01 November 2015

Link round-up for 1 November 2015

She might have actually written this.

Cake or death!

Could anything slow Trump down?

Wingnut attacks on Planned Parenthood are wingnutty.

There's such a thing as messing with the wrong turtle.

What if World War I had been a bar fight?

Check out these entries in the first bacterial art competition (found via Mendip).

39% of people in England accept that Jesus didn't really exist.

Earth-Bound Misfit remembers Agincourt, with a little help from Shakespeare.

Next time you see a scary report about Muslim behavior in a Western country, remember this.

Oddly enough, Irish parents don't trust priests around their children (found via Republic of Gilead).

In an astounding violation of democracy, Portugal's anti-EU party is being barred from assuming power even though it won the election.

Basic income can restore America's greatness.

Can teabaggers face reality?

Sometimes an ad actually does good.

Conservatives react to a Muslim dating website.

Here's the woman who drives the wingnuts utterly bonkers.

Before 1883, time itself was chaotic in the US.

Here's a collection of fun facts about Donald Trump.

A Christian home-schooling organization with ties to the Duggars is apparently a hotbed of sexual harassment.

Blogger Ramona describes how the Benghazi witch-hunt led her to support Hillary.  That fiasco may have handed her the White House.

Can't think of a good password?  Mira Modi can help.

Look at the long-term record on US embassy attacks and investigations.

Remember that company that set every employee's pay at $70,000 a year?  It's working out well.

Unlike many states, Minnesota implemented Obamacare in full and now reaps the benefits.

Turns out eating parts of corpses isn't good for you.

Down but not out, Jeb! plots all-out war against Rubio.

How to arrest a person?  Depends who it is.

Racial issues are mitigating the savagery of the War on Drugs.

Mainstream Republicans flock to a conference hosted by a psychotic theocrat.

The Mosuo people of central Asia show that different models of family structure are possible.

The Chinese regime has finally ended its cruel and totalitarian one-child policy -- but the cultural and psychological damage is done.

ISIS combines murder and cultural vandalism.

A daring joint US-Kurdish raid rescued 70 hostages from ISIS -- at the cost of one precious life (found via Politics Plus).

Space junk is coming our way.

Here's a level-headed assessment of the strange phenomena associated with the star KIC 8462852.

If you have ever been to Greece, Italy, or Iran, but have not yet responded to my travel questions, please click here.

[Image at top:  ISIS has used the Palmyra ruins as an execution site several times]


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Before I forget, I thought that the Daily Kos piece on basic income was really a good read, I dont have a detailed blueprint or whatever like they have, but I feel that a "certain" amount of socialism is healthy for capitalism, and still do. Living in Texas, I had opportunity to hear opinions from many folks that frowned upon any social services, yet these folks as you know, will never give up the social services they use. But whenever I made similar points on things like working poor spending and revitalizing economies with everything they have (after all, they dont rathole it all in offshore accounts), etc ,cause you know folks are going to spend, most of these folks against any social type programmes, got tongue tied and didnt know exactly how to respond to my arguement on what stimulates multi- level business. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I dont really understand the positives overall of todayz so called capitalism, and NO ... I dont hate CEO's, banks or corporations at all ... I just look at what worx and dont work well. One of the things I admire about Sen. Elizabeth Warren (who is also pro- banking), who is called "evil" or a "devil" by certain circles of Wall Street, just because she is so pro- business, she actually wants folks like Jamie Dimon to be accountable, like the rest in any business are.

01 November, 2015 05:30  
Blogger Ahab said...

Wow! Those petri dish art submissions were brilliant and beautiful.

Given what we know about Bill Gothard and the Quiverfull subculture, is it any surprise that Basic Life Principles is being sued for enabling and covering up sexual harassment? Steadily, the world is peeling away that subculture's quasi-wholesome facade to reveal the depravity underneath.

Don't GOP candidates realize that collaborating with Kevin Swanson is political suicide? Swanson is a bigoted crank.

01 November, 2015 06:10  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

All good links, but especially the bacterial art. Outstanding!

01 November, 2015 08:06  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks for linking to my entry about space junk returning to Earth and for linking to the climate change at the debates over at C&L last week. I got a lot of readers and commenters out of it.

On a link of local interest, I am sick and tired of bigots attacking my neighbors in Dearborn. Save that $#!= for ISIS/The Sith Jihad and leave law-abiding Americans out of it!

01 November, 2015 15:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: It's good to keep the basic income concept in the public consciousness. It will be a while before the country can really move forward with it, but the more people understand it, the more support there will be.

Ahab: Unfortunately creeps like Swanson and the Quiverfull subculture increasingly define the right wing in this country, and that's what Republican candidates must pander to. I see no one among them yet with the guts to create a Sister Souljah moment.

Shaw: It seems science has given rise to a genuinely new art form. Definitely not edible art, though.

Pinku: Thanks for the posts. The Republican primary means that the scapegoating of various minorities is intensifying. Hopefully the backlash will give them pause for the future.

04 November, 2015 03:41  

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