetting is of some broader interest.

Nonnie: I'm sure the car had such a bumper sticker on the other end.

Some dogs don't seem to quite understand that they're pets not people. Maybe they wanted a pet octopus of their own.

Being a gay Nazi must be very depressing -- the constant feeling that one should be oppressing oneself.

04 October, 2017 16:45  

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