27 July 2017

Videos of the day -- religion

Some inspirational viewing for the like-minded.....

The Christian prays for her deity to visit destruction upon those who believe differently than she does.  The pagan superpower, having developed advanced technology to protect its people, offers that technology to less-advanced nations of whatever culture:

Even if Jesus existed, he wasn't really, you know, Jesus:

The decline of religion in the West is probably irreversible:


Anonymous KanaW said...

Yikes. I've only watched the first one so far.

That woman was creepy and unhinged.
I'm beginning to think that religion is a substitute for science for those people because they're completely unable to understand anything that requires rational thought. And that either they're so self-involved that they have to be the centre of the universe, or they hate themselves so much that they have to have someone to blame for everything.

Gah, I'm skeeved out by her constant orgasmic sighs.

And Robertson and his ilk infuriate me. Psychopaths using their "god" to steal money and lives from people.

27 July, 2017 23:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Gah, I'm skeeved out by her constant orgasmic sighs.

Religion sometimes seem to me like a kind of paraphilia -- like these people get a kind of sublimated erotic satisfaction out of imagining people they don't like burning in Hell or otherwise suffering their deity's wrath.

28 July, 2017 04:13  
Anonymous KanaW said...

Agreed, Infidel.
They get off on their god loving them so much and punishing those they don't like.
It's an incestuous "daddy loves me more than he loves you!"

28 July, 2017 04:29  

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