08 August 2017

Video of the day -- guns and physics

Using a tool you haven't learned to handle properly can have dangerous and/or ridiculous results.  Also, a lot of these people don't seem to grasp the concept of action and reaction.  In terms of the physics involved, firing a gun is rather like firing a rocket.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Pretty funny video. But on the serious side ... I also noticed folks that were not holding the firearm properly and doing so while using larger caliber firearms, so you have to expect that, or someone should have told them. I have introduced guns to several folks that never even held one, but alwayz tell them of what to expect too. Plus, when you start, you should use a smaller caliber to get the feel is all. Even I remember when my dad bought me my first bow and arrow, it was a 25lb with target metal tips (good for small game) and I first used it in the desert down on the California- Nevada border as a kid ... eventually I worked my way up to a 50lb 3 edge razor tips, which can be used for larger game. Firearm, the same thing, my dad first bought me a BB gun/ rifle, I went from there to a .22 long rifle, etc My first pistol I bought on the street in New York, it was a .25 cal clip. I also built my own hunting slingshot in school woodshop (behind the teachers back ... in between building my shoeshine box to make money on the street), but it was as powerful as probably a .38 handgun, and the slugs I used I got from a rail yard passage that fell off trains coming from a steel plant up in Buffalo ... not sure what they consisted of, but were about at least 3/8th to a half inch in diameter. I also had a nice set of throwing knives that I got from an Army/ Navy surplus store as a kid, that my older cousin bought for me when he got back from Nam and showed me how to use them, because they wouldnt sell them to me.

09 August, 2017 05:19  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Exactly -- it looks like these people were never taught how to use a gun properly and thought all you have to know is pick it up and pull the trigger. It's like any other tool. A person who drove a car out on the freeway without ever having been taught to drive properly would create even more danger.

09 August, 2017 05:37  
Anonymous Marc McKenzie said...

I gotta admit, Infidel--watching this video reminded me of what my brother told me would happen if I did not handle a gun properly. He's a licensed firearms instructor and basically drilled into my head the fundamentals of proper gun safety.

...So yes, while it is funny to see these people on the video, it's also a sobering reminder to me that yes, many people do have access to firearms and have no damned knowledge of how to handle them. They think that a gun is a toy, not a weapon...and many of them will find out the hard way that yes, guns are weapons and no, not everyone should be able to own one. Even with the training I have, I still do not own a gun.

09 August, 2017 13:46  
Blogger Jono said...

Ranch Chimp, sounds like Taconite pellets by the steel plant. There are a lot of them in this part of the country. You could see most of those disasters coming in the video.

09 August, 2017 13:48  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You to Jono, I looked up Taconite pellets ... and that was them. Brought back childhood memories of places like Bethlehem steel yards and the canal too. The canal had such bad pollution (never forget it) that when we (kids) dipped a long stick into it (wondering if we could catch fish)... it came our as black as oil.

10 August, 2017 08:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Marc: That's the impression I had. Like a car, a gun can be handled safely by almost anyone -- but people do need some basic instruction on how to use them.

11 August, 2017 02:57  

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