22 October 2015

Not fooled by Benghazi baloney

72% of Americans including 49% of Republicans believe that the Benghazi hearings are being held mostly for political gain, while just 23% think they are objective.  The wingnuts' supposed nuclear option against Hillary is a wet firecracker.  How much longer will they keep riddling their own feet with bullets over this contrived scandal?

Maybe they just like hearing themselves make noise, however little they have to back it up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and still no accountability. So now the dems are concerned about wasting money. What about that failed Obamacare website,Sloyndra,Obamas' luxury vacations

23 October, 2015 09:00  
Blogger Les Carpenter said...

As the GOP continues its self destructive drive into irrelevancy.

23 October, 2015 15:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anon: Nice pivot into change-the-subject trolling. If you have to reach for "Sloyndra" and Obama's vacations for a scamdal (spelling intentional), you're really reaching.

Oh, and 8 earlier Republican-led inquiries into Benghazi already established that Clinton has nothing to be "accountable" for.

Rational: It's becoming a power dive.

23 October, 2015 16:48  

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