23 November 2016

The nature of the Trumpanzee

A look at the opposition:

Found via Progressive Eruptions.

Found via SEB, who has more examples.

Found via Green Eagle.

A flyer distributed at Texas State University.  Found via Progressive Eruptions.

This happened just a few miles from where I live -- Beaverton is a suburb of liberal Portland ("Max" is the local commuter train system).  Found via the SPLC, which has more examples.

Yes, these people are celebrating the election of Trump.  Found via Hackwhackers, which has explanation and context.  More here, found via Progressive Eruptions, and more here.


Some Trumpanzees are starting a campaign to drive distraught liberals over the edge into suicide (found via Progressive Eruptions).

An Iowa Republican state rep is pushing a law to impose fines on colleges which offer counseling or therapy to students upset about Trump's election.

These idiots can't even draw swastikas correctly.  Nor can they identify a Muslim reliably.

Triumphant Trumpanzees are threatening and assaulting Hispanics, gays, and other minorities.

A commenter at right-wing forum Race 4 2016 claims that these "hateful things" are being done by liberals posing as Trump supporters -- and in a day-long open thread, not one other commenter calls him out on such nonsense.

This is the enemy.  I'm feeling more and more drawn to Badtux's view of these people.


Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

Democrats could bend over backwards for these people, but nothing will ever be good enough. No matter the evidence that Dem plans would be better for them, their prejudices will overtake all logic and reason. Just like Hair Fuhrer and his acolytes, they like the role of the victims and the martyrs. Ironically, they have no empathy for those who are the true victims.

26 November, 2016 12:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Really, we have bent over backwards for them. It was Democrats who enacted Obamacare which gave insurance to hundreds of thousands of rural poor people in, for example, Kentucky -- who then voted for the Republicans who want to take it away from them. People are voting on the basis of culture and tribal rivalry, not policies.

26 November, 2016 15:02  
Blogger Scottie said...

I have had only one threat in all the years I have been blogging, and I do post on controversial subjects. Right after tRump won I got a comment saying basically tRump won, we are coming for you next faggot! I deleted it and have never had another. I did not try to find out who sent it, I guess I should have. Hugs

10 July, 2018 11:35  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It sounds like you were hit by part of the wave of celebratory hatred I was describing in this post. Luckily, it seems that people who send threats don't usually follow up -- actual violence happens more against random targets of opportunity. It's damn scary, though.

We should probably expect more of the same this November. These people are gonna be mad as Hell if there's a real blue wave.

10 July, 2018 12:16  

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