26 July 2015

Link round-up for 26 July 2015

Mock Paper Scissors has updated its guide to the Republican candidates.

Packaging is often designed by morons, apparently.

Behold the master race.

With reality like this, who needs fairy tales?

The movie theater experience stinks these days, even if nobody shoots you.   But religious nuts can't even watch TV.

Here's a good overview of the Fermi paradox (my explanation for it is here).

Tim McGaha looks at the end of the beginning.

While we obsess about China, a new economic giant is rising up much closer to us.

A British macular-degeneration victim is the first to receive a new high-tech treatment.

Kaveh Mousavi debunks claims made by opponents of the Iran nuclear deal.  American Jews strongly support the deal despite Netanyahu's bluster.

A specter is haunting Europe -- the specter of Margaret Thatcher.

Bernie Sanders has a strong record, but Barney Frank explains why he's not our candidate for President.  And there's one thing that  could still sink him.

Green Eagle thinks the Republicans are using Trump to "vaccinate" their flock against Sanders.

The Christian Right has a new target for its hatred -- moderate Christians.

Hillary defends Planned Parenthood against right-wing scam-video attacks -- more here.

There are dangers in taking our party too far to the left.

The Catholic Church can't stop bashing people with its taboos even at a funeral (found via Republic of Gilead).

Some right-wingers really want to take us back to the bad old days -- read the comments, notably #58.  Women's reproductive freedom is in the crosshairs too, as the anti-abortion nuts are extremist indeed.

That Oregon bakery that just lost a $135,000 judgment did a lot more than just refuse to bake a cake.  PCTC explains the basic principles that apply.

Three Arkansas counties push ahead with laws protecting gays from discrimination, despite a hostile state environment (found via Republic of Gilead).

Ramona's Voices looks at E L Doctorow, the man who saw through Bush.

Anti-gay activists are dinosaurs who don't realize they're extinct.

There's a word for what Trump is doing.

Saudi comedian Nasser al-Qasabi fights ISIS with humor (found via Horizons).

Human domination of the world began 71,000 years ago with a specific breakthrough in technology.

Religion is still powerful in Afghanistan.

2015 is already a year of record-breaking extreme weather.


Blogger Ahab said...

The Leenks packaging pictures had me cracking up this morning. Thanks for the laugh!

Regarding the Immoral Minority post, why is it that the people proclaiming their alleged racial superiority tend to be the most pathetic specimens of said race? Yeek.

I loved the stardust story. The wonders of science fill me with far more awe than Iron Age myths about a man in the sky.

26 July, 2015 07:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Politico piece is bullshit. Those "moderate" Democrats have been catering to bigots for so long that they've ignored their large population of non whites. If smart ass Carter had the sense and ground game to get the eligible voters in Atlanta voting, there would've been two Senators and Junior would've been Governor. Ignoring the non whites to appease tea billies sends a message to those non whites. My message to the spine free Red State Dems that won't get with the program would be to find a new line of work. Politics isn't their speed. Hell, Texas has 2 MILLION eligible Latino voters that aren't voting. How about they stop talking about Jesus all the god damn time and figure a way to get them voting? The bigot vote is lost forever and they really should stop talking to the hacks at Politico(Congressman Frank's piece was pretty good).

Why not just follow Obama's lead on this and stop being fuckboy pansies? I know I went locker room just now, but damn. This is really tired to me.


26 July, 2015 11:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: It's always struck me that racists generally don't look like the cream of the genetic crop. Maybe people with a few crunched genes (and sub-par brainpower) are the ones most likely to become racists?

It's a stunning thought that every atom in our bodies and in everything around us (except hydrogen atoms) must have been created in the core of an ancient star that ceased to exist billions of years ago.

Vic78: You're entitled to your opinion. I think the party is stronger if we don't completely write off any large demographic. Obama himself actually put more energy than I would have into bipartisanship (in vain, as it turned out) early in his administration. "Stop being fuckboy pansies" may be emotionally satisfying, but I'm not convinced it's the most effective stance for winning elections.

26 July, 2015 16:05  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

As far as the weather record breaking ... I heard somewheres the other day online (cant remember where) that energy companies been paying out the ass to create more and more media to suppress the thought of global warming. Even say if a person denies global warming ... whether they are 50 years old or 100 years old, they cant block out the facts that they HAVE NEVER SEEN weather like this in their lives! they can believe whatever they want, and they will probably do that for life ... but there is no doubt in my mind, even if the earth is naturally and periodically warming ... that human activity accelerated it to a bad level and quick, considering we only been industrialized for like ONLY a century. If you now look just year to year (one year at a time) it gets worse and worse ... that is some "FAST" change considering how old the earth is (too fast, even if the warming was natural in my opinion). I frankly dont think some of these energies giants give a shit, and many at the top just see it as people at the bottom will suffer and they wont ... BUT ... in time ... they WILL feel it too ... I would bet on it.

28 July, 2015 06:17  

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