20 March 2016

Link round-up for 20 March 2016

An artist used 20 different drugs and then produced portraits inspired by each (link from Ahab).  Here's more of the same artist's work.

Hey, televangelists need those private jets (found via Mendip).

Check out the photography of İlhan Eroğlu.

Some redboarders still remember me, it seems.

Beings from another world?  No, from our own. But this critter looks disquietingly Cthulhoid.

Billboards will mock Ken Ham's stupid ark project.

Fair and Unbalanced blog has been down for weeks, but is trying to come back.  Keep checking.

Here are the world's most photographed places -- no big surprises.

Behold, an asshole.

The St. Patrick's Parade catches up with the twenty-first century.

No one can tell me it would be better if this customer had been unarmed.

There's a fundamental conflict between sexual freedom and Christianity (found via Republic of Gilead).

Right-wing economics doesn't work in the real world.

Trumpolines have no respect.

Some people still hate gays this much (gruesome photos).

Choose wisely, accept your child's nature.

Obama's Garland nomination puts the Republicans on the defensive.

Different people have different reasons for opposing religion.

Bigotry gets expensive in Tennessee.

The forces driving illegal immigration are partly our fault -- which suggests a way of eventually solving the problem.

Iceland begins to abandon a brutal tradition.

Here's a look at the surreal world of Dâ'ish sex slavery.

Anger over migration leads to electoral gains for Germany's anti-establishment party.  And I wonder how typical this Polish magazine cover is.

In India, romance sometimes needs a helping hand.

Indiana Republicans' attack on gays failed last year, so they're back to attacking abortion.  Never forget who the enemy is (found via Clarissa).  Here's how they lose voters, one by one.  Georgia Repubs target the gays and run afoul of -- the NFL!

Krugman explains the roots of Trumpism. A rural social collapse, exacerbated by wingnut obstructionism, also contributed -- but don't look to the rightists for help.

The media are ignoring Hillary voters, though we outnumber the supporters of any other candidate. But Obama has his eye on the ball.

You Might Notice a Trend looks at some Electoral College scenarios. Addendum:  He's also taking votes on what to call Trump supporters.

Green Eagle argues that Trump is not Hitler -- or at least the circumstances today are different from those that made Hitler's rise possible.  I'd be interested in readers' opinions of this video ad.  Anyway, there's plenty more insanity out there.

A Bernie supporter issues an appeal.

120 Republican national-security specialists post a manifesto against Trump.  But the party's fight to stop him may be nearing its end.

[Image at top:  Irish cartoon of Trump, found via Progressive Eruptions]


Blogger Paul W said...

Thank you for the multiple links, Infidel!

By the way, what's this about my boys the Tampa Bay Rays playing FOR OBAMA IN CUBA!

20 March, 2016 05:12  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for the posts! I'm all for opening up contacts -- it seems to work better to reform unpleasant regimes than isolation does.

20 March, 2016 06:05  
Blogger Paul W said...

Infidel, I have a followup on the electoral college demographics stuff.

I went back in to that generator and checked to see what COULD conceivably give Republicans/Trump the win in 2016 based on the 2012 model.

I knocked voter turnout among the minorities to 50 percent to 40 percent to reflect likely suppression efforts, dropped Hispanic support to 20 percent (generously) for the GOP due to their anti-immigrant stance, gave Trump (generously) the 60 percent White support Romney got, and then turned up the one thing that could give Republicans any hope: I increased overall White voter turnout from 66 percent upward.

I got to 83 percent before the Electoral college count shifted to Republicans.

That's all still massive guesswork, but it's based on the realities that 1) the Republicans are going to lose Hispanic support, and 2) voter suppression efforts won't stop ALL minority voters from showing up.

And I still had to be generous on Trump getting 60 percent love from Whites. The current polling has him at 49 percent and I still have faith in people that it won't go higher than that. Even at 55 percent of White Support and with all that voter suppression, a Trump-led campaign still can't win with White voter turnout at 90 PERCENT (the generator won't go any higher than that).

Still, while the demographics are making me feel a little easier that we're not going to see a Trump victory in November, I'm still a strong believer in making damn sure it never happens. SO GET THE DAMN VOTE OUT, DEMOCRATS!

20 March, 2016 07:14  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

You published the Polish photo of the woman wrapped in a Euro flag being attacked by brown hands. I think it is amusing to note that just yesterday, someone dressed in an American flag shirt was badly beaten by real American hands, not in a posed photo, but at a Trump rally.


20 March, 2016 11:56  
Blogger Paul W said...




20 March, 2016 15:35  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks for all the great links.

I submitted a name for Trump followers, remembering my Italian Nonna using the "accia" suffix in Italian meaning horrible or ugly. Trumpaccia (The Ugly/Horrid Trumpers).

BTW, have you seen this?

Poll: Utah would vote for a Democrat for president over Trump

Another reason for the GOP to be soiling themselves.

20 March, 2016 17:03  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: Yes, I'm pretty sure they're royally screwed at this point -- but turnout is a must. We can't take the ghost of a chance of Trump or some other Republican freak getting in, and the higher the turnout, the better the results in Congress.

Green: Xenophobes in Europe are trying to turn crimes by individuals into an indictment of an entire group. The Trumpolines, by contrast, show a clear pattern of repeated violence against dissenters.

Paul: It's a promising step, thought the Cuban regime hasn't yet changed much.

Shaw: Good one! They won't get it, of course, but maybe they'll think we're calling them "patchy".

Yes, I saw the Utah poll and posted the link in a comment at Paul's blog. It's a narrow lead, but the trend since December has been for Hillary's national polling lead over Trump to increase with time, as people learn more about him. And it's Utah! I wonder if we could see Hillary carry all fifty states against this fascist freak?!

20 March, 2016 17:59  

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