10 April 2016

Link round-up for 10 April 2016

Take a look at animals.

This guy built a very cool steampunk whale.

Imagine if Lovecraft's monsters had existed in the Middle Ages (found via Mendip).

Batman comics fueled one of the earliest "ships" (found via Mark Evanier).

Hmm, do I detect a double standard?

Love doesn't threaten.

Rosa Rubicondior's new book is getting positive notices.

Mock Paper Scissors defines the four categories of wingnuts.

My home city can be just stupid sometimes.

Today's teens are open-minded about sexuality -- including their own.

The idea of basic income to cope with the coming technological transition is gaining attention (I wrote about it in 2014).

If only all terrorists were this careless.

Artist Tillie Walden shares some personal experiences with Planned Parenthood.

Instead of "studying" black people or claiming to speak for them, just listen, and learn.

Look who's fighting against marijuana legalization.  And remember how the war on drugs got started.

Yes, this kind of crap still happens in Mississippi.

Photos dramatize the California drought.

There are lines our side shouldn't cross.  This is one of them.

Which spill do you prefer?

The spirit of Shkreli is still around.

Yesterday was the anniversary of Appomattox -- never forget what that means.  Oh, and it's Confederate heritage month.

If the world went vegan, it would dramatically cut carbon emissions and save trillions of dollars by 2050.

Religion is fading away in Scotland.

Interesting insult you got there.

Protesters rally for abortion rights in Europe's most Catholic country.  More here.

Petra László wants to sue her victim.

Israel has a good idea which we'll ignore.

Check out these photos of one of the world's wealthiest -- and most crowded -- cities (found via What Would Jack Do).

Zaha Hadid should have been more famous than she was.

New genetic research clarifies our relationship with neanderthals.

Ed Brayton has an interesting question on Trump and abortion.

Squatlo looks at stupid Republicans, stupid Democrats, and raccoons.

Chauncey DeVega is keeping an open mind about the Bill Clinton / BLM clash.

No, MSM, Bernie supporters are not potential Trumpolines.

Don't fall for wingnut propaganda.

Elizabeth Warren calls out the Republicans on their bullshit.


Blogger Paul W said...

thank ye for the link!

10 April, 2016 05:26  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks for linking to me over at Crooks and Liars last week. It's both my duty and my privilege to keep people informed about how running a state as a business does not work.

As for your home town being acting silly, there is a reason why its unofficial slogan is "Keep Portland weird."

10 April, 2016 14:03  
Blogger Rosa Rubicondior said...

Three shoults in one Roundup! Thank you! I was beginning to think you'd forgotten me. :-)

10 April, 2016 14:17  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: Thanks for the post! It's a point we need to keep making.

Pinku: And you've got a hell of an example with Flint. I hope it takes down Michigan's whole Republican junta next election.

The restaurant changed its name, so hopefully this nonsense will now end. But what a stupid thing to get outraged about! We'd do better at staying weird in a positive way without these chip-on-the-shoulder types looking for things to take offense at.

Rosa: I never forget you -- I may not always link or comment but I always read.

10 April, 2016 14:38  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Loved the animal photos. Congrats to Ruby Rubicondior!

Great choices, all.

11 April, 2016 15:10  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Re the "love doesn't threaten" link, I wholeheartedly agree. Indeed, that was probably one of the things that started turning me off religion - the fact that God, as many of his followers viewed him, sounded like a complete psycho! Another difference between the jealous boyfriend and the jealous god is that no-one would say the victim of the jealous boyfriend "set herself on fire", yet plenty of religious folk will claim, in total, wide-eyed sincerity, that the damned "send themselves to hell". When I first heard the latter claim, I considered it akin to saying that the victims of the Holocaust pretty much bought their own train tickets to the extermination camps*! I'm also constantly bemused by people who claim that God gives us free will, yet who don't see his threatening us with eternal torture if we make the "wrong" choice to be in any way incompatible with that. It's a bit like saying people in North Korea are completely free to say whatever disparaging things they like about whichever of the Kims is currently in power. After all, it's their choice, and if they end getting a one-way ticket to the gulag as a consequence (which seems not unlikely), they obviously sent themselves there!

*Sadly enough, I'd later learn that plenty of people after World War II would claim this very thing!

12 April, 2016 06:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: Thanks! Glad they're of interest.

Zosimus: Very good point. It's one of the most maddening examples of the hypocrisy of religion.

13 April, 2016 18:27  

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