27 August 2017

Link round-up for 27 August 2017

Check out this clever New York street art.

Teh stoopid, it burns.....

Now this is a water pistol.

A spectral moggy haunted nineteenth-century Washington DC (found via Mendip).

These photos are indeed oddly satisfying.

There's a Barbie for everyone.

Tell Me a Story reviews Atomic Blonde.

Solar evaporation ponds show striking colors from the air.

An MRA takes a forceful stand for male supremacy and illiteracy.

Don't feed trolls, ignore them (found via Tell Me a Story).

Follow the evolution of douchebag style.  Speaking of douchebags, these people exist.

Women find Nazis irresistible -- don't they?  Well, apparently not this Nazi.

Don't be fooled -- the Alt-Right is running a scam campaign to smear leftists as supporting violence against women.

If your case doesn't fit the narrative, you'll be ignored.

Michael Snyder wants an InfoWars-style government.

Marriage works a lot better when it's not cluttered up with religious nonsense.

Louise Linton casts herself as the Marie Antoinette of our times.  What goes on in the head of such a person?

In some cases, you can get insane hospital bills reduced.

Boston blogger Donna has a report and photos from the counter-protest there.  BLM played a remarkable role in keeping the peace.

Good news for everybody -- Americans overwhelmingly support freedom of speech.

Wingnuts launch another doubtless-futile boycott.

Thousands rally against racism in New Orleans, while more racist statues come down in Texas.

This couple spent 21 years in prison after being falsely convicted due to religious hysteria.

The Alt-Right, now driven to the isolated fringes of the internet, are more losers than ever.

Another Christian cult is exposed as riddled with child abuse.

TYWKIWDBI has an all-Trump link round-up. And Trump x 4 = art.

Christians need to embrace being The Bad Guy (and sorry, but no, our "picture of the world" is way older than yours).

Here's what the 1924 dedication of that Robert E. Lee statue looked like (found via Yellowdog Granny).  Most Confederate "monuments" are cheap mass-produced crap.

A detailed first-hand report from Charlottesville debunks claims of "violence on both sides".  The man seen flying over the attack car in the most iconic photo of the riot had just saved his fiancée's life.  Local residents are not happy with the city's handling of the event.

Another neo-Nazi is exposed and fired.

Wingnuts accuse the left of being violent, but there are good reasons why we generally avoid violence.

The Trump administration is no friend to coal miners.

Who are the lazy ones, really?

Ignoring Trump, nine northeastern states commit to cap-and-trade to fight global warming.

A new book attacking Darwin is riddled with factual errors.

This is the Milky Way over Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Politics Plus has a round-up of eclipse pictures.

Tissue nanotransfection looks like a very promising new technology, but I'm a bit skeptical -- not seeing much analysis of it on hard-science sites.

Ancient Babylon was surprisingly advanced in trigonometry.

The English language is a little too fashionable in Berlin.

This house in Minsk, Belarus, has a unique style.

Russia joins the countries making shows of force around North Korea.

Turkey under Erdoğan retreats from modernity in education.

A new court decision in India way open the way to decriminalize homosexuality there.

23 die in religious rioting over a cult leader's rape conviction.

Ed Brayton analyzes Trump's Afghanistan speech.  David Roth looks at Trump's mind (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Republicans are bad for business -- what should Democrats do about it?

Some Sanders supporters share the blame for Trump, but many weren't even Democrats.

Bannon's fall was mostly due to his own mistakes.

Trump's Arizona rally drew a meager crowd, despite altered images suggesting otherwise.

Rust-belt Trumpanzees love Trump because they've given up.  Evangelical Trumpanzees will never live down their hypocrisy.  Racist Trumpanzees are racist.

The Trump-McConnell feud is seriously damaging the latter in his home state, but NRO thinks Trump can't win.

Breitbart frets that the White House staff is trying to rein in teh nutty.

The failure of tax "reform" will speed Trump's fall.  It would take relatively few Congressional Republicans to remove him, and some of them are already on board.  Olbermann thinks the end will be different, and sudden.

[220 days down, 1,242 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


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