30 October 2015

Feeling the Bern!

Bernie Sanders has come out in support of completely removing marijuana from the DEA schedule of controlled substances (found via Earth-Bound Misfit) -- putting it in the same category, from the standpoint of federal law, as alcohol and cigarettes.  This would be a huge step toward sanity since, by all available evidence, marijuana is far safer than either of those drugs.  Draconian marijuana laws are also a big part of the reason why our country incarcerates vast numbers of people who have done no harm to anyone, often for horrifyingly-long sentences.

No other Presidential candidate has been so bold.  One Republican, Chris Christie, has even promised a federal crackdown on marijuana in states such as my own Oregon which have legalized it -- something a majority of Americans and even a majority of Republicans oppose.  Hillary Clinton has said she wants more data from how legal marijuana is working out in such states before making federal changes.  The time for such caution may be passing, though -- 58% of Americans (including majorities in several swing states) now favor legalization for recreational, not just medical, use.  Let's hope that Bernie's step out ahead of the pack, coupled with the imminent victory of legalization in Canada, will inspire more of our leaders to actually lead on this issue.


Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

I Like Switzerland, too! Cannabis should be removed from the Federal List of Controlled Substances, but I'm not sold it's a good idea.

Cannabis is different than when William Randolph Hearst published Reefer Madness stories about how the demon weed made Blacks 'uppity' and gave Mexicans the courage to look askew at white women, growers today have made the cultivation an art form and weed has higher concetrations of THC than ever before.

Weed isn't "good" for you, but unless we're talking serious, serious weight it's not something we should be ruining peoples lives over.

Also, I'm aware of how the RNC and Faux News will harken back to the Nixonian Strategy of linking Pot to those dirty, dirty hippies and black hoodlums, invoke Law & Order and for whatever reason that wil reasonate with fly-over country.

30 October, 2015 05:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's not necessary to argue that marijuana is "good for" people (though actually there's considerable evidence of medicinal effects) to support legalization. Alcohol is much more harmful, but if some people choose to use it because they enjoy it, that's their business. Certainly marijuana prohibition has shown itself to be as big of a disaster as alcohol prohibition.

With 58% of Americans (and steadily increasing) in favor of legalization, I'm not too worried about the Republicans using this to fan a backlash. Anyway, what's the point of leaders if they never lead on anything? Bernie probably won't be our nominee, but as a major candidate his words carry weight. He's shown real leadership here.

30 October, 2015 06:28  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good article here Infidel, good to see NON-Smokers like yourself speaking out on this, because I know you were not a pot smoker or any kind of smoker, and great to see that so many Americans are challenging this, as you probably know, I done some posting on this myself in the past, in particular pointing out the mega cash grab criminalization is for lazy "bundle docket" attorneys that do nothing but enter plea bargains at $500 to $1000 a pop ... the racket especially in a state like Texas is incredible, fines, fee's and the rest ... the laws are too deep though to get into here. No, I didnt know about Chris Christi's (aka Christi Critter) crusade or whatever cult he's trying to cater to for a few votes, but isnt it odd for him as a "conservative" who want's states to be able to govern themselves free of federal government, wants to pick on a place like Oregon where the people MADE THEMSELVES VERY CLEAR? ... sounds like ole Gov.Abbott/ CCP in Texas (Corporate Communist Party)... when he told voters who voted down fracking in their North Dallas suburb, he wasnt gonna let their voice or vote count, eh?

When it comes to pot, I am an undocumented expert and former user big time back in the day, I have dealt with hundreds of pounds at a time, all kinds of grades from Asia, America's, etc ... I have cultivated, prunned and packaged it, as well as making hash from it and tea. Pot, is just as much American culture (and especially Texas culture) as Apple Pie and Baseball ... and you're right in your response comment above here ... the issue isnt if it's "good", the issue is for me, what the people and communities choose ... so you can say I'm more truly conservative than Christi on this issue, and especially on the pro- business and entrepreneurial end of it too.

A guy came buy the other day, he just got back from Colorado (he drives up to Denver frequently for familia), he brought over some bud's (pot) he bought up there in a store ... I have to say after examing it, it was some of the best grade pot I have ever seen in my life, of course it's illegal to bring it back to Texas, but he manages, he's early 30's in age, and takes risks. I dont smoke anymore these dayz, but would love to try some of the bottles fruit pot/ cannabis drinx I see on the market in Colorado, perhaps even Oregon has some ... I havent smoked pot in years, but know it well, I can examine without smoking and pinpoint the grade (even on cocaine for that matter without using it). If it were legal like in other states here in Texas, it would be great business, they are talking here about medical use, but to me that isnt good enough. Was talking to a fella yesterday who is in the medical business and this came up, anywayz ... he told me, when big tobacco sayz they want it, the lobby powers will make it happen, to make their failing industry boom (similar wording).

Anywayz ... have a good Halloween

30 October, 2015 11:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

No marijuana candy or drinks in Oregon yet, just the "flowers" (except for medicinal purposes) -- they're phasing in legalization gradually. Maybe when Texas finally legalizes it, you can get back into your old profession? It's valuable business experience.

I'm sure Chrispie Critter is just desperately pandering in an effort to jump-start his sputtering campaign. Watch for more sinking Republican candidates to throw out sops to various wingnut groups as they struggle to stay afloat.

With tens of millions of users marijuana is certainly part of American culture, and we'd be better off if it displaced alcohol. Every culture in the world makes some use of mind-altering substances. It's never going to be eliminated, but we can at least gravitate to the least dangerous one available.

31 October, 2015 04:19  
Anonymous wjbill49 said...

Well said about Bernie and leadership, he has shown the same quality on so many issues across the last few decades. Additionally, it is a good thing others competing for the nomination are following. I hope voting will reinforce that leadership regardless of the nominee

31 October, 2015 07:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Well, Hillary and Obama were both a little late to the party on gay marriage, but they came around eventually. They'll come around on this too, and Bernie will deserve a lot of the credit.

01 November, 2015 06:50  
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