01 May 2016

Link round-up for 1 May 2016

Here's your cuteness overload for the day.

A frustrated TV presenter makes the best of it.

Journey with Little Nemo.

Don't be this guy.

Albatross!  Albatross!

Hey, I know some Latin.

Sorry, but anything this stupid is just asking to be laughed at (found via Republic of Gilead).

More education correlates with being more liberal, and the correlation is strengthening over time.

Our rage priorities are kinda messed up.

The wingnut uprising is, well, not all that impressive.

If you see a plastic bottle lying around, be very careful (and yes, this is true).

Why do some people think certain professions have no right to a safe work environment?

Faye Kane pwns a prude's Amazon review (looks like she reviews lots of stuff -- should be interesting).  And here's what got her banned from the Daily Kos.

Here's an exhaustive round-up of info on North Carolina's infamous law -- again, they're solving the wrong problem.  And Tennessee Republicans have just passed a law allowing counselors to discriminate against clients on the basis of religious taboo.

The AFA's Target boycott is much less impressive in scope than they're claiming, and will likely have little effect (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Bloggers -- this is really happening.

Here's what the wingnuts have been up to.

Religion is in full retreat even in the US (found via Republic of Gilead).  And doesn't that statue look like Nosferatu?

London is tough.

Here's how North America looks to a Canadian (some of California is actually very temperate, though).

Europe is thoroughly alarmed about Trump (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Amsterdam welcomes Putin.

Mexico's President proposes easing the country's marijuana laws.

In the Middle East, playing it smart pays off.

You can now talk to a random person in Sweden about pretty much anything.

China is trying to destroy the rest of the world's steel industry.

Global warming is killing Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The genetic isolation of Australian Aborigines poses yet another impossibility for Biblical literalism.

3,750 years ago, there was an asshole.

Here are some vivid Earth-at-night pics (found via Cool Thing of the Day), though I suspect some kind of enhancement -- mountains on this scale wouldn't look so high.

You live in a box.

What's the best way to preserve information long-term?

Meet Strepsiptera, a disgusting creature which makes a mockery of "intelligent design".

Whoever gets the Republican nomination, civil war looms between the Trumpanzees and the Cruz Missals.  The conflict is threatening to divide the Christian Right itself (found via Republic of Gilead).  Cruz as President might be even worse than Trump (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

If you're against Elizabeth Warren being Hillary's VP, please read this.

The Green party has a last-ditch plan to get Trump elected.

Hillary's record says a lot about what her foreign policy would be like.

Progressive Eruptions, P M Carpenter, and Hackwhackers look at reactions to Trump's foreign-policy speech.  You Might Notice a Trend has more in-depth discussion -- see also Balloon Juice.

Green Eagle has some advice for Hillary.

[Image at top:  London bookstore patrons didn't let a little thing like the World War II Blitzkrieg distract them.]


Blogger Paul W said...

Infidel, hey thanks for the link, but I'm mostly quoting from Adam Silversmith in that review, you might want to add the link to his Balloon Juice evaluation of Trump's speech. It's at https://www.balloon-juice.com/2016/04/28/donald-trumps-foreign-policy-speech-part-the-second-the-trump-doctrine/

01 May, 2016 06:56  
Blogger Ahab said...

"We can't use this. What is that? An elf?" Ah, anime conventions.

Nightmare? I'd PAY to visit Gigerland myself, provided that the Alien chest-bursters leave me alone.

What sociopathic kid would leave bottles of dangerous chemicals for people to pick up? That's sick and sadistic. Sometimes neighborhood kids leave empty cans and candy wrappers in my shrubs, but if I see a bottle capped with foil, I'll leave it alone.

As for the Target boycott, these Religious Right boycotts rarely get off the ground, so I'm not worried for Target's business. I am concerned, however, about the increasingly violent and disgusting threats coming from far-right figures about what they'll do in response to transgender people in restrooms. I plan to write a post about it soon.

A Canadian thinks Florida is a death zone? I lived there for three years, and while the summer heat and humidity are oppressive, Florida is pleasant and lush during the other nine months of the year. Give it a try, Canadians!

01 May, 2016 08:07  
Blogger Rosa Rubicondior said...

Two shouts in one roundup! Many thanks once again.

01 May, 2016 12:51  
Blogger Paul said...

dammit Ahab I don't want more Canadians down here. They keep leaving Canadian Quarters in the vending machines and they can't get re-used!!!

01 May, 2016 14:10  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

3,750 years ago, there was an asshole.

And in 5766 whatever is dominant on Planet Earth will also say "There Was An Asshole," one of many in the once U.S.of A.

A brief tour around the far right blogsphere reveals that they loathe Cruz. They can't stand Trump, and Kasich isn't going anywhere. The TeaPublican Party has delivered to the saps who've been supporting it a great big "NONE OF THE ABOVE."

I love the sound of "Madam President" in the morning.

(Thanks for the link.)

01 May, 2016 14:39  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: Added the link.

Ahab: I think Dave Barry is largely responsible for Florida's reputation. His columns on the subject were quite amusing.

I like the way the TV presenter eventually made the best of things with the omnipresent cosplayers. They were surely more interesting than whatever he was covering, anyway.

Rosa: Thanks for the posts!

Shaw: I love the sound of "Madam President" in the morning.

What I'm really looking forward to is the wingnuts having to get used to it.

02 May, 2016 03:18  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the links Infidel, actually I was going through some of these yesterday. I never heard anything about the plastic bottle bombs before, will have to look into it (for safety reasons only), my guess is that this may fall into some kind of federal law these dayz as far as illegal explosives, possibly terror or something as well, depending on usage manner, intentions, targeted people/ sites, etc

02 May, 2016 04:26  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Nice photo of Holland House Library in Kensington, London, during the Blitz in 1940. No stranger to war, it was one of the “Great London Houses” occupied by Cromwell's army during England’s Civil War.

02 May, 2016 11:02  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Those nighttime photos were impressive, though as you say, there was probably some enhancement involved in their creation, as the physical features they depicted looked a bit artificial. Interesting to see which parts of the world are well-lit at night, and which aren't; no surprises that North America and Europe are both in the former category. It reminds me of the first time I visited your part of the world - it was actually the first time I'd been anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, and I was quite looking forward to seeing the northern constellations at night. Unfortunately, however, I spent most of my trip in large cities where the light pollution was so bad I couldn't see much at all of the night sky. (There was one night when I was in open countryside, but, of course, on the night in question, the sky had to be completely overcast! As I often joke, it's times like that that make you realize there is a God, and he hates you!) I had better luck during my second trip, though, as I spent some time in the Southwest where the population's a bit sparser, and the nights are consequently a bit darker. Down here, the Australian Outback's a really good place for stargazing, as you might imagine.

03 May, 2016 04:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Planting such bombs should be treated as a serious crime. It's disgusting that some people are so casual about it.

Blurber: That's encouraging. Tyrants like Cromwell and Hitler come and go, but the world of books and the mind endures.

Zosimus: Interesting to see which parts of the world are well-lit at night, and which aren't

That can be very interesting indeed, in certain parts of the world.

My first clear view of the Milky Way at night was in the Jordanian desert in 1979 -- far from any large cities and completely cloudless. A British person who was there with me actually refused to believe it was the Milky Way, which he had never seen before. He insisted it must be smoke from a nearby campfire or something.

03 May, 2016 04:45  

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