10 September 2017

Link round-up for 10 September 2017

Deploy the shield!

What a croc.

Be careful speaking Japanese in Finland (or elsewhere).  Finnish is apparently quite a concise language.


Bird beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Some Texans really disapprove of the lottery.

Harry Potter might have been.....different.

True or not, it's a heck of a story.

Spare the rocks, spoil the child (yes, I know the context).

It's curious how many of these describe Trump.

Some care for the smallest.  Don't diss the little ones.

There's a genuine value to escapist art.

A blogger smacks down deathism.

Olivier Martel Savoie photographs libraries around the world.

Here's some advice for fiction writers about describing disease.

Here's a very cool spooky animal story.  I may order the whole thing.

Wise words from Alice Walker.

Crazy person is crazy.

Never post photos of your airline tickets or keys.

Grace Slick is still around and speaking out (found via Mendip).

Whatever it is, we'll disrupt it (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

F169 reviews the movies of 2017 -- for Nazis.  And there are actually people who have this view of reality.

Never forget how recent this was.

We burn, they fiddle.

This letter-writer gets it.

I love it when they attack each other (the video is worth a look too).

Budgeting isn't the problem -- lack of money is.

This was a life that saw incredible change.

Some people break the law.

Life in the US is inherently precarious, and that has consequences.

Sorry, but this is Christianity -- the Bible is full of stories of God smiting people en masse for violating taboos.

Wingnut media blame Harvey on teh gays.  Houston's ex-mayor responds to Ann Coulter.  Adventus blog calls us back to the dreadful reality (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Harvey may undermine the Texas tradition of self-reliance.  Landlords are being ruthless.  If you want to help, don't bother with mumbling to yourself.  This being Texas, those suffering include numerous cattle.  Maybe God was just paying Houston a compliment.

The Nashville Statement is the Christian Right's death rattle (found via Mendip).

The University of Utah hospital protects its patients -- from the police.

Green Eagle checks in with what the wingnuts are up to.

Neo-Nazis plot online attacks against their opponents.  Anti-doxing resources here, defense primers and more interesting stuff here.

Imagine trying to have a rational conversation with this person.

It happens -- people do lie.

Nobody likes racists.

Kentucky's Capitol Rotunda honors great men born in the state -- and one not so great.

If you're gonna die anyway, fight like hell.

Irma is full of energy -- Limbaugh is just full of crap.

Planned Parenthood and HPV researchers win a prestigious medical award.

Fight global warming with hemp.

Here's a real victim of the anti-vaccine crazies.

Valerio Vincenzo photographs wall-free borders.

The "cultural appropriation" nonsense has completely jumped the shark.

Kurdish and Arab forces have liberated two-thirds of Raqqah, the "capital" of Dâ'ish (ISIL).

A Saudi woman pwns an ignoramus.

Trump and Kim size each other up.

Aadhaar illustrates how mass collection of data on citizens, however well-intentioned, can evolve into a threat to privacy.

Evangelicals for Trump -- is it grief or denial?

No, the Democrats have not moved to the right -- just the opposite.  And it's not Hillary who's causing division.

This cartoon sums up how Trump is treating his base (found via Hackwhackers).

Here's what is, and isn't, being done on election security.

RedState Fumes at Trump's DACA flip-flop.  Ann Coulter gives the flaming-nutball viewpoint, while Frank Gaffney laments the betrayal (read some of the comments on those last two items if you doubt that a lot of right wingers are completely loopy).  Business leaders speak out forcefully for the DREAMers.

I'd like to see this too.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Lot's of stuff here pretty good I been checking out. I havent heard from Grace Slick in some time, good she is enjoying her art and laying back, much truth to what she sayz, brings back memories.

Beautiful libraries, be nice if Dallas had somethings like that ... things get 30 years old here, they want to tear it down ... sad, but true.

Texas Lotto guyz was hilarious ... I just better stay away from them boyz, cause I play lotto (I guess they were trying to talk about looting {:-)

I wanted to just comment before I pass out or something. I think I got some stomach virus, maybe the flu coming on ... Hell ... I dont know, I started feeling like shit late last night. I havent had the damn flu in decades (and only once in the 1970's in Houston). The weather here been perfect 80's, dry sunny, etc ... so I dont know what the Hell this is, shaking hands with folks? I'll go to the doctor tomorrow if I dont start feeling better. ... Have a good one guy ....

10 September, 2017 07:56  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

Well, it's Monday. I am sorry to report that I have been so crushed by the situation in our country that, instead of reading political commentary, I am just watching Dog in a Box over and over again.

11 September, 2017 11:59  
Anonymous Tengrain said...

Infidel -

I'm always delighted to find that you have linked to my blog! I'm not worthy!

Thank you,


11 September, 2017 12:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: That's the problem with wingnuts -- they can't even get the death threats right. Take it easy, those flu viruses can be really nasty.

Green: We all need a break from politics sometimes. Glad to have provided dog-in-a-box at least.

Tengrain: I can assure you you're very worthy :-)

11 September, 2017 16:53  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

Tengrain's blog is absolutely on my daily must-read list, for whatever it's worth.

12 September, 2017 19:28  

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