20 November 2016

Link round-up for 20 November 2016

I'm very glad these giant animals are extinct (FFS, a one-ton rodent?).

If you use search-and-replace, proofread afterwards.

Use a car to display stupidity.

When designing a logo, get a second opinion.

We can dream, right?

OK, some art is bullshit.

Maybe alien abductions are something like this.

Pwned by a Girl Guide (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Trump starts recruiting his team.

Colorado just accidentally endorsed slavery (link from Mendip).

I'm glad to see Portland on the cutting edge of religious pluralism, even if the usual turkeys don't like it.

Choose a different airline, not this one.

A new TV show looks at ethical questions involving artificial intelligence that the real world may soon have to face (found via Crazy Eddie).

There should be no stigma on having fun alone.

What if we're wrong?

Some of these websites could be kind of useful.

Yes, this person knows all about "classy".

There's a spooky graveyard of well-preserved medieval ships at the bottom of the Black Sea.

Dan Dennett's upcoming book looks well worth reading.

Watch for suspicious characters on aircraft.

Social media are bringing back medieval shame punishments.

Electric cars are becoming more mainstream.

2015 saw a surge in hate crimes against Muslims, with gays and Jews being even more targeted.  The SPLC has logged over 400 harassment incidents since the election.  Here are more examples and another one (found via SEB).  There's already a lot of fear out there.

Politics Plus looks at some recent news items.

Here are some tips on electronic privacy protection.

Beware of sites pushing fake information -- there are a lot of them.

"Pro-lifers" don't do that.

Here are some better alternatives to turkey.

What is it about Christians being assholes to waitresses?

Phil Robertson is at least being honest about fundamentalist beliefs.

Some technology leaders in California now support "Calexit" from the US -- see also my own speculations here.

A top NSA official confirms that Russia interfered in the election.

Chemists finally understand London's deadly Great Smog of 1952 (it involved coal).

No cowboy is tougher than Hamburg's "swan father".

After fifteen years, Portugal's drug decriminalization is a clear success.

The Russians know how to build a cool statue.

Kaveh Mousavi has some words of encouragement for Americans -- and explains why Trump can't destroy the nuclear deal with Iran.

Good riddance -- the Iraqi army has killed over a thousand Dâ'ish (ISIL) fanatics in Mosul.

"Authoritarian democracies" like India and Turkey illustrate the kind of bullying tactics a President Trump might use here.  Such tactics thrive best in societies that have succumbed to identity politics and quasi-tribal divisions -- at the end of this post I warned about thinking of people as members of categories rather than as individuals.

This is Moscow in winter.

In India, young girls are bought and sold like beasts.

If Trump gives up US leadership on global warming, China is prepared to step up.  China is also well positioned in Latin America in case he destroys our relationships there.

Frozen ancient organisms are coming back to life.

There may be a huge ocean where we'd least expect it.

Young blood may actually have rejuvenating properties.  To break through the apparent upper limit on human lifespans, we'll have to strike at the fundamentals of the aging process.

A hydrothermal vent in Chile bolsters the case for life on Mars.

If intelligent aliens exist, they're probably machines.

How should Democrats approach the Trumpanzees?  Booman Tribune and Badtux the Snarky Penguin offer radically different perspectives.  Maybe we should allow for different cases.

Progressive Eruptions has a round-up on the vile Steve Bannon.  Bloomberg suggests how he might be stopped (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Mary Madigan finds a positive in the prospect of Giuliani as Secretary of State.

Trump's going wobbly on "the wall".

We dodged a terrible fate.  Or maybe not.

The Field Negro makes the case that vote suppression won the election for Trump. And he's already seen enough of the tone Trump is setting.

The Electoral College could elect Hillary, but it almost certainly won't.

We don't really know what Trump will do, since Trump himself doesn't seem to know.  In fact, he doesn't seem to know much of anything.

If you want to protest, don't tolerate crap like this.

Trump says gay marriage is safe; abortion, maybe not.  New York state acts to guarantee abortion access, just in case (found via Zandar).

Here's that conversation between Carl Higbie and Megyn Kelly on a Muslim registry.  The head of the ADL has a forceful response.  Trump doesn't seem to have thought this through.

Trump's stance on renewable energy is confusing, but it's probably here to stay regardless.

[Several items found via Squatlo Rant]


Blogger Green Eagle said...

I want to point out that a number of sites allegedly dedicated to listing fake news sources are placing legitimate left leaning blogs like Crooks and Liars in their lists, in an attempt to discredit them. So even this new trend of listing fake news sites has already been polluted by right wingers in an attempt to spread lies about people who do not toe their sickening ideological line.

20 November, 2016 12:19  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I saw what G.E. wrote in the above comment. The "fake" news sites included MSNBC.

We have to keep pounding on the fact that for the first time in American history a president-elect had to pay out $25 million to settle a fraud and racketeering suit. Trump bragged that part of the deal was "no admission of guilt." But anyone with half a brain knows better. We need to keep that in front o the American people's eyes. A man who cheated thousands of his fellow Americans --students and the elderly -- out of thousands of dollars will now defile the White House.

21 November, 2016 09:18  

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