21 April 2016

Videos of the day -- Ana Kasparian's common sense

I'm a little surprised that I hadn't heard of Ana Kasparian before now.  She's the producer of the Young Turks online news channel, home base of the inimitable Cenk Uygur, but also an effective pro-freedom progressive speaker in her own right.  Here on marijuana:

And on the "shoot the messenger" mentality and sex work:

At a time when the right is turning theocratic, neo-fascist, and insane, and when even on the left we have too many people who run around trying to ban and restrict everything so they never have to deal with anything that might make them upset, we need more of this kind of common sense.

Kasparian's full name is Anahit Misak Kasparian.  Her parents were Armenian immigrants and she originally spoke Armenian as her first language.

All found via Ranch Chimp, who has more videos and links.


Blogger Magpie said...

Kasparian’s been a feature of the TYT mix for a long time.
She makes for a good duo with Uygur because they don’t always entirely agree.
Uygur used to be conservative and sometimes those instincts come to the surface – Kasparian can usually be relied upon to make note of it.

23 April, 2016 05:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yes, I guess when Uygur was younger he had more typical Muslim views on a lot of things. People can certainly change! I should watch TYT more.

24 April, 2016 09:36  

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