28 November 2015

And while we're on the subject of fascism.....

The image above looks like something one would expect to see in a modern American version of Der Stürmer, but it actually appeared on a liberal blog within the last few weeks.  (I'm not going to say which blog because this isn't about singling out a particular individual.  It's an issue that crops up on a number of liberal blogs from time to time.)

Looking at a thing like this, I can only conclude that some people simply lack any historical sense for the precedent it immediately evokes -- the last time imagery like this was used to stoke the suspicions of another nation that those people were manipulating and exploiting them.  Or maybe there's something worse going on.  When writers use the most inflammatory rhetoric to condemn the only Jewish state in the Middle East for defending itself against terrorism (while going to almost absurd lengths to minimize civilian casualties), but have rarely or never said a word about the vastly greater atrocities of the Asad or Saddam regimes or of the Iranian theocracy or even of the Saudis or Dâ'ish, I have every right to suspect that it's the people and not the actions that are really being condemned.

Well, I do have historical sense, and when I see this kind of thing I'm going to call it out for what it is.  So should you.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Well ... you're just not "fashionable" Infidel (just kiddin) ... everyone hates the Jews, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... Hell ... even when I'm on YouTube ... no matter what the subject is ... economy/ big banks, wars, etc ... "blame the Jews" on so many comments. I know a couple folks, one guy who moved here from Israel about 10 years ago (he's a car mechanic here in the neighbourhood and makes decent money too) ... he told me that they have armed guards when you just go to shopping in a mall!, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. I know this other guy that lives over there (Hadid), he told me a few stories. I actually refrain from saying there are Jews in my familia, they are so unpopular. But I actually kind of feel sorry for the Jews in Israel as far as what they're surrounded by, just having to be in that region, period ... I would love to visit Israel, but just wouldnt feel right being anywheres around there, that's just me though. I had a couple guyz I know tell me they would like to show me around Morocco where they are from ... I told them, I wouldnt even take a free plane ticket, I dont care if it is close to Spain!

28 November, 2015 07:31  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is the one form of race hatred that has as venerable history on the Left as it does on the Right. The barbaric treatment of Jews under Czarist rule did not abate under Communism. The USSR under Stalin, as well as Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary continued their oppression of Jews; we see frightening resurgences of this in several European nations at the present time.

Well, somehow the disease has infected the left in the United States as well as in Europe. Many on the left have bought into the Palestinian nonsense that Jews returning to their homeland are exactly the same as the colonial oppression of England, Spain and France, and that an imaginary ethnic group is the victim of the Jews in the same way that Native Americans and black slaves were victimized by Europeans, and the Jews themselves were victimized by Nazis.

As you point out, the same self-styled left wingers who rave about apartheid, and accuse Israel of being the worst human rights abuser in the world, obviously care nothing about the immensely greater suffering of Arabs in the rest of the Middle East. This is enough proof for rational people that this concern for Palestinians is motivated not by human decency, but by the age old scourge of racial hatred; something which, until a few years ago, we on the left prided ourselves on having moved beyond.

Of course, the people who side with the theocratic right wing dictatorships in Gaza and the West Bank deny this, but that is no more convincing, at least to me, than when an unreconstructed Southerner insists that there is no racism in the display of the Confederate flag. It is a disgusting spectacle which should not be tolerated.

29 November, 2015 00:03  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: I hope I'm never fashionable. Jew-hatred has flared up again and again for almost two thousand years, and it keeps coming back in various different guises.

Green: The hypocrisy is palpable. I know you regularly call attention to this on your blog; others should do so more often.

29 November, 2015 06:54  

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