08 November 2015

Link round-up for 8 November 2015

Jono finds Norse-themed beauty in the change of seasons (be sure to click the pictures for full-size).

Earth-Bound Misfit has had it with futzing around with the clocks.

Here's one last Halloween pumpkin.

Crazy Eddie looks at the wacky world of Ben Carson and the pyramids, and Faye Kane weighs in (NSFW).  Maybe Carson should become an archaeologist.

A once-decaying British city is undergoing a revival.

Two hats, one point.

A "family-friendly" 1991 film offered a surprisingly-healthy look at BDSM sexuality.

It's not just Canada -- Mexico too is moving toward legal marijuana.  In the US, Bernie continues his support.

Behold the dreadful effects of socialism.

Certain people don't want you talking about the weather.

A new study finds the religious less moral than atheists.  And there's more evidence that Americans are becoming less religious -- analysis here, and Tengrain makes a point.  In Britain, religion has become an embarrassment.

To build a "consent culture", take it beyond sexuality.

Here's a guide to conservative art depicting Obama (found via Progressive Eruptions).  And here are some of their reactions to Ben Carson.

Yes, some of the religious crazies want to ban birth control.

Another reason the TPP must be stopped -- it's a menace to internet freedom.

Trump wins an endorsement any Republican office-seeker would covet.

What we need is an anti-stupidity vaccine.

Some people just aren't into foreign languages.

Hillary's sentencing-reform plan would free about 15,000 unjustly-imprisoned people.

The Mormon religion shuns gays and divides their families.

It's an old-fashioned American Christmas!

A new clothing store in Gaza proves popular.

Sunni rebels in Syria use caged Alawite captives (who may not even be "pro-Asad") as human shields.

The world's newest independent country is a total disaster.

What is the official Catholic position on beavers?

Paul Ryan deserves family time, but you don't.

Republic of Gilead reports on another godawful fundie movie, which is full of bad relationship advice.

Zandar looks at Kentucky's nightmarish future.

Funny priorities the media have sometimes.

Three Republican Presidential candidates attend a theofascist conference, a venue for ISIS-like murderous hatred where Huckabee continues to demonstrate his ignorance of the Constitution.

Et tu, Chick-fil-A?

Krauthammer fumes at Republican political ineptitude.

Fight back against online harassment.

Rubio scandals do exist, but they're pretty boring.

Margaret Cho talks about her life as a sex worker and her support for those in the profession.

Wow, tough anti-Vitter ad.

When seconds count.....keep counting.

Lame duck?  Obama is winning all over the place.

The world's most polluted city looks for solutions.

"Human trafficking" is such an over-used term that it's becoming meaningless.

Time's running out to get serious about global warming.  Republicans won't be able to stay in denial much longer.

There's plenty of good news.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen Rosa Rubicondior's blogpost when I blogged about the same subject today. I'm going to link to her article.

Re: Trump's endorsement by the child molester: That's the sort of character attracted to Trump. I've been saying that for months.

08 November, 2015 09:08  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Oops. Meant to link to this.

08 November, 2015 09:13  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks for linking to my entry about Ben Carson and his opinion about the origin of the pyramids. Considering what stiff competition I had on that topic, I'm flattered you chose mine! Also, I'm not surprised that the "family-friendly movie" portraying BDSM sex in a healthy light was "The Addams Family." Gomez and Morticia may have been a couple of eccentrics, but they had the happiest marriage on TV at the time the show aired. Go figure.

08 November, 2015 14:23  
Anonymous Randy Abraham said...

Thank you for linking to my column. I feel it's important that we recognize the successes of this administration in order to combat the sense of hopelessness, apathy and despair so often engendered by the media and the ravages of the political process, and also to give us the hope we'll need to tackle the job of building on those successes.

08 November, 2015 17:37  
Anonymous NickM said...

I have lived in and around Manchester for 'out 15 years. It has a swagger to it. The Northern Quarter is pretty cool - best camera shop I know anywhere. Run by genuine f/stop philosophers. Manchester is cool. Nice little China Town with great shops. A gay village around Canal Street*, just stuff going on. I really like Manchester. It has some rough suburbs (I have lived in one) but there is an optimism following the re-gen from the Commonwealth Games there. Manchester has a genuine spirit few places have. And you know things like this. The last gig I saw was at the RNCM. Hannah Roberts playing a Strad 'cello with the Camarata. The centrepiece was the Elgar concerto. Just brilliant. Roberts is head of 'cello at the RNCM.

*I think you can guess how that street sign is invariably defaced. But in a jolly way.

08 November, 2015 18:46  
Blogger Jono said...

Thanks for the link Infidel! Again, there are hours of reading here and thanks for ending on a high note.

09 November, 2015 12:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw & Pinku: Thanks for the posts. Carson seems to be an inspirational figure to many bloggers, though not in the sense he would wish.

I should check out The Addams Family. It sounds ahead of its time.

Randy: Thanks for the column. I'm constantly amazed by the way some cynics ignore how much Obama has accomplished.

Nick: I'll have to check it out if I'm ever in the UK again. So many places to go.....

Jono: Thanks! Loved your photos.

10 November, 2015 05:54  

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