01 September 2017

Video of the day -- serpents in the garden

Years ago a hurricane damaged a reptile breeding facility in Florida, allowing its Burmese pythons to escape and multiply in the wild.  So now the state has a large and established population of honkin' huge constrictors preying on the native wildlife, and probably scaring the shit out of local humans as well.  Why was somebody breeding these monsters in the first place?

I suspect this kind of thing will become an issue in coastal Texas after Harvey.  Texas has its share of people who keep exotic pets, or as normal people call them, "huge terrifying dangerous wild animals".  I've already seen a story about a flooded alligator farm there, whose inmates nearly escaped (farming alligators?  why?  handbags?), and who knows what else is already on the loose.  It may be just as well that so many Texans carry guns.

[Video found via Crazy Eddie, who has a post on the subject.  I hope this displays properly on everyone's computers.  YouTube has fubar'ed its video-embedding utility, eliminating the option of adjusting the screen size -- so I had to do it manually.  Fullscreen should still work.]


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

No, I listened to news on the tele a few minutes ago ... some dude come back to his flooded house in Houston and found a 10- 12'ft alligator ... not a pet either ... just wild. Finally they have some gas coming in for these folks whining here ... I sware guy ... it was incredible, the gas lines went for blocks, folks were filling cars 24 hours/ middle of night, many bringing extra gas containers to fill. That is exactly why we got shorted on gas ... STUPIDITY/ PANIC on social media ... everyone panicked (most, not me) ran to the stations and milked everything dry, bottom line ... wasnt a damn thing to worry about. Gotta run ....

02 September, 2017 04:48  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks for sharing the video and linking to my blog. I never know what will inspire people.

02 September, 2017 17:45  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Gaah, what a discovery upon coming home. I heard about a guy who caught a fish in his house. A lot of people are going to find nasty critters.

I wonder how much of that gasoline ended up in cars that got flooded, or just stored in flooded houses, and is now seeping out into the water.

Pinku: Thanks for finding it:)

03 September, 2017 04:22  

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