29 November 2015

Link round-up for 29 November 2015

Here's a stunning lake in the Faroe Islands.

We can't take the risk -- round up all men named Mike.

Oh, what candidates these Republicans be!

Abandoned things can be haunting.

Make sure your Christmas decorations are appropriate.

Nobody messes with this gal (found via Lady, That's My Skull).

Here's one case where a murderous terrorist is hailed as a hero by his co-religionists (found via Progressive Eruptions).

The percentage of Americans accepting evolution is starting to grow, while creationists get mad at Google.

We could learn something from World-War-II-era London.

Spot the lazy bum mooching off the system.

This is Fox News's idea of an "expert", apparently.

France's National Front party is surging in popularity after the Paris attack, though Socialist President Hollande's tough response is also winning him support.

Travis Maurer is taking the fight for legal marijuana to the heartland.

Planned Parenthood and its supporters respond with defiance to the Colorado terrorist attack (found via Politics Plus).

Wingnuts are running out of places to shop.

Biblical marriage sounds so romantic, but at least it excludes the "sodomites".

Niloofar Rahmani helps Afghanistan take a small step toward modernity.

Well, that didn't take long -- the moderate Republican "stop Trump" campaign is already running out of steam, and they're back to just hoping he'll fade on his own.  Their nightmare scenario is still on track to materialize, and the Rubio deus ex machina just doesn't seem to be all that they'd hoped for (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

Yes, today's Syrian refugees are comparable to the Jews of the 1930s -- more on that here.  And check this out.

Beware of the roving inquisition.

Here's a good business model for anyone with immense chutzpah and no ethics (found via Mendip).

There's a word for what South Park is.

Black Friday brings out the evil of Mall-Wart.

Pfizer's tax-dodge deal is getting the spotlight.

Chicago did the right thing, once it was finally unavoidable.

Trump has always been fueled by bullshit, and he's not alone.

Yahoo decides to commit suicide (found via Mendip, whose verdict is the same).

Booman crunches the numbers on the Republicans' racial-demographics problem.  The impact of religious demographic changes will, I think, be even greater.  Wingnuts are increasingly alienated from America.

That guy in Dallas who posted Muslims' home addresses on the net is whining about the backlash.

The Saudi regime is planning a mass execution day.

CJ Pearson has seen through the Republicans.  Why hasn't everyone else?

An innocent man who spent 27 years in prison was intentionally framed by police, a jury finds.

War against Dâ'ish (ISIL) is the right course of action even if it's what they want.  And they have allies we can strike at. Here's the right way to look at them.

An eroding riverbank exposed the terrible secret of the town of Kolpashevo.

Why would God give bats the mammal world's best immune system?

An endangered species gets a boost.

This is what programming looked like in the days of the Apollo program.

National Geographic is about to die -- but its last real issue is fully worthy of its honorable history.

They live everywhere, they're almost indestructible, and they're powerful evidence for the common origin of life.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Goin through some of your links here Infidel. You know Infidel ... probably one of the dumbest things I've heard was how these "creationists" or religious types or whatever their called ... say they dont believe in evolution ... absolutely insane, yet say they believe that what their concept of God created doesnt evolve ... which I wont get into her, I wrote about how dumb it is on my blog. Probably why God like bats and beetles more than humans, cause of the dumbass cult shit they evolved into!

But that was an incredible read on the Tardigrade, I dint even know what it was ... but they are plain Hell!

I didnt know how endangered Turtles actually were I guess, although like everything else as ancient as them, they will have to be on the line for extinction, its just nature. We have a place called Turtle Creek (I took you to a park by there, that joins with it, when you were in Dallas) ... but yes ... it is a creek of turtles in the inner city! On of my grandsons (Justin) has a home- made turtle zoo of sort, he's 12 ... but one of them brainiac type dudes in school too, but it's so cool, he made them islands, and ponds, etc. Recently he built a replica of the Eiffel Tower, out of popsicle sticks and it stands 6'ft tall, and it looks so perfect and detailed, wish it was in my living room actually, he told me it took him a month to make, they had it on display at his school for a couple weeks too.

So National Geographic may get the death sentence ... I still have stacks of them here at home ... they'll be a collectors item. I'm sure there will alwayz be folks like Murdoch or some corporation to weed out many things in the future anywayz ... they are trying to make a society to where everyone is linked in to their little info cult, of simply obtaining bits and pieces of info quickly and know every f'n thing your reading too, because they have track of your daily life on your f'n phones if you're negligent enough to let them ... Later Infidel

29 November, 2015 05:47  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: Creationism is really an unsustainable position these days. Anyone who still supports it either doesn't know the evidence or is deliberately ignoring it.

Some turtle species are thriving, but the Galapagos tortoise is endangered.

Guys like Murdoch don't seem to realize that what gives an institution like National geographic its credibility is its reputation. Destroy that by turning it into a propaganda rag, and it will become worthless.

29 November, 2015 06:51  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

The link on Paul Ryan is a perfect example of the bankruptcy of today's Tea Party thinking. Ben Carson is in the same camp as is Ryan: "I got all the help I needed when I needed it, but YOU moochers don't deserve it!" The T.P.ers mental processes obviously never allow rational thinking to override their delusions.

29 November, 2015 07:02  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Those pictures of abandoned things were fascinating, and, indeed, quite haunting - what is it about abandoned things that makes them so spooky, I wonder? I remember a brother of mine once telling me he couldn't get out of a building at the university he once went to, via the usual exit, and had to find an alternative way out. He said that led to him passing through parts of the building that had evidently not been in use for years, which he said was quite eerie. I also remember someone else once telling me he had cause to visit a Hungry Jack's restaurant (basically, the Australian equivalent of a Burger King) some years after it had closed down, and saying that all the furnishings were still there. He said it was like something from a horror movie. I could well imagine that it would've been, though again I find myself asking myself, "Why, exactly?"

That Linda Harvey certainly sounds like a piece of work. Whenever I hear about nutters like her, who seem to make a living out of being outraged about everything, I can't help thinking, "Why don't you get a real job?" I think the classic quote in that piece about her was the line: If you’re thinking toys, avoid Mattel. They just created “Moschino Barbie” with an ad featuring a tragically feminized little boy who plays with Barbies, a wicked accommodation to the current gender-destructive culture.

Why yes, how positively evil. Worse than Hitler, in fact!

29 November, 2015 09:17  
Anonymous NickM said...

I dunno those evolution stats seem pretty static to me. The most bizarre (this was in England BTW) experience I ever had was talking to a woman who had just got into astrophysics (my thang) at a party and she was asking questions about *galactic evolution* (i.e. why galaxies have their current forms*) and a passer-by who was undoubtedly one of the "chosen" walked by and - rather rudely sniffed - "yes, if you believe in *that*". If I hadn't been a guest and my mother hadn't been there...

Anyway my point is that so knee-jerk is the objection to biological evolution that any use of the dreaded "E" word in any context was verboten. Well, I thought, "If you are going to be so closed minded clearly you are doomed".

*Usual caveat about relativity and all that.

02 December, 2015 10:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: It's a bizarre failure of empathy, their inability to see others the way they see themselves.

Zosimus: I suspect we're just not used to experiencing manmade environments with no people, so it feels odd when we occasionally do. Since we expect a human presence in such places, we keep imagining it must be there and even imagining we can sense things. Perhaps this is how the belief in ghosts arose.

I think people like Harvey derive their sense of self-worth from feeling superior to others that they look down on. There are millions like her, unfortunately.

Nick: the point is that they've ticked up significantly in the last year after remaining static since 2009. Some of those denialists will always be with us, of course.

02 December, 2015 16:56  

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