06 September 2015

Link round-up for 6 September 2015

If Trump had been willing to discuss the Bible, here's what the results might have looked like.

Freedom!  Kangaroos!  Pasta!

Someone at this otherwise dull company has a sense of humor. And yes, this will sell like crazy.

The gay agenda -- destroy our neighborhoods with niceness wars.

Best Denali-renaming comment ever!

I bet this holiday is big in Saudi Arabia (found via Mendip).

Ever heard of Australia's Great Emu War of 1932?  It really happened!

Green Eagle looks at Europe's refugee crisis, and finds that the story isn't really a European one (see my comment there too).

Less than 400 years ago, England had a religious dictator whose regime was as brutal as ISIS.

Here's something nasty from the Netherlands.

Send the aid to where the refugees are.

Religion's role in fomenting violence can't be waved away with word-games.

New York authorities' absurd attack on Rentboy.com prompts The New Republic to take a stand for decriminalization of sex work.  The raid has provoked quite a backlash -- could it be the new Stonewall?

Think I'm exaggerating when I say Republicans are cut off from reality?  Check this out.  And then there's this guy.  And this total nutcase.  Oh, and this truckload of horseshit.

The Immoral Minority blog has photos from Obama's Alaska trip (click individual pics for full-size versions).

A Texas doctor pwns the anti-abortion cranks.

Always trust the police, and always believe them.

Make America great again?

Here's what a Jeb Bush Presidency might be like.

Christianity pretty much mandates hypocrisy.

Trump reaches out to the anti-vaccine nuts. Iowa Republicans love him because -- he'd cripple their economy.

Kim Davis is a thug, not a freedom fighter.  David E looks at her complex personal life.  Republic of Gilead has a history of the case, a collection of Christian Right hysterics in response, and some Twitter reactions from both sides, adding up to more in-depth coverage than you'll find on any conventional news site.  Even though she's a Democrat, Davis is a millstone around the neck of Republican efforts to modernize.

These people exist.  And this person exists.

Iranian atheist Kaveh Mousavi explains why he wouldn't fake a prayer just to make a religious person happy.

Hummingbird nesting sites illustrate the subtle effects that can guide evolution.

Dutch scientists may have proven "quantum entanglement", one of the more bizarre hypothetical phenomena in physics.


Blogger Green Eagle said...

A particularly good collection this week.

06 September, 2015 13:16  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks, and thanks for providing some of the items in the collection.

06 September, 2015 14:46  
Anonymous Tengrain said...

Thanks for including Mock Paper Scissors in the links, Infidel! Much obliged!



06 September, 2015 17:33  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Shit, I didn't even know about the great Emu War! What a fascinatingly bizarre story (the truth was only slightly stranger than the comic version of events).

06 September, 2015 20:22  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

So Trump is into the Bible now, eh? ... um, um, um ... imagine that. I took the time to listen to his speech which I believe was in South Carolina the other day, since I frankly dont know much about him or ever seen his popular tele show about enterpreneurs, CEO's or whatever. I believe he made alot of good points in his speech concerning the way were screwed on trade and business, and I'll just take it for granted that he is good at business and investments too (with a small percentage as failures), I dont know though how sincere he is as far as some of the thing's in foreign relations and trade/ business he would actually try to do that he talks about, and most politicians flip- flop too much ... so I cant buy that because of his business history, and his JOB, is to make money for his friends over small businesses or local economies. I also thought when he started the talk about the "Great Wall" or whatever they're calling it of his on the U.S. border, my guess is this would be a big cash cow for him as far as the building of it, who does the contracting, etc, etc ... of course not directly by him, but through business associates (long story and complicated how that worx), same way the invasion and reconstruction of Iraq was a big plus for VP Dick Cheney ... and of course, we lost our asses in expenses ... and look where Iraq is today after our work (my own familia members fought and served over there), now with dictators that make Saddam look like a humanitarian.

As far as the doctor in Texas I was reading about on that Immoral Minority site, havent heard a thing about it before that ... but if the doctor is handing this notice to his patient's ... it is true about women's rights being challenged here on this ... just as much as it's true that our new Governor made a law saying that Texas landowners, homeowners, communities and businesses NO LONGER have any rights over minerals/ energies companies to say whether or not there is fracking or any other related work on their lands ... so credit to the doctor if he is actually doing this, more should in my opinion ... plus it's pro- health and pro- business to do so. Enough from me Infidel.

07 September, 2015 05:01  
Blogger Ahab said...

War is hell, especially when emus are involved.

Thank you for sharing my links.

07 September, 2015 05:36  
Anonymous Blurber said...

The quantum world is indeed bizarre.

Bernard d’Espagnat, who died August 1, 2015, was a French theoretical physicist best known for his work on the nature of reality.

He said, ”The doctrine that the world is made up of objects whose existence is independent of human consciousness turns out to be in conflict with quantum mechanics and with facts established by experiment."

07 September, 2015 09:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Tengrain: And thanks for the unique commentary you provide.

Zosimus: I, for one, welcome our new emu overlords. I'm sure their invincible empire will spread to America eventually.

Ranch: The words "Trump" and "sincere" don't belong in the same paragraph. If he were President, I don't know how hard he would actually try to build that stupid wall, but we'd probably get another invasion of Iraq out of the deal, with an even worse result for everyone involved than the previous one. I'd be amazed if he failed to get us into wars with at least half a dozen countries.

Ahab: Thanks for the posts. As often happens, you had the most informative coverage of the Kim Davis kerfluffle.

Blurber: Some of the implications of quantum physics are way beyond me. I'm glad we have people like d'Espagnat to address them, and I hope he was eventually able to reassure himself that reality exists.

07 September, 2015 15:58  

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