11 December 2015

Video of the day -- brothers under the skin

(Found via Squatlo Rant.)  Religious extremism is religious extremism, regardless of which religion is involved.  The Colorado Springs and San Bernardino shootings are the latest illustration of this.  Update:  Here is the YouTube channel of the original maker of the video -- thanks to "My Yankee Mouth" in the comments.

Here's another demonstration of how religions are alike in essence (found via Progressive Eruptions):

Christianity and Islam -- the bloody twins!


Blogger My Yankee Mouth said...

This video was made by this guy here. He has his own YouTube Channel, and he's been making this kind of insightful videos for some years now. Cruise on over. Have a look.

11 December, 2015 14:26  
Blogger Ahab said...

LOVED IT! "You had me at jihad!"

Fundamentalists have a surprisingly great deal in common, no matter what religion they espouse.

11 December, 2015 16:24  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Yankee: Thanks for the info on the original maker! Seeing the other videos on his channel, I recognize the style from this one which I posted some time ago. I had no idea he'd made so many!

Ahab: Yes, they're pretty much the same. Add in beards and a few minor theological tweaks, and a lot of the people you keep track of on your blog would fit in just fine in Raqqah or Riyadh.

11 December, 2015 18:07  

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