07 February 2016

Link round-up for 7 February 2016

Imagine if Jesus campaigned as a Republican.

What is a dashboard, really?

Obama hosts an out-of-this-world summit.

Maybe God really did speak to Palin.

Tumblr nails Trump.

This is dumb.

Peter Freuchen led a full life.

Defend traditional Biblical marriage.

A restaurant manager responds to those nasty fake tips fundies have been leaving waitresses.

The world's biggest solar power plant is about to go online (you may be surprised at where it is).

A Northern Ireland law criminalizing johns is making life more dangerous for sex workers.

Nobody's happy with the talks over Britain's position in the EU.

Why aren't we hearing about this ugly anti-Jewish violence in France?

This is what a civilized country is like.

The zika virus, which causes birth defects, re-opens the debate about abortion rights in Brazil.  The UN is calling for loosening bans.

A wave of sex assaults in Europe is being exploited to stigmatize refugees in general, though some women are pushing back.  Merkel now says the refugees must go back home once the war is over.

If you doubt that the TPP is a terrible deal, watch this devastating indictment by Elizabeth Warren (found via Ranch Chimp, who has more).

Republicans are now in such disarray that only Democrats could save them.  Let's not act like them, especially with ideological purism. What's important is being able to get things done.

Around Christians never relax!  But how Christian is Cruz, really?  He's slimy enough to make Trump look honest, and Iowa officials are still in a snit about this.  Oh, and don't be fooled by Rubio.

Trump's remark about dating Ivanka if she weren't his daughter is part of a larger pattern.  A British newswoman recalls her 1995 encounter with The Donald.  His thuggish vulgarity is taking its toll even with Republican voters.  Many federal employees would quit rather than work for him.  Ramona's Voices has an interesting take on what's driving him.

The wingnut madness just keeps on coming.

Let them eat cake!

The Republican candidate demolition derby is finally winnowing the field.  Crazy Eddie says sayônara.  Here's an example of the kind of filth that may soon be flung.

They called him a socialist too.

High-profile MRA, PUA, and rape-legalization advocate "Roosh V" is a slob living in his mommy's basement.

Curious to know whether women (or men) agree with this study.

We may finally see a crackdown on domestic terrorism.

Here's a lot of stuff you didn't know about Alexandre Dumas.

Younger Republicans are more open to reality on climate change.

This Christian post on gays sounds promising -- but read the comments.

A random Google Earth picture of a village inspires some philosophical thoughts.

Religious fanatics burn people alive in Nigeria.

She can walk on water.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Did not go through all these yet, but I got to run and wanted to drop a word. One that really caught my atencion was the Ann Jones/ Moyers article, and not the political part of it, but just about the reality of Norway and America, but I wont get started on America ... "American Exceptionalism" eh? I better shut up, someone may think I'm a commie {:-)

07 February, 2016 06:37  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Also, the FaceBook posting on traditional biblical marriage gave me a laugh, remarkable how we still have so many millions of people in 21st century America that claim they embrace traditional biblical marriage, yet slice and dice everything from the bible to make it fit how they define it, and their little contemporary pop culture lifestyles. It's also remarkable that so many actually think that every word and verse of the bible is the "word of God" ... do they think that ancient folks in the middle east or those in ancient Rome who compiled these writings or whoever, werent capable of writing fiction and using creativity or having social/ political ambitions and agenda's as well? When folks start running down the bible to me, especially in Texas, and looking at the people that do, I just throw up my hands, yawn and sigh ... some dont like it and may think I'm somewhat impolite, and think they would want me to debate with them, but I doubt they would.

Also good and smart investing in solar efforts in Morocco ... it's the future of energy investments in my view!

The Lady Freethinker piece on galz on what they may like as far as altruism or good looks ... well ... maybe some may like both I guess, or one over the other. I have never met 2 women alike that I can recall, despite alot of guyz that told me that all women are alike, or even the women who use the same pop culture saying that all guyz are alike, as a matter of fact, alot of guyz and galz have alot they like in common. But as far as womens likes in guyz ... I have met galz that have so may different likes in guyz, but most that I met DO like at least a guy who is fair and nice to some degree ... some more than others, even galz that like to be tied up in sex role play/ fantasy and wanting the guy to play a dominant role (or guyz that like to be dominated by galz in role play, although most guyz wont admit it) ... they dont even like a guy (or gal) that is going to just treat them badly all the time, or one that has no level or understanding, compassion, and just wants to be a hard- ass. There are mates out there for everyone, all guyz and galz ... gay, straight or bi, have their own tailored likes and dislikes, some more weird, kinky or even basic and simple than others. But I have known guyz too, that say they just cant find a date, or they just try too hard and expect when they shouldnt (wrong place wrong time type thing), or met a couple dates that didnt go well and think that all will fo that way (same with galz) I have also met galz who worry that they dont have what it takes to land a guy, or worried too much about trying to look like some other popular woman or whatever. It may be true that good looks can get a guy at least with a foot in the door ... but if he dont know how to treat a gal decent, he will never get no where with her besides that first meet. Enough from me ....

08 February, 2016 07:02  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks for all of these. The link by the British newswoman's encounter with Trump was not surprising. What IS surprising is the number of Americans falling for this brute who promises to use torture on our enemies if he's elected president. He's everything I've hated in human beings.

Thanks for the link.

08 February, 2016 14:10  
Blogger Jono said...

Shaw - To quote George Carlin, “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

09 February, 2016 07:54  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

It embarrasses me to admit this, but when I first learned of his existence (way back in 2008), I was something of a fan of Roosh V, probably out of a combination of naivety and the fact he didn't come across as nearly as creepy and extreme back then as he does now (that said, even then, he seemed to have a sort of hostile vibe about him that I'd do my best to overlook). I think one of the main reasons I looked up to him was simply the fact he'd resolved never to marry and otherwise "settle down", which is something I've no interest in doing myself. In a similar vein, I used to be a fan of his similarly repellent friend, Roissy (now known as Heartiste*), who, back when I discovered him (around the same time as Roosh), came across as more of a lovable rogue than the frothing-at-the-mouth, hate-filled neo-Nazi-in-everything-but-name he's since morphed into. But, no, I don't have much time for either individual any more. That said, I'll still occasionally pay a visit to Roosh's site, Return of Kings, when I'm looking for a few laughs, as that site can be a goldmine of unintentional comedy. Nothing like seeing a bunch of supposedly hip and cool "alt-Righters" and "neoreactionaries" ranting and raving like a bunch of curmudgeonly old men about all the things the kids these days are getting into. As for Roosh's (supposedly satirical) claim that rape should be legal on private property, I can't help thinking a lot of Republicans would be on board with that idea!

*Now, there's a moniker that just screams rugged, old-school, "alpha" masculinity!

10 February, 2016 00:06  

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