15 April 2016

Quote for the day -- obfuscating evil

In the comments to my last link round-up, in response to the image above, Zosimus the Heathen observes:

Another difference between the jealous boyfriend and the jealous god is that no-one would say the victim of the jealous boyfriend "set herself on fire", yet plenty of religious folk will claim, in total, wide-eyed sincerity, that the damned "send themselves to hell". When I first heard the latter claim, I considered it akin to saying that the victims of the Holocaust pretty much bought their own train tickets to the extermination camps! I'm also constantly bemused by people who claim that God gives us free will, yet who don't see his threatening us with eternal torture if we make the "wrong" choice to be in any way incompatible with that. It's a bit like saying people in North Korea are completely free to say whatever disparaging things they like about whichever of the Kims is currently in power. After all, it's their choice, and if they end getting a one-way ticket to the gulag as a consequence (which seems not unlikely), they obviously sent themselves there!

This perfectly sums up one of the most maddeningly hypocritical forms of logic-twisting that Christianity presents -- its warping of the concept of responsibility in order to obfuscate the moral horror of the Christian concept of damnation and what it reveals (or would, if such a monstrous fantasy were actually true) about the utter evil of the Christian God.  Such an absurdity can only be sustained by using arguments that the very people making them would rightly reject as outrageous if used in any other context.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

If we did start to turn into a type of what I consider a puritan type society ... our society would start to resemble their version of PURE HELL, so either way you go listening and bowing to these self righteous dickheads, you're screwed anywayz. You know ... back awhile ago this lady here in Dallas I was talking to, basically was telling me in a polite roundabout way, that I was going to Hell ... I simply told her ... that I wasnt going any damn where ... she asked me ... how are you sure of that? ... I told her ... I am very sure of that ... she had no response. The point is ... I was able to shut her conformist mouth up in less than 3 minutes ... I mean ... she couldnt respond. Like WTF can she tell me? ... that God personally told her something else? ... F**k her and F**k them all.

15 April, 2016 04:30  
Blogger Jono said...

I agree with RC. Fuck their goofy ass superstitions!

15 April, 2016 07:28  
Blogger Alessandro Machi said...

It is ironic that a Disneyland style of religion would not be taken seriously by very many people when it might be the most accurate portrayal of human civility.

16 April, 2016 01:36  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Thanks for making a comment of mine into the basis for a post - I'm most honoured! Yes, the Christian God's abnegation of all responsibility for his own monstrous actions is a maddening thing, particularly given he's supposed to be omnipotent! Sort of a case of "with great power comes no responsibility"!

16 April, 2016 07:14  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Glad to see my own readers are people who have seen through the scams!

17 April, 2016 14:08  

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