19 July 2015

Link round-up for 19 July 2015

An artist creates a fitting tribute to Donald Trump.

Eat the donut before it eats you (found via Mendip).

Trading in liberty for security is summarized in one simple graphic.

A woman on the ten-dollar bill?  How about this one?

Green Eagle's latest Wingnut Wrapup opens with a faked Hillary photo, and a faked Planned Parenthood video which is currently driving the wingnuts bonkersHere's a response on the video smear, which may just help energize Hillary's secret fund-raising weapon.

Is the 2016 election over before it begins?  This graphic illustrates the relative polling strength of Presidential candidates.

There's an 85-acre area of Copenhagen that has seceded from the European Union, and largely from reality.

Commenters (including me) debate the Iran deal over at Fair and Unbalanced.  Here's a nuclear expert's view (also found via F and U).  Pat Buchanan, of all people, steps forth as a voice of reason, but Ayatollah Khamenei is Iran's version of a Republican.

George Carlin was right -- God always needs money.

Meet history's toughest female pirate (found via Mendip).

Bernie Sanders takes a strong stand (found via Joanne D) against austerity madness in Greece and elsewhere.  London Mayor Boris Johnson eloquently calls on Greece to resist German tyranny.  But on a personal level, Greeks and Germans still manage to get along.  Comrade Misfit has some more.

Here's why the sea level may rise faster than expected.

The Christian Right still doesn't understand what the gay-marriage fight was about.

There are now birth-control options beyond the pill.

More than a century ago, a photography pioneer took these color pictures (found via GoodShit).

Elephants illustrate how, if creationism is true, God must have faked the evidence to make it look like evolution happened.

A Christian rally in Pennsylvania urges people to overcome racial division so we can unite against "fags" -- and cheap hotels.

As a holy man awaits trial on charges of serial rape, key witnesses keep turning up dead.

No, most women who have abortions don't regret it.

Here's what free speech means, and doesn't mean.

Oklahoma plops out a huge, steaming pile of heritage, but others there show decency.

Leaders of Dent county, Missouri, order their flag flown at half-mast to "mourn" the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling, then quickly back down after a backlash from county residents.

A scientist makes the case that aging is a disease.  Germany already has a political party advocating life extension.

Obama has been much too slow at reforming marijuana policy.

Stem cells show promise in treating intractable pain.

Republicans "respond" to Hillary's economics speech.  Jeb Bush is an exciting candidate, but he's clueless about the modern economy and about why Trump is so popular with Republicans. Teh Donald (who's 40 times richer than Romney) says he'll "spend what it takes" to win.  Some think his remarks about McCain have finished him, but he still has his supporters (see comments), and go read this too.

China's regime is trying, in vain, to suppress the sexual revolution.

Insofar as the economy will affect the 2016 election, it will favor Democrats.

Solar energy is getting so cheap that it's easily competitive with fossil fuels.

Ebola is re-emerging in Liberia, though on a small scale.

There are plenty of reasons for progressives to support Hillary.  If that's not enough, consider this.

Encrypted phones are a good thing, not a bad thing.

Patrick Rushing insists he's not racist -- you be the judge.

If you have three quarterbacks, you have no quarterback.

Be a little cautious the first time you try marijuana edibles.


Blogger Ahab said...

The article on Christiania was fascinating. I didn't know that a hippie community of art, pot, and communal living was tucked away in Denmark.

19 July, 2015 07:22  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Love all the links, but especially the one about Christiania, Denmark. Reminded me a little of a hippie community back in the '60s in Goshen, Vermont.

19 July, 2015 10:16  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Re the article on marijuana edibles, I've learned from experience to be careful about consuming marijuana in food, rather than smoking it. Two of my least pleasant experiences being stoned came about through eating dope in cake at parties; in both cases, it probably didn't help that I didn't know the cake I was consuming had weed in it (I just noticed it tasted really funny!). In each instance, the drug seemed to break time into a series of discrete and disconnected moments for me; I felt almost as if I was constantly waking up, as things that had happened even a few seconds earlier had an unreal, dream-like quality about them. All pretty harmless in retrospect, but at the time, I found both experiences quite frightening, not least because in each instance, the effects of the drug really hit me when I was making my way home, alone (one time on foot, the other time on a bicycle).

Overall, I find weed a bit of a funny drug. I indulge in it reasonably infrequently (maybe once or twice a year, if that), and while sometimes I find its effects pleasant (a bit like alcohol in their mind-dulling effects, but quite distinct as well), at other times, they can be a bit disturbing: my heart rate goes up, my hands become very twitchy, and breathing seems to become difficult (though the last thing seems to be all in my head). That said, I figure I can decide for myself whether the drug is right for me or not; I don't need Big Brother to do that job for me!

19 July, 2015 10:54  
Blogger Rosa Rubicondior said...

Thanks for the shout again.

19 July, 2015 13:37  
Blogger Pinku-Sensei said...

I am flattered to have posted two entries in one week that you find worthy of linking to. As for the original graphic, it seems to be from Nero.fr.

19 July, 2015 15:01  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Ching Shih was Mistress Ching in the Pirates Of The Carribean.

20 July, 2015 12:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw / Ahab: I'd vaguely heard of Christiana before. I don't think I'd like it -- far too communal -- but I'm glad they're doing their own thing.

Zosimus: Thanks for the info. Since marijuana was only very recently made legal here (and is still unavailable in practice), I don't know much about its effects. It seems to effect different people in different ways.

Rosa / Pinku: Thanks for the posts.

Blurber: I've never seen Pirates of the Caribbean -- maybe I should.

21 July, 2015 17:26  

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