25 October 2015

Link round-up for 25 October 2015

The Norwegian language has an intriguing new slang word (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Dance and music -- just watch it.

Obama has some fun mocking the wingnuts.

Australia is suffering a beetle-bottle sex crisis.

If I ever have to fly on a plane again, I hope it's this one.

Ranch Chimp has art and videos for Halloween.

The world's first kinetic steampunk café is now open (found via Mendip).

This boy is lucky boredom made him restless (found via TYWKIWDBI).

What's the ethnic origin of the modern witch costume?

Any billionaires reading this, give this some thought.

A Ukrainian artist repurposes a Lenin statue.

Britain has plenty of local stereotypes.

On climate change, Republicans and Democrats are miles apart.  And Canada's new Liberal government means dramatic change on the issue.  The Canadian election holds lessons for our Democrats.

Canada is now committed to legalize marijuana, but you won't believe which country may be next to do so.  Even in the US it's just a matter of time as public opinion has already turned decisively against prohibition.

Russia's anti-US propaganda needs work.

Chinese professor suggests reverse polygamy to address China's male surplus, hilarity ensues.

Petra Laszlo wants to sue her victim.

US, Kurdish, and Arab forces take the offensive against ISIS.

Here's what's behind the latest violence in the West Bank.

South Africa's Dutch Reformed Church, once an ultra-conservative bastion, now supports gay rights.  Here's another sign of change in that country.

Yo, Finland -- cool idea.

Rearm Germany and Japan?  Barney Frank makes the case.

ThinkProgress looks at the great 9/11 controversy (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

No, we don't want blessings and prayers.

Good response to "cultural appropriation" horseshit.

Explore the mystery of the medieval German rocket cats (NSFW blog).

Do boys and girls need separate stories?  Only when adults mess things up.

Republican insiders confront the ghastly reality that Trump may well be their nominee.  But.....they were hoping for this guy?  And they can't count on Rubio as a savior.  On our side, the front-runner is clearer than ever.

PM Carpenter live-blogged the Benghazi hearing. Even right-wing pundits can see that this was a failure for their side, while the real wingnuts are just floundering.  House Republicans were even caught tampering with evidence.  Their dogged conspiratardia has helped make this Hillary's best week yet -- maybe this could become a campaign strategy?

Benghazi aside, the winguts are maintaining their normal state of lunacy.

The sheer ugliness of pro-Christian arguments exposes how worthless the religion is (found via Republic of Gilead).

One man can truly give Bush credit for keeping him safe.

Congressional Republicans are in the toilet with voters.

Abortion opponents epitomize hypocrisy.

Sorry Jim Webb, there's no room for a Nader this time around.

Texas is suffering massive rainfall and floods, which even derailed a freight train.  Maybe God is punishing them for this?

Strange rock formations in the British Isles illustrate how order spontaneously emerges in nature.

Telescopes have come far, mostly due to computers (NSFW blog).
[Image at top found via Jobsanger; image at end found via Progressive Eruptions]


Blogger Ahab said...

Infatuation with beer bottles? One must wonder what female jewel beetles think of all this bottle fetishism.

I saw images of that beautiful steampunk cafe on Twitter last week. Spellbinding!

A $100,000 gift would completely change my life. I could take care of my parents, invest some so I'd have a bigger nest egg for retirement, and buy much-needed supplies for the DV shelter where I volunteer. Do billionaires realize how the other 99% of humanity lives, and how much of an impact they could have?

The SeriouslyUSA? story was darkly amusing. The anti-choice's new slogan should be "abortion for me but not for thee!". Funny how abortion is evil until THEY need it.

25 October, 2015 08:58  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Anywayz, Thanx for the links (alternative read) ... the news on every MSM network for the last few dayz has been this Benghazi crap, over, and over and over and over .... damn man. During some small chat with my grandson and his buddies last night ... I told them Benghazi was a gangster, when one kid asked me ... "Ben Gazzi" (of course I told them I was kidding after) {:-)

No, NO ... I had no idea about the girl shortage in China ... I mean, my nephew was alwayz hitting on chicks in Beijing ... oddly he ended up with a girl from Germany, brought her back to Dallas ... she's cool! For me, the solution is simple ... WE NEED MORE SHEMALES!! ... {:-)

