21 February 2016

Link round-up for 21 February 2016

OK, this is now my motto for dealing with the fundies.

Ever wonder why those old 45-RPM records had such big holes in the middle?  This is why (found via Mendip).

We're only safe if aliens are dumb.

Somebody went to a lot of trouble to troll this ant.

Capitalization matters.  So does spelling.

This kid has potential.

South Carolina wingnuts are wingnutty.

Fundies push early marriage with a weird apple metaphor (found via Republic of Gilead).

Support Hillary proudly.  She's got the right ideas.  And remember what's important.

Wingnut outrage at Beyoncé is a tad selective

Trump is wrong -- Apple is right.

The Christian God is disgusting.

Scalia is commemorated by Squatlo Rant, Green Eagle, Quiet Mike, Progressive Eruptions, and Horus the Light.  Squatlo has a suggestion for his replacement, David Ehrenstein has another, and Horizons looks at the options (love the cartoon).  The wingnuts will bring up Bork, but don't be fooled.

Yesteday's Latino turnout bodes well for November, but not everyone is enthused.

My favorite right-wing site really doesn't like Trump.

The Christian Right just gets crazier as it keeps losing.

It's not just Trump -- they're all nuts.

Iranian blogger Kaveh Mousavi explains why he supports Hillary.

The Vatican's new child-abuse policy maintains the code of silence (all the duped liberals who think Pope Francis is somehow a "good guy" need to read this).

Stun-gun sales are soaring in Germany.

French hotels now offer an innovative and useful service we won't be seeing in the US anytime soon.

A new graphic novel focuses on the horrors of being gay in today's Iran (part 2 here).

Girls rescued from Boko Haram aren't always welcomed home.

The Flint water disaster was a product of austerity in action.

The Republican philosophy is simply bullying on a national scale.

The Malheur occupiers literally crapped all over Paiute Indian history.

The Elwha river in Washington is thriving after the removal of its dams.

Conservationists use a new trick to save endangered rhinos.

I wonder what those civilizations fight about.  Maybe we don't want to know.


Blogger Ahab said...

It's impossible not to feel heartsick after reading that Take Part article on Boko Haram's victims. This is exactly why armed groups use rape as a weapon of war -- it turns communities against their own members and leaves behind a legacy of trauma and hatred. It saddens and disgusts me that the victims AND their children are forced to live with stigma.

21 February, 2016 10:19  

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