17 April 2016

Link round-up for 17 April 2016

Maybe dildophobic Ted Cruz is just trying to protect women from evil masturbation demons.

Here's the perfect sweater for those sweltering-hot chilly days.

Umlauts matter.

Is she a tulip racist?  But this frog is cozy in his flower.

Great hotel idea, though it would bother me that people could see in.

Please tell me there aren't really people this stupid.

Nothing says tough like the rose knife.

Here's your cute photo for the day.

Certain aliens are apparently welcome in Alabama.

Stickers are among the nasty tactics the religio-nutters use to oppose the anti-bullying "day of silence".

These people spend $115 million per year on telling lies.

The feds may reclassify marijuana.

My city's mayor joins the fight against Mississippi's anti-gay law -- and so does the US Navy.  North Carolina's Governor makes a feeble concession to critics (found via Earth-Bound Misfit, who is rightly unimpressed).  The Cirque du Soleil and several top entertainers take a stand.  Bryan Fischer predictably offers the dumbest take on the situation.  Maybe these states should just go with what they've got.  Or maybe they're solving the wrong problem.

Once again, a clergyman proves shockingly clueless about morality.

This Indianapolis businessman's explanation of why he banned a customer is a must-read.

Right-wingery is rooted in ignorance.

On gay parenting, the argument is over.

JK Rowling has a point to make about boycotting Israel.

Which leader is smarter?

In England, even a flooded street can be crowded.

Trump is not just our problem.  But one foreign leader agrees with him.

Meet what may be Britain's most racist official.

Christianity is dying out in Norway.

Visit this tropical paradise, just outside Berlin.

One Scandinavian country is.....different.

The Catholic Church is about to bestow sainthood on a vile monster who bamboozled the world.

Here's a front-line report from the war against Dâ'ish (ISIL). The US is giving the Kurds heavier weapons in preparation for the fight for Mosul, the most important Dâ'ish-held city -- but we also need to plan ahead this time.

Paseka Motsoeneng is a maestro of bullshit.

China tells North Korea's flaming-nutbag regime to behave itself.

So, what's the deal with Venus and dinosaurs?

Here's a quick primer on vaccines in graphic form.

Yes, Easter Island statues walked -- and it wasn't aliens.

Why does menstruation exist?  The answer is complex, fascinating, and a little disquieting.

Better Jupiter than here.

Bernie utterly pwns Ted and The Donald on "New York values".

No, Hillary's no conservative (found via Yikes).

Here are some more newspapers from a Trump Presidency (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Republicans are now the dead parrot party (found via Paul Wartenberg, who has plenty of pithy commentary too).  Never forget they would drag us back to this.

Cruz does have his supporters.

Trump rally in progress, approach with caution.

This does tend to happen when a woman applies for a job.

[Image at top:  Mosul, before the war]


Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Yes, definitely better Jupiter than here. Thanks for linking to that entry of mine.

Also, thanks for linking to the article about the evolution of periods. That's a different, but quite compatible, explanation from the one I got when I studied evolution of human behavior. There, the emphasis wasn't on anatomy and physiology, but on why humans not only are rare in having menstruation, but almost unique in not advertising ovulation. The two were considered part of the same problem. The answer was that advertising ovulation would be disruptive to human societies by making male competition over females even more acute, while advertising failure to conceive would be less so. However, the article suggests to me that the relationship might be reversed; heavy menstruation may have suppressed "going into heat." Fascinating.

Finally, the original article at quora.com includes the following footnote: "A study of the Dogon of Mali based on 57 women in natural-fertility cycles estimates the median number of life-time menses at 109." I know the author of that study, Beverly Strassmann. She and I shared an advisor in grad school at the University of Michigan. Small world.

17 April, 2016 06:43  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Just wanted to leave a few comments while browsing your links ....

That possible asteroid/ comet collision with Jupiter was kick ass! would love to see a close- up of that! I reckon tough as huge as Jupiter is, it was nothing more than like a hail storm here (just kiddin) ... yeah, if we got hit like that ... we would be up shits creek, eh?

Rose knife is cool because it can be a fashionable defense weapon as well ... I ought to hand some out in Oak Lawn/ Dallas

Reclassifying marijuana laws is so past do it's ridiculous ... all this shit makes money for alot of folks is all. I was hoping for marijuana to be legalized here in Texas ... which would be a smart move as saturated as it is here ... not to smoke pot, but to just to be able to walk into a store and buy a chilled fruity flavoured marijuana drink like they sell in Colorado. I love the THC high thing, alwayz have, I used to smoke when I was younger like a freight train, and also smoked alot of hash, I had a good connection for a couple years back in the 80's where I was buying 'blonde Lebanese' (good grade) hash for $10 a gram, the flavour and aroma was awesome too!

Yeah ... I dont know what is up with North Korea. I was viewing this guyz video on YouTube (cant recall the name of it, but have it in my favourites) that he took while on a group visit ... excellent video, but it just blew my mind at the same time. Like here I get sick of the advertising commercials saturation, etc ... but there, it was so bland ... like nothing, just such a bland existence! not a damn thing as far as ad's, everything was so regulated, even outdoor activities in the big city, they had sirens that go off in the morning to let people know when to go to work and shit ... it was just a trip going through it though (video), and the restrictions that they had on this guyz group to as tourists, on even spending money and what they can or cant buy, it was well worth the watch, so I added it to my favourites. My nephew Abel spent a couple years in Beijing which is in communist China ... yet compared to North Korea, it was as different as day and night ... and Beijing is actually pretty damn loose, Abel shared alot of video/ photos and memorabilia with me ... he knows how to speak a language called 'Mandarin'? I think that's what they call it.

