13 November 2016

Link round-up for 13 November 2016

Protect your valuable books the old-fashioned way -- with curses (found via Mendip).

Fonts matter.

Meth?  Not even once.

Read this short SF story in which aliens make a terrible mistake because of watching TV (found via Sleestak).

If you have to be outside at all, this is the way to do it.

Check out the world's ten weirdest museums.

Fundies hate fun.

Mendip remembers Jack Chick.

Facebook has a serious sexism problem.

"Cultural appropriation" is a toxic concept.

Clarissa has observations on Houston, Texas.

Some black Americans comment on police violence.

The Iraqi army has recaptured the ancient city of Nimrud from Dâ'ish, but the fanatics had already destroyed most of it.

Experimental stem-cell therapy gives a paralyzed man back the use of his arms and hands.

Repealing Obamacare may not be so easy.

Here are some things we won.

TPM's Josh Marshall has some observations on the election.  Politics Plus has a round-up of world headlines and cartoons.

Obama will be much more outspoken out of office.

Here's an open letter to America.  If the election result has you feeling suicidal, read this.  And beware of these assholes (found via Progressive Eruptions).  Some on our side are ready to fight on.  And some have a little local comfort to offer.

Don't confuse protest with vandalism.

Muslim women (more identifiable than the men due to distinctive clothing) are being attacked by emboldened freaks. Guys like this are being emboldened too.  In fact, it's springtime for violent bigots.

This distraction costs Democrats votes.

Here are blogger reactions to the election from Booman Tribune, Crazy Eddie, Bruce Gerencser, Field Negro, Hackwhackers, Comrade Misfit, Squatlo, Mark Evanier, Zandar, and Driftglass.

[Image at top:  an exhibit at the Sex Museum in Amsterdam]


Anonymous NickM said...

Ten weirdest museums...

There is a glaring omission.


I live in the English NW and know Cumbria well. I have frequently seen this institution. I have never visited it.

13 November, 2016 10:02  
Blogger Kevin Robbins said...

Thanks for the great links, Infidel. Plenty of good news sprinkled amongst the not-so-good. Really loved seeing this and I had no doubt that this would be the case:

Obama will be much more outspoken out of office.

Amen to that and I can't wait for his autobiography. Scores of scores will likely be settled.

13 November, 2016 11:44  
Anonymous NickM said...

Except it is in Southport D'oh!

13 November, 2016 11:45  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Some years back, I spent about a month in Texas, and like Clarissa, found it a very nice place. Unlike her, though, I did see quite a few cowboy hats around the place, though that may have been because of where I spent most of my time (San Antonio rather than Houston). But, no, lots of cool, friendly people there, and other stuff that makes me think I should maybe go back for another visit sometime.

14 November, 2016 01:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Nick: Hah. A lawnmower museum is the kind of thing I would have though could only exist in the US.

Kevin: I've long wished to know what Obama was really thinking at certain times of his Presidency when he had to keep his outward cool while the idiots were attacking him.

Zosimus: My experience was similar. It's just too bad about how they vote.

14 November, 2016 03:34  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

My experience was similar. It's just too bad about how they vote.

It's a bit like Arizona, which is somewhere else I've been. Nice state, though politically very red* from what I hear (for a long time, I thought it was far more liberal than it really is, for some reason).

Re the weird and wacky museums, some people I know who went to Iceland earlier in the year sent me a picture featuring a sign for the penis museum there, though were quite coy when I asked them if they'd actually visited it! They've also been to Croatia, where they visited something called The Museum of Broken Relationships in the capital, Zagreb. Something one of them described as "simultaneously hilarious and heart-breaking", it's a place where people send mementoes of relationships that have come to an end.

*In the Republican rather than the Communist sense, obviously! It always cracks me up how a colour that's long been associated with Marxism has come to be associated with the Republican Party. I wonder how that came about.

15 November, 2016 00:24  

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