13 March 2016

Link round-up for 13 March 2016

For one Ohio farmer, the medium is the message.

The Thing is all over the place!

Take a look at the occult-inspired art of Glyn Smyth (found via Mendip).

Compare the candidates.

Check out these libraries.

Chimpanzees display what may be ritualistic behavior (found via Lady, That's My Skull).

Here's a strange sea animal.

The present rise in carbon dioxide is catastrophically faster than what ever happens under natural conditions.

I generally distrust articles about "anti-aging" pills, but since this one is so cautious and appears in Scientific American, it's worth a look.

Here's one possible reason why the world is becoming more peaceful.  But I'm sick of sharing it with idiots like this.  Then there's this guy.

A lesbian couple ventures into the belly of the beast (found via Republic of Gilead).

Faye Kane has a capsule history of Republicans since 1996.

The US is secularizing like the rest of the world -- we've just been lagging a bit.

A Buddhist monk is attacked by someone who bizarrely mistook him for a Muslim (link from Ahab).  Hood River is less than 100 miles from where I live.

This takes guts -- openly-atheist Athena Salman is running for office in Arizona.

The public has seen through the "free trade" sacred cow, something Hillary needs to understand.

The manufacturing jobs aren't coming back, but there are things we can do (my own proposal is here).

Diplomats and leaders from around the world voice concerns about Trump (found via Republic of Gilead).

The notorious migrant camp at Calais has been partly removed, but it's just spreading the problem around.

Turks defy their Islamist government's ban on International Women's Day demonstrations.

Russian nationalists are in a snit about the Eurovision Song Contest again.

A woman is found dead after negligent workers caused her to be trapped in an elevator for a month.

In Idaho, "religious freedom" now includes killing your kids (found via Crooks and Liars).

Gary Legum has an entertaining post on the collapse of Rubio -- "why wouldn’t you trust a GOP establishment that has displayed such a sharp political acumen this cycle that it just about handed its nomination over to a jar of orange marmalade in a bad wig before it knew what hit it?".

Trump is Hillary's dream opponent (found via Mark Evanier).  61% of Americans say they won't vote for him, and here's a blunt case for why nobody should.

Reagan's son and daughter look at today's Republicans.  Even when subdued, they're still awful, and have been for a long time.  Maybe it's time to shut down the party and start over again.

Hillary pwns Fox with straight talk.  Black voters have good reasons for preferring her (found via Clarissa), and Michigan didn't change the trajectory of the race.  Dare I hope for the dream ticket?  The real threat to the Democrats comes from within.

Concerning the recent violent shut-down of the Trump rally in Chicago, I've already covered that general kind of situation here, here, and here.  At the least, this idiotic action neutralizes and even reverses the "Brownshirt" meme that was beginning to take hold based on violent behavior by Trump supporters, and grotesquely enables Trump to claim victimhood and the moral high ground.  At the worst, it will help the bitterly-divided enemy re-unify against us.  I'll give the last word to PM Carpenter:

"Protest the beasts -- from afar -- all you like, but avoid their violent belly. The speech they are free to embrace may indeed be absolute 'shit,' and by now, in the 21st century, it may fairly be characterized as 'unAmerican.' But it is more and lastingly unAmerican to shut down speech, any speech, even shitty speech -- including speeches by shitheads like Donald Trump."

[Image at top from Squatlo]


Blogger Paul said...

Your link to the most beautiful libraries in the world makes me wanna go work at one of them... but then I'd lose my job after two weeks because I'll never get any actual work done because I'd be taking pictures all the time.

13 March, 2016 07:15  
Blogger Ahab said...

Regarding the "No Trump" message in cow manure, what better reminder that Trump's campaign is s***?

The Glyn Smyth artwork is beautiful. Sadly, I don't have enough occult knowledge to decipher the symbols. "Okay, I know that stands for the element earth, but this alchemical symbol escapes me..."

I'm with Paul. I'd probably spend most of my time in slack-jawed awe if I visited one of those libraries. The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and the Central Library at National Autonomous University of Mexico caught my eye!

As for Chicago, I worried that Trump's campaign would use the mess to paint Trump as a martyr. The bad behavior that night has indeed backfired on those who committed it.

Since you like unique art, are you familiar with Brian Pollett's recent series on mind-altering substances?


13 March, 2016 08:43  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Yep! I agree with Ahab ... beautiful work by Glyn Smyth, even if you are not familiar with occultic/ magickal imagery or symbols and the culture ... really nice work though!

When I look at the sea life like Velella (jellyfish familia), what is remarkable to me, is the wide array of life and the bottom of some of these huge waters, how a whole world of it's own of life evolved down there, and especially how structurally delicate some of these creatures that deep below, we couldnt handle it ... how evolution of life and physics worx seems endless. I actually believe, yet have no proof, that there are life forms, even in wayz we probably cant imagine spread throughout the universe, maybe in some cases not living on a planet even, and totally independent in space or whatever. It's way too far over my head and education level, but no doubt fascinating!

It's sad that even a person like Athena Salman (I didnt even know who she was) would have to be concerned in a state Senate run about being atheist ... basically being atheist is just saying you dont believe in ghosts, but that's what we have ... this is one of many reasons we are "f***ked up", were (many of us) are worried about if someone believes in ghost or follows religion, or sex life. We have REAL issues, and need folks to work on it who are trying to do something. I could really get into this, but leave it at that.

One of the things I dont hear much about Trump and many seem to be missing, is this guy is a hustler with a good sales pitch ... I mean ... that's what he does, he knows how to sell a gig. I think besides hiring goon squads or whatever he's doing to use muscle on folks (an old wiseguy method), he has some really appealing sales talk as far as trade and the economy ... BUT ... I question how sincere it is ... I am hard to sell, so I dont buy it. The "wall" gig to me is a personal thing, he dont give a crap about the border, he wants to make another "Trump project/ product" to sling/ hustle, that can be associated with his name and a modern day masterpiece like the "Great Wall of China" or whatever, plus ... I feel we will pay for it up front (good business for his contractor buddies and others ... the Iraq invasion was great business for Dick Cheney's circle too), somehow we'll get milked, and spend years trying to make Mexico pay for it or whatever ... just try to sell me a Chinese counterfeit Rolex Don, and I'll listen, eh?

14 March, 2016 06:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Paul: They'd be a lot more soothing to work in than the average office, that's for sure.

Ahab: Slanker's is actually a better insult than the ones Trump comes up with. Trump would have won the nomination anyway, but the Chicago incident certainly helped him and made the task of opposing him harder.

Pollett's work is wild, but hard for me to evaluate since I have no experience with most of those drugs.

Ranch: The deep ocean is almost like another planet, really -- the environment and the life down there are as alien as we'll likely ever see.

Trump has changed his stated positions so many times, it seems clear he believes in nothing except his own aggrandizement. The Trumpolines are sure falling for it, though.

16 March, 2016 05:00  

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