The indoor aircraft hanger tropical paradise, was really nice, really great job they done creating that. There is and indoor thing here in the Dallas suburb of Grapevine called "Great Wolf Lodge", that is pretty nice that I visited about 2 years ago. I love the large wolf statues outside of it too!

Ted Cruz on the dildo ban thing is kind of weird, I wasnt sure if there is still this dildo ban in Texas. What is odd, is that you can buy dildo's in the adult stores all over Dallas, right out in the open, every size shape and colour you can think of, even glow in the dark dildos, you can buy all kinds of masturbation equipment, bondage, electro and products, including artificial vaginas, asses, buttplugs, dolls, etc, even right here in my neighbourhood, so obviously the law isnt being enforced. Speaking of dildos though, I know this lady here in Dallas who has a collection of probably 60- 70 dildos, some very unique, she is 'bi' and into strapon sex stuff, she even has a grow room where she grows her marijuana plants, very well lit/ bright with a cool vent system and stuff. I guess both are illegal. I think Ted Cruz is just into like call girl shit as for himself, who knows, maybe Ted even played with dildos, pocket pussies or whatever in his sex adventures ... I mean ... it aint like the dude is celebant or some shit, eh?

Dinosaurs on Venus? ... maybe Mars has gay green men too, eh? ... wonder if dildos are illegal there? {:-)

Later Infidel ....

18 April, 2016 05:51  
Anonymous Blurber said...

I think Worcester, England after a flood, one-upped Venice.

18 April, 2016 11:08  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

That sweater was something else, as, indeed, was the whole outfit it was a part of. The oven mitts (or whatever the hell the model was wearing on his hands) were a nice touch.

I too share that individual's concern about LA ending up with a Hispanic-sounding name one day. I mean, if it happens there, who knows which other US city will be next? San Diego? San Francisco? El Paso? /s (obviously)

19 April, 2016 02:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Pinku: It's odd that sexuality is sometimes considered "animalistic", when it's one of the features of human biology which has evolved to be so strikingly different, in at least some ways, from other animals.

Ranch: It's been said that making laws people simply will not obey merely puts law in general into disrepute. Everyone can see that the laws against things like marijuana and dildos are ridiculous. The politicians just haven't caught up.

Blurber: All they need is some gondolas.

Zosimus: People in a huge variety of cultures have been designing clothes for thousands of years. if there's an idea that's never been tried, there's probably a good reason why it's never been tried.

20 April, 2016 02:29  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks for the links. This one gave me pause:

Christian author: female masturbation is a direct path to Satan.

I'm a bit dyslexic and at first I read that as Christian author: female masturbation is a direct path to Santa.

It made sense for a minute, since Santa knows who's naughty and nice.

20 April, 2016 07:24  
Anonymous Sam 240 said...

Re: the LA name

"Los Angeles," when used by English speakers referring to the California city, does not sound Hispanic, as the Spanish language has neither the English "j" sound or the schwa.

In case you're interested, here's an article about the various ways "Los Angeles" has been pronounced over the years. About 100 years ago, the Los Angeles Times advocated for Anglos to use the actual Spanish pronunciation, but that campaign failed.

In the case of the complainer, however, I would probably go with "stupidity" instead of "language geek."

20 April, 2016 14:06  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Well, that concept could result in some interesting Christmas presents.....

Sam: Yes, that always happens when a word is adopted into another language. If the tides of history in the future made cities with Anglo names like Houston and Portland part of Mexico, no doubt they too would become changed in pronunciation to fit the Spanish sound system.

20 April, 2016 17:28  
Anonymous NickM said...

When I first visted the the USA in '96 I had red-up on assorted laws and I don't mean the usual but the truly absurd. I mean there is a place in Montana where it is against the law to have an ugly horse. That kinda thing.

But it was a Texan law that really struck me. Apparently it was (is?) against the law to have more than two dildos in a residence...

The odd thing is the year before I was asked to vacate my house in Nottingham for the evening. So the three women who lived there (and some friends) could have an Anne Summers party where sex toys were on sale. Also copious quantities of white wine and baroque innuendo. So I went to the pub and my house-mate Andy went to the football.

Of course we were totally emasculated and women buying and selling sex toys is EVIL!!! I am being sarky obviously. I do wonder about the confidence the likes of Cruz have in their own sexuality. I don't mean they are in the gay closet but just the idea that sex should not be fun for women. They ought to have met some of the ladies I have.

Or maybe not.

22 April, 2016 14:23  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thing about Texas is, a lot of the more Draconian laws are widely ignored. People who live there know which ones they can ignore and get away with it.

You do have to wonder about men who are so obsessed with controlling female sexuality. There could well be insecurity at the root of it, but really, I don't get it.

24 April, 2016 09:40  
Blogger Ahab said...

I need to read Hitchen's book on Mother Teresa. I will likely be outraged at how this "saint" was far from saintly. Making an idol of (preventable!) poverty and suffering does not make anyone saintly.

26 April, 2016 10:16  

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