God punishing Texas again? (flooding) ... I sure as Hell hope so! ... someone needs to flush out the politics in this state for sure! I mean ... it is downright awful here Infidel, with this neo- Republican takeover (reinforcement) in the last election, they are the worst of the worst ... with Gov.Abbott/ CCP (Corporate Communist Party), the new Lt.Gov and Atty General ... it's like the "Horrid Trinity", and these SOB's been on a roll ... give these MF's an inch and they'll take a mile. Perry and Bush were mild (the usual slackers), they didnt do much of anything as harsh as this bunch will, I knew this would happen, why do you think I was so gung- ho for Wendy Davis, even though her experience was little? I would have settled for anything besides this f'n crew we have now. You know, the same thing happened bout a year ago if I recall, right near Corsicana too, about a train derailment due to flooding ... no ... here in North Central/ NW Dallas, I havent seen any flooding, but it's been constant rain for a few dayz, which is welcome, we had a dry heat with no rain for like 35 dayz straight ... so I'm cool with it.

Gonna run and catch some football ... it's Halloweenie week ... so have a good Halloween Infidel! {:-)

25 October, 2015 09:43  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

Thanks for the link to the climate entry. It's not news, but there's nothing like seeing the numbers and the people themselves stating their positions.

25 October, 2015 17:35  
Anonymous Tengrain said...

Thank you so much for the link(s) - "MPS is not worthy!"



25 October, 2015 19:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: Well, when you put it that way, I hope the bottlophilic beetles win the right to pursue their preferred lifestyle -- but I feel for the females' frustration as well.

$100,000 or in many cases even $10,000 could indeed revolutionize a life. If I were rich, I'd actually do that.

It's always been a truism that among rightists, there are only three possible valid grounds for abortion -- "rape, incest, and me".

Ranch: It's a notorious problem, caused by the regime's one-child policy -- in a male-dominated society, if people can have only one child, they'll do anything (even illegal gender-selective abortion) to make sure it's a son. Multiply that across a whole country, and this is the result. More shemales might be cool on general principles, but I doubt the Chinese would accept that solution. The same problem is developing in India and South Korea.

Texas deserves better than Abbott -- but everybody needs to vote. Glad the floods haven't reached you, but watch out for freight trains floating by.

Pinku: Thanks for the post. There's been no major change in global-warming science for 20 years, but the Repubs remain in denial.

Tengrain: And thanks for your work -- it's very worthy.

25 October, 2015 19:45  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

I liked the story about the guy transforming that statue of Lenin in Odessa into one of Darth Vader. Funnily enough, Vader would probably be an improvement over some of the people who've ruled Ukraine (Hitler and Stalin spring to mind)!

The piece on the silliness of gendering books was a thought-provoking read. When I was growing up, I read a lot of books with female protagonists; while it'd be impossible to list them all, many of them were books by authors like Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary (the latter a fellow Oregonian, I believe!). They certainly helped demystify girls for me, though, oddly enough, I've encountered people for whom that would probably be a bad thing (a lot of conservative and reactionary types seem to think that the opposite sex should forever remain "mysterious": an attitude that I don't think does anyone much good in the long run).

While the author of the aforementioned piece described encountering a lot of hostility to the idea that boys could enjoy "girls'" books, I found attitudes to that kind of thing rather mixed when I was growing up. I never copped too much crap for reading "girls'" books myself (I think the simple fact I enjoyed reading full stop was probably considered more weird!), and I recall there being no shortage of such books in the libraries of a couple of all-boys' schools I attended. At one such school, in fact, we had a teacher read us, over a number of weeks, a book called The Silver Crown by Robert C O'Brien, which featured a female protagonist, and which everyone really liked. (Another book by the same author which features a girl as the protagonist (and narrator) is Z for Zachariah, which is really good, but also really, really depressing.) I also remember some of the aforementioned Beverly Cleary's books (particularly her Ramona stories) being very popular among both boys and girls when I was growing up. That said, my parents were occasionally concerned by the fact I read so many "girlie" books, though at the same time, they seemed to have no problem with my brothers and I reading Mum's women's magazines, or watching movies with girls and women as the main characters (indeed, they'd often rent these movies from the local video library for us!). Go figure!

28 October, 2015 04:14  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: It always seems to be the case that kids don't have any issue with such things. It's always adults with their prejudices and "concerns" that instill narrow-mindedness.

28 October, 2015 04:35  

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