08 January 2017

Link round-up for 8 January 2017

We'd lose a lot of books at this rate.

And the squirrel looks pretty excited.

Down with out-of-touch elites!

Holy $#!%@, Facebook is stupid (found via Clarissa).

I've always thought so -- bad writing isn't incomprehensible, it's funny.

Killer trains from outer space!

I see no differences (here's the context of the top picture).



Yeesh, is fanfic culture really this bad?

Wow, I'd forgotten there had been this much good SF TV over the years.

Alt-right boycotter pwnage continues as Rogue One hits $838 million in three weeks.

Here's a preview of the Trump White House.

Maybe 2017 will be a better year.

Birds pose for their photo portraits (#3 the common grackle seems to suspect something).

This generation is so touchy and hyper-sensitive.

FFS, they're going totally nuts.

A guilty mind always unmasks itself.

Let's agree on one thing.

If the MSM won't do real journalism, then pop-culture magazines will have to do it.

Salon picks the top ten anti-gay bigots of 2016 (found via Politics Plus).

It's faith-based parenting in action!

The sanctuary restaurants project aims to protect restaurant workers.

Must-read of the week:  The US left must learn to fully weaponize social media.  It worked in Iran, it's working for Trump, and it can work for us.

Bailey's Buddy lists the celebrity deaths of 2016 (Pete Burns too?  Good grief).

Trump shows some signs of Asperger's syndrome.

Credit-reporting agencies engage in unethical practices (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Noahpinion looks at the future of racial politics in the US (historical precedent supports scenario 2).

You lost.  Get over it.

Twitter may be doomed.  What will its most famous user do?

Don't let sympathy for Trumpanzees blind you to reality. The Rude Pundit has no patience with their arrogance, and Badtux agrees.

From North Carolina, another shocking case of police brutality.

Bigotry just got a big legal boost.  But in Canada, the bad guys lost one.  Here's more human decency from Canada.

Glasgow, UK, may soon launch a test of the Basic Income concept.

This is Norway, where trees grow on your house.

The flag is gone, the light remains.

The US and western Europe act to bolster NATO against Russia.

Dâ'ish (ISIL) jihadists in Mosul suffer collapsing morale as defeat looms.

Oh, great, the same nitwits who tailgate and cut you off in traffic will soon be flying over your house (found via Mendip).

Climate change is destroying even the dead.

Trumpanzee bikers bitterly oppose -- each other.  Enjoy more wingnut infighting here.

Obama's doing all he can for the country before leaving office.

Blogger Carl has some thoughts on winning future elections (found via Batocchio's round-up).  Tengrain has suggestions for activists.

Don't mock Trump (found via Progressive Eruptions) or his followers.

This is class warfare.

Here's what proper vetting of Trump's cabinet would look like.

Some former Congressional staffers have put together a guide to resistance.  Tech workers vow not to help create the Muslim registry.

Voting results in these cities show how great the urban-rural divide is.

Hometown USA has a round-up on the Trump-Putin bromance.  Russian elites cheer their man's win (found via Progressive Eruptions).  The treachery and collusion must never be swept under the rug.

Politico looks at the lessons of the attack on the Office of Congressional Ethics.  Here's another.  Republicans console themselves with some further evil, and the prospect of a surprise betrayal.

Rand Paul won't vote for "repeal and delay". Another Republican has reservations.  Let's hope they listen to these people and this guy.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Re: The laughing Goopers as they think about screwing over Americans' health care.

"Qui rira bien, rira le dernier"

08 January, 2017 14:35  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

I love the Twitler link.

Why is Trump reluctant to do the repeal and replace? He said during the campaign he was going to replace ACA with "something great." Don't tell me he doesn't have a plan to defeat IS either. Should we take his word that if money is allocated for the Great Wall of Trump that the Mexicans will honor the IOU they say we're not getting? So many questions.

09 January, 2017 11:15  
Blogger Paul W said...

"Trump shows some signs of Asperger's syndrome."

As someone who might be Aspergers meself, I just wanna note NO FREAKING WAY. Aspergers people are NOT that sadistic, greedy, or vain. If he's got any kind of disorders they fall under obsessive compulsive and narcissism. And he's also showing signs of either dementia or cocaine abuse.

09 January, 2017 16:26  